Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day Sweetstuff!

Hello there pretty fashionistas!
How have you been. As you may or may not have given any thought to this, today is pi day, and yes, I am a huge nerd. Pi day, being 3.14 in date, is called pi day for looking like the beginning of this endless number they decided to call pi. Not only is it a celebration to the beautiful Greek letter that looks much like this: π, and of the number that has soooo many meanings and uses, it is also Albert Einstein's birthday! Hurray!                
Now that we've gone through all that, I can tell you what happened to me on pi day. There's a group of students at our school that is called excellence that is for students that excel in sciences. Being a good student and majoring in both chem and biology (and film studies, which have nothing to do with this subject), I am a part of that club. It's not that I really excel or whatever, but just keep pushing through this cheesy event.
Every year on pi day we go and have a scientific trip to whatever scientific place they choose and this year they took us to the local science museum, which was cool for missing almost a whole day at school, but still is quite... Scientific. Don't take this wrong if you love sciences, sometimes I do, too, but the day wasn't all that interesting at all. 
The highlight of the day was being with friends and laughing about the mating habits of butterflies (yup, nerds), and an even greater highlight was the fact that for a whole day I didn't have to see the guy that I like.

Sounds weird to you that I wouldn't want to see him? Well, at first it did to me, too, but I've learned to handle my oddness, and you on the other hand really don't have to.  This guy, although being the guy that I've been wanting since, what, June or May last year? Doesn't only not know about my feelings for him, but he also makes me want to deny them all the more. I have heard this guy talk shit about me to other people, and to my face really, seen him make out with another girl, and have experienced every kind of uncomfortable pain by his presence, and, yet, there are still moments where he's so sweet, those moments when he doesn't tease me about stupid things, the moments when his shirt is off (kidding!!! Kinda...), when he is so attractive and makes me want him all the more.  
As the wise and greatly talented Kimbra said in the most beautiful and appreciated song by Gotye  "But I don't want to live that way, reading into every word you say.."  
and lately I've been getting tired of this nonexistent relationship, so not seeing him was definitely a peek on this hill of a day.

Now, onto the outfit of pi day! 
Same Jewelry as yesterday except for the square earrings (Freedom by Topshop) and the bird necklace (Accessorize).
Of course yesterday I forgot to mention a HUGE trend, which is the colored jeans! Darn it. Anyways this pair is from Abercrombie and Fitch.
Sweater is from a local thrift store, but it's just a regular black sweater I'm sure you can find one anywhere. 
Shoes are the same combat boots.

Lip product of the day is my beloved Fruity Shine Pomegranate Labello (lipbalm), as you can see I adore pomegranates :D. 
Have a great pi day! 
Roni J.

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