Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Like a Bird

There's a little something not many people know about me. I'm like a bird.

Much like my taste in fashion that tends to change faster than the seasons, my taste in men, or shall I say guys, changes as fast as the girl in Katy Perry's Hot N Cold changes clothes.
I know this is a fashion blog and all, but in order to really understand what is going on in my crazy thing that God stuffed my head with, called mind, you really have to know a few things about me. Rule number one about me is that I am much like a bird.
The more you try to cage me up, the sooner I'll fly away.
I think most people don't realize this because I'm quite a friendly girl. I adore people and enjoy being around them. It's just that... I can't stand the feeling of someone holding onto my wings. It chokes me; makes me impossible to stand, as my squeaks for freedom tend to be quite vicious.
Furthermore in my comparison to a bird I have basically been the ugly duckling all my life. It's only recently that I have gotten myself to understand that I'm more of a swan.
If people ever tell you that you're ugly, get the duck (see how I'm keeping up with the bird theme here ;) ) away from them. They are not worth you thinking that you are not beautiful. Trust me here, if I can say about myself that I'm beautiful just the way I am, even though I have my imperfections, and maybe even more so because of my imperfections, then you are, too.
Sometimes I still get reminded of that low point in my life where I didn't feel so amazing about the way I look, and I know we all get those moments. If you ever do, remember that everyone goes through this in their life. I mean, even my sister, probably the most beautiful girl I've yet to meet, has so many insecurities that it's quite sad.
Now, for the outfit of the day:
Sweater is from the men's section in the Gap (my brother's).
Jeans are acid washed jeans from Topshop.
Rings: connector ring from a local boutique, regular silver is from my best friend and silver combined with gold is my Mom's old ring.
Bracelet is from that same boutique the connector ring is from.
Shoes: combat boots from another local boutique, but you can find the same style anywhere. 
Scarf is my friend's scarf that I took today by mistake (yeah right).
 Lipstick of the day is So Chaud by MAC which is going to be in many OOTD's not only since I love it, and since it is such a spring-type color (yay spring), but also since it's probably the only one I own as of now.
Don't forget to let your inner swan shine!
XOXO Roni J.

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