Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get Your Freak On Tag

Hey there girls! I thought that I might just roll with the boredom of the moment and do a tag so that you get to know me a little better, and since I am a freak, I decided I should do this tag.  If you want to link your own in the comments below, or simply answer the questions!
Question number one, WOOP WOOP: What is a nickname only your family calls you?
This is simply the oddest thing and it has nothing to do with my name, but my dad calls me Uzu Buzu. Has nothing to do with life, I know, but whatever. I love it, cause it simply reminds me of home :).
2. What's a weird habit of yours?
I probably have a ton of weird habits. The one I can think of right now is my dirty jokes. You probably would have no idea, but I always comment dirty things and make dirty jokes, and it's really not because I have a dirty mind, but just kind of a reflex. If anyone says anything that sounds a little dirty I'd be the first to comment about it, and it's so weird, because I am really quite innocent, so I have no idea what the fire truck is wrong with me.
3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Yes, of course I do. I am weird hence I must have weird phobias don't I? My biggest fear is public transportation. I always get stressed out on buses and trains and get lost and such so.... Yup.
4. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
Haha, well, this is embarrassing. I have a list of stupid girl fan type of songs that I love even though they're stupid, and really not believable and one of them is Unfriend You by Greyson Chance. Now don't laugh at me and don't leave the blog just because of this even if this really demands that somebody smacks me across the face.
5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
Well looks-wise I hate it when guys have long hair. I don't know why, but it simply bothers me, and it is simply the biggest turnoff when talking about looks. Sorry if this offends anybody, it's just my personal opinion. Personality-wise I hate people that aren't grateful for what they have, and a thing that shows this really obviously is that I am really bothered by people saying that they need something that's very superficial rather than saying that they want it. It just ticks me off, no, you do not NEED a new lipstick, no, you do not NEED a nail polish just because it's different to everything you've ever seen before. You WANT it. There's a HUMONGOUS difference.
6. What's one of your nervous habits?
My nervous habits are either playing with a necklace I have on if I have a necklace on, or cracking my knuckles, which is disgusting and really unhealthy so I'm trying to break this off.
7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
I have a queen size bed so it's either middle or floor :D.
8. What was your first stuffed animal?
I think my first stuffed animal is a Dalmatian that I called peepee. I know. I'm odd.
9. What's the drink you always order at Starbucks?
We don't really have a Starbucks here, but when I used to live in a place where they had Starbucks I would always order the Chai Tea Latte. Since I don't like coffee or anything with chocolate, it's the perfect choice.
10. What's the beauty rule you preech, but never practice?
Well, I think you should tell me :D.
11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Do I face a certain way in the shower? Does anyone?
12. Do you have any weird body skills?
I can touch my tounge to my nose, and my thumb to my wrist, put my leg over and behind my head, I can point with my toe, and that's basically it. Are you creeped out enough?
13. What's your favorite comfort food?
My favorite comfort food is any food really. I just enjoy stuffing my face with anything, not sweets, though, when I am upset or in the need of comforting.
14. What's a word or exclamation you always say?
I switch my weird expressions every once in a while. I say different weird things every few weeks I guess. I can't really think of one right now.
15. Time to go to bed what are you actually wearing?
I usually wear to bed a pair of Pj bottoms, usually my zebra print ones (FREEAK), and a random oversized comfortable shirt that I find in any of the closets at home.

Hope you enjoyed this :) Now in order to make up for my fangirl mistake up there, I will post another song I have been loving lately by The Script called "If You Ever Come Back".
Hope you did follow the earth hour instructions, because this is so important to take care of our planet you have no idea.

