Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hey girlies,
so so  sorry I haven't put up a post these past few days, but I felt a little... Down I guess, and just needed a little downtime quietly for myself. Anyways I have absolutely no idea why I was feeling down, I mean I actually felt relieved, and it's not that time of month if you know what I mean ;)
Has it ever happened to you that you had absolutely no reason to be down, and period bitchy like without having any reason.
It might have actually been the relief from the past weeks that have been a little eventful with all sorts of fears and stress and hard work with school and a broken heart I was trying to mend, that the one day I came early from school and didn't have as much weight on, I decided to just let it all out.
In order to let it out I just set in front of the new episode of One Tree Hill, and cried my inner guts out even in the happy moments. I got my insides washed with a good cry, and then headed straight to the shower to wash my outer me. It's like a spring cleaning kinda ritual.
I think that since I have break soon from school, that I better start the spring cleaning of my closet, of my room, of my school work in order to get ready for the big finals coming up soon.
Any tips on spring cleaning? If you have any, please leave them below so that not only can I get a little bit of spring cleaning done, but also the rest of the girls reading this blog, hopefully by now there are a few.

OOTD, don't let it fool you, it's not from today I just hadn't the time and will power to get on the computer in order to upload.
Orange sweater is from United Colors of Benetton, and it is one of my favorites, especially these days when I'm trying to make myself feel a little more bright and happy.
Jeans are my acid washed jeans from Topshop that I love with all my heart. For some odd reason in the past two years I've been reaching light washed and acid washed jeans a whole lot more than dark washed jeans.
Jewellery is the regular bracelet and rings, but with the addition of a wooden necklace shaped like a banana from a local designer and a cuff made by the same girl that has two golden lines that have engraved snake skin shapes into it (being up with the snake skin trend without hurting any snakes) with a golden leopard on it (without hurting any leopards).
The earrings are just hoops that have a bunch of smaller hoops going through them looking kinda pirate-y, arrg. I love them for being so simple yet unique.
Shoes are the sneakers they sell at Urban Outfitters for the cheapest prices that I have two pairs of with a different print. This pair has an Aztec-y colorful with pastels print, and they are so comfortable it's unbelievable.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and the many more that I plan on putting up tomorrow hopefully! Have a wonderful weekend, and let's clean out everything so that we can start this spring the right way. For questions and just a little chit chat write me a comment. I swear I won't bite.
I've really been into the cheesy-feel-good-love songs lately in order to make me, well, feel good and loved :D. This is a song by the amazingly talented (and extremely good looking) Teddy Geiger. Hope you like!

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