Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Style- The Style of Freedom!

Spring is coming faster and faster, creeping upon us without us even noticing it is knocking on our door. Spring's a good season to start daring, to make new choices in every department, to look for new things we truly love, and to "Do What Feels Good", as many smarted people have said well before me.
I am personally loving this spring's new and old trends. From metallics to colorblocking, from florals to Aztec print let's not even skip one. And if I am missing a spring trend that you personally love and want people to know all about you're welcome to write it in the comments below and make us all more knowledgeable!- Seriously, I would appreciate it!
So here is the list:
1. Continuing on from the winter the trend of metallics, which I personally adore, is following us into spring. Brushed metal, gold, silver, rose gold or really any metallic color work!
2. Gladiators, strappy sandals, make me happy to look at!
Here's a shoe that combines both metallics and gladiators:

3. Now, let's head into the one trend that no other trend says summer like. The FLORALS! One of my personal favorites that will probably never go out of style for this season!
4. Another beautiful yet a little revealing trend is the cropped tops. It took me a while to get used to them and still I don't wear them if they show too much skin but if you're comfortable with showing skin then I say YOU GO GIRL!
Here's a top that combines them both:

5. A trend so trendy every year is the OH SO FAMOUS DRESSES that, I, personally missed wearing during the cold wet months. Obviously this won't ever go away thank the dear fashion police.
6. A trend that, correct me if I'm wrong, came in last summer, and is still up and running is colorblocking. Spring's best feature is colors. Why not play it off?
7. The best hemline there ever was is the high-low hemline. Much like a mullet except reverted is the party mini in the front and business midi in the back!
Here's A dress that combines all three:

6. Crazy patterns are always and will always be in my favorites! They are so versatile and make any outfit special!
7. Button ups that are sheer are coming into spring with us as they are light and airy and fit even the hottest and most humid times of day!
8. Another trend that I've come to love is the collars trend, and especially the Peter Pan collar!
Here's a Peter Pan collared shirt that's sheer and has a crazy flamingo pattern!:

9. Shorts are a must-have item in the summer wardrobe. Especially light washed denim shorts and crazy, eye-catching short.
10. Light denim anything is my love for summer. Denim is such a light material that in the winter it might be even a little too cold to wear, but here comes the sun.
11. Me love me some high waisted pants. They suck in the stomach and make you appear longer (which in my case is not at all needed but is still accepted).
12. Lace is also very popular lately. Such a feminine fabric that makes anything look more dressy, and sexy.
Here are the lacy high waisted shorts:        Here are high waisted light washed shorts:
                                         Here are some crazy pants ;) :

I have basically run out of ideas although I'm a 100% sure there are far more trends than I can come up with. If you think of anything, leave it in the comments below!
Adore you guys!
 'Cause here comes the sun and I say: "It's all right"

XOXO Roni J.

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