Friday, March 30, 2012

March Favorites

Hey there!
Well, today we're about to sum up the entire month of March! First, let's start by summing up the overall feelings and day to day life in March.
March has been an up and down month. With the entire "trying to move on" debacle there have been many days when I was down and gloomy, which is just an awful feeling, and a lot of days the sun was still hiding away, and in the beginning of the month it was dark and cold.
Yet, this month I have started this blog (YAY), I have gotten over Mr. Oh-So-Not-Right, I have gotten back on my feet slowly and gradually as the month went by, and the sun finally was out.
I hope this is more of a permanent happy period, because I don't like myself gloomy and sad and mad and... Well, wrong.
My month's favorite are:
FAVORITE THING: The sun. Point made.
FAVORITE SHOE: My Loafers, as I have said in my last post, they're just great transition shoes. They still keep me warm when it's windy out, but they are not as heavy as boots or more wintery shoes. More specifically my favorite shoes of the month are my brown Aldo loafers.
FAVORITE NAIL POLISH:  My favorite nail polish this month is definitely Barefoot In Blue by Essie. This nail polish isn't only simply a gorgeous springy shade, but it is also for a great cause. If you aren't familiar with the brand TOMS, it is a brand of shoes that donates a pair of shoes to barefooted children for every pair you buy off of them. Long story short, Essie teamed up with TOMS to raise awareness for the cause. I personally did not make it to get my hands on this shade, because I was not aware of this, but I think that both this and TOMS agenda in general just helps people in what might be hectic personal lives to help other people.

Since I did not manage to get my hands on this shade, and I adore it even without being related to the cause I searched for a dupe, and it looks like I have managed to find quite a similar one (the one I'm wearing on my nails in the last outfit of the day), which is Lapiz Of Luxury again by Essie, and I'm not sure if this was permanent collection or not, but I'll put a link to where I was trying to look for it right here, and if you like it, then maybe you can get your hands on it. From what I see on picture with the Barefoot In Blue it looks like they're exactly alike except for Barefoot In Blue maybe being a little bit darker. The formula is great as usual with the Essie nail polishes. It's an amazing color for spring without being too in your face.

FAVORITE BLOG: Is Chriselle's blog "The Chriselle Factor". She absolutely knows what she's talking about, she's not afraid of bright loud colors, and her blog is simply gorgeous and really informative. I love her both on youtube and as a blog writer!
FAVORITE T.V. SHOW: Lately I've been watching the last season of One Tree Hill, and I am SO sad it's about to be over. I have been a fan of OTH since I started watching the first season maybe two years ago, and just couldn't stop. When I saw that Chad and Hilary left I was pretty sad and took a break from the show and we went our different ways (sad sad), but I was bored one day and started watching the rest of the show and fell in love with it all over again. And now they're taking it away from me again :(. Watch it if you may, it's really really good and full of drama and action this season.
FAVORITE LIPSTICK: It's practically the only one I own, and it is So Chaud by MAC. I love the orange shade for spring and it suits so many skin tones. My skin tone is more of an olive skin tone and I know it suits lighter and darker girls as well. I love it! It's a little in your face, but you can tone it down by either blotting it, which makes you lips really dry, or by putting a little bit of a lip balm or Vaseline underneath, but then it loses it's matte finish, so see which one you like best: bright and matte, toned down and matter, or toned down and a little bit shiny.
FAVORITE SONG: My favorite song this month is probably any kind of feel good, light romantic song. You've already heard Olly Murs's "Please Don't Let Me Go", and "For You I Will" by Teddy Geiger, but there's another one you haven't heard from me quite yet, and it is the song "Stranger" by Chris August. Same breezy lovely feel to it that makes you smile, and wish this man was your man and that he'd sing that to you every morning when you wake up.
I have also gotten back into hearing Jason Mrazs' music. His new album is so sweet, and his music, as usual, is soothing and wonderful.
These men make me believe that there is still something good out there for all of us girls.
FAVORITE PERSON: This month my favorite person is Joey Graceffa on youtube. This guy is so funny and cute, and I just love watching his videos. He vlogs every day, so there's always new things to expect from him and he is simply enjoyable to watch. 
FAVORITE PIECE OF CLOTHING: My beloved, lovely, worn to death acid washed pair of jeans. You might have noticed that they have basically been in almost every outfit of the day I've done this month, so I guess you already know exactly what they look like. Hehe *getting a little pink around the cheeks*

That's it girls. Share with me YOUR favorites for this month with either putting a link to your blog below or by just commenting. I'd really love to hear from you. Don't forget to subscribe right there =>  somewhere. Hope we have a wonderful April, and that every day will bring a new adventure our way. Kisses! Roni J. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hey hey!
I decided today to do a fashion related post about my favorite kind of shoes. This is something fairly recent, but I think it's going to last forever. My shoe love is loafers, moccasins, which ever you prefer.
 Since I am very tall, at least in comparison to most people my age here (I'm 5'7 or 1.75 meters), then I don't feel to comfortable wearing anything tall. I wish I could just wear JC's Litas all day everyday, but I can't, because I would feel uncomfortable for one, and also might hurt my back and knees that are more sensitive usually for taller people. So maybe for special occasions, but nothing more.
Since I usually don't feel like fixing my pedicure and I don't have time for that (although I try my best, but I hate when chipped nail polish shows), I don't really wearing flip flops and sandals, plus they're not warm enough for the most of the year.
I adore sneakers, they are comfortable and there's a huge variety of them, but some times, most of the times, I feel like going for something that's a little bit more dressy than just simple sneakers.
I also adore ballet flats and boots, but boots don't suit the warm weather here for the most part and ballet flats sometimes are too dressy and girly, when usually I am more drawn to things that have a masculine edge to them.
Therefore the loafers are the perfect shoe for me. They are flat, they're closed toed, a little more dressy than sneakers and a little less dressy than ballet flats, and they basically suit every stinking weather (obviously except for snow and blizzard, which we rarely ever get if at all).

Here's my collection of loafers (they're both mine and my sister's so don't go all OMG on me, we share, plus I wear them to death):
 This first pair is from Massimo Dutti. I know this is a fairly expensive brand, but my sister bought them on sale a month ago or so. They are super comfortable and wearable and versatile as well as so freaking well made. 

The next pair is a pair from Aldo that I wore today. They are super duper comfortable as well as fairly attainable since they're not as expensive. I love these they're probably the most worn pair out of all of these.

The next pair is from Clark's. Even though they don't appear this way on camera they are a fairly bright blue. They really do add extra comfort and a nice pop of color to any of my outfits.

These.... Oh these. These are what I call a shoegasm. These are my lovely Minnetonka pair that I bought at Urban Outfitters in the fall. I love the embroidery on these, and their sole is so freaking nice and thick. They are comfortable as a faux fur beanbag.

The very last pair, for now, is a pair that I bought at a local store and have already kinda destroyed the other shoe since it wasn't too qualitative, but I will fix the other shoe , and nonetheless I still adore them and they're the only black pair I own so they fit with a lot of things.

 What type of shoes are your favorite? Do you also like loafers? What season is your favorite? For more random Q&A's go leave some comments below! Te Amo!
Now here's the most lovely man alive, my favorite singer, the greatest lyrics master: Paolo Nutini. The lyrics are just so true, and even though this song is I think one of his least deep ones, he has amazing songs with amazing lyrics that WILL make you cry.


Pep Talk? Random Talk?

Hello hello there,
Today again was a warm sunny day and I enjoyed it very much. It is a stressful week for being a break, but you do what you have to do. Since it is very stressful, two of my friends and I decided to have a girls night. Just like a sleepover, but better. Doing our nails, eating sushi, watching a sweet chick flick that makes us all cry, gossip, and eat some more. I think this is one of my favorite things to do with friends. It's just so funny and fun, so what if it's for little girls. Count me in.
I hope you guys are having an awesome week and if not, then remember that it's Thursday, this means you have to hold on through another day or so, and then the weekend arrives, you can let go of the stress and just breathe. Always remember that every penny has two sides. If you only look at the dirty nasty side than you're missing the whole picture. Look for the other side in things, because that's what's gonna make you happy. Not other people, not materialistic things, no success, no nothing will make you happy other than the way you look at life. If you choose to embrace it, and look for the bright light spots, than you'll see them, you'll enjoy them much more. Although, if you look for everything that's bad and sad and gloomy, then that's what you'll see.
Be the girl that always know what she wants when she sees it, and that always gets what she wants. In this case it's the easiest thing to see, want, and achieve. Light.
Today's outfit:
My shirt is a lacy, blue print with flowers tank top. I adore it since it's from a distant boutique in the middle of nowhere, so nobody will have the same top, and it's also very unique since it's not actual lace, but just a print.
The shorts are just light washed, high waisted shorts that I don't know where I got, but they're everywhere so I'm sure that if you want a pair then you can go find one.
My cardigan is from a brand that sells in TJ max,  I think, or maybe at Target, called Tweeds, and it is the perfect brown, since it is lively and not just dark.
My necklace is from Accessorize, and you're probably tired of me wearing it, but whatevz. Ja'dore.
Other than that my shoes are my brown loafers, moccasins, whatever you wish, from Aldo and the rest of my jewelery is the same as every day!
 Thank you girlies for reading. Leave anything you want (good, bad, worse) in the comments below, and maybe take time to take the poll in the side bar=>
<3 Byyyeee!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Freedom Springs

Hey there pretty ladies!
How has your day been? Today is the first day of spring break for me, so it's been pretty amazing. Even though I had to still go to school which stinks as bad as a rotten fish, I woke up late, I had time to eat breakfast, which I never do, I had time to dress up and put on makeup as slow as I wanted to, I had time to watch some YouTube videos and to finish the last blog post. Over all this was a pretty nice beginning to this spring break :) I feel real real freedom.

Either way, I've got another outfit of the day for you guys!This one probably isn't to everyone's taste, and a little over the top and crazy even, but I enjoy it especially since it's so Comfortable and breezy. Today was simply a gorgeous day. The sun was out, it wasn't too hot, and there was a nice breeze.
So let's start with the shirt which is just a simple long sleeved shirt I think from old navy (which has the best basic shirt color range ever). I decided on gray to tone down the crazy pants and not be too dark with a black shirt.
The pants are my favorite transition pants. They are long so they are pretty warm, but they are so thin that they are breeze. I bought these from Zara last year for like... 15 dollars which is 11.5 euros, or 9.5 pounds (sorry I'm not changing it to every individual currency). It is bright, crazy, has an Aztec print, seriously now, what more can a girl like me ask for! Obviously they're not to everyone's taste, but hey so is this blog and me as a person. I don't freaking care.
The bag is the same mango bag I had in another outfit of the day. I love it as you can see.
Necklace and earrings I don't know where they're from, but they are both a couple of my most worn jewelery. I wear them all the time with all kinds of outfits.
Shoes are from Aldo, and they have been worn to death and beyond, but they're so comfortable and I love the cutouts on these that I probably won't stop wearing them no matter what.

May we all enjoy our free time even if our math teachers or other people try to take them away from us! For more days as bright and sunny as this! XOXO Roni J 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey there girls!
Hope your week is starting alright. Mine is quite stressful. Tomorrow I have a huge math test, and  while I don't have test anxiety, math tests just murder me mentally and emotionally.
Anyways this time we're talking about yesterday, because, well, that's more interesting than my math filled day :D. Yesterday I walked home from school, and these are the kinds of situations where I do most of my thinking. Up until yesterday I couldn't really put what I was feeling about the whole situation with the boy, but while I was walking a few words came to mind, and seconds later I found myself at the door to my house, something that should have lasted 20 minutes, when my face is stuck to the notes app on my iPhone.
I just wrote everything I had to tell him in a note, erased it, rewrote it, read it to myself, corrected it, revised it, and by the time I was done, my nose was literally touching the door. I feel like writing it to myself is not enough, so I thought I'd share, if you don't mind of course. If you do, than scroll down to the OOTD.
This is my letter to him:
" I used to feel like I know you. Even in when in our lowest points I at least felt as if we were acquainted. I used to know when to expect you. I used to know what your next move might be. I used to  know how to make you notice me, and what would make you laugh.
Today, well, today things are different. To be entirely honest and truthful, they have been different for quite some time. If at a certain point I used to feel like I know you, why then today I wouldn't even dare think that. If I ever used to feel like we're acquainted, these days you're a complete stranger to me. If I used to know when to expect you and what to expect from you, then what now? Now, now you surprise me time and time again, or may I say you shock me. If you used to make my heart race, why then these day are gone, and now you make my heart drop. I don't know you and sincerely doubt I ever did. You have indeed proven yourself as quite the actor in the past, but I just didn't think it would apply to real life, or didn't want to think that.
You have proven me wrong. If I had really known you from the very start, I wouldn't have fallen for you".
Thanks for letting me get that out of the way.
Yesterday I also watched the Hunger Games movie. To tell you the honest truth, it really wasn't as good as the book. Although, in comparison to other books turned into movies, it was really fantastic. I mean, if I hadn't known the plot and hadn't known how amazing the book series is and hadn't cried while reading each and every book like a baby, then this movie would have just been ten times better in my mind. I cried like a baby during the movie, too, but just not as much. The movie over all is really good and I do recommend watching it even to those of us who have read the books.

This is what I wore to the movies: 
Shirt is from United Colors of Benetton.
Cardigan is from Zara, and it is really warm cozy, because I usually freeze to death in theaters, so I needed something chunky.
Purse is from the brand Let Them Eat Cake, it is tiny, yet everything fits into it which is why I love it for the movies.
Jeans are my Topshop acid washed jeans, and I  know it looks like I'm always wearing this, but I really don't, plus they're so versatile that who gives a crap.
Jewelery is just the regular combination, no necklace, cause I didn't feel like being dressy for just a movie with a friend.
Shoes are my usual combat boots which I DO wear all the time but they're just so comfortable that it's hard to take them off my feet :).

This is a song for not stressing out!
Love you all and don't worry, be happy. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hey girlies,
sorry I promised and I'm not able to keep up with the whole posting a lot of videos today, cause I have a big test tomorrow.
I think us girls might always be in danger or feeling in dangered by other people being able to hurt us, as most of us are not the biggest athletes or the strongest wrestlers. I found that just by having someone around, or by having a small escape plan I always feel more safe.
The one thing I found as very helpful is to find something that I can wear that might scare danger off.
Anyways I've been looking at a lot of fashion trends lately, some new, some a little older and I though to myself "wow! These could really hurt someone!"
I mean, it could just be that we love scaring other people off, but I these could do some serious harm:
1. Starting with #1 are the connector/double rings. So many people have already commented on my ring looking like something I would punch someone's life out of. They look exactly like the punchers that criminals have in order to, well, punch someone out. This specific one is from Urban Outfitters. Personally whenever I feel scared I look down at my little puncher that I wear everyday, and feel much safer knowing if worse comes to worst I can hit someone that's trying to hurt me as well as look fashionable.

2. Another dangerous, if not deadly, trend is the not-so-well-known Hellraisers. These shoes, even if only just run over someone by mistake, can seriously injur the poor person. I personally adore their look, but I fear that I might honestly hurt others and myself by just putting them on.
These freaking scare the bujeebees out of me.

3. This third trend is something as well known and unthought of as a dangerous thing: the heels. These things don't only kill our backs and feet, they can also hurt someone so badly. They can so much as puncture someone's lungs. These are from Topshop, and if you girls have been looking for new pairs of heel Topshop has a really big, springy colored range of shoes that I adore.

Now, listen to my important as hellraisers disclaimer: this does not mean in anyways that you can just punch or kick the heck out of anyone. Only if ever you're feeling really unsafe, and if the person is threatning you physically should you even think about pulling this off. If your boyfriend broke up with you this is absolutely no reason to throw a punch at him or chuck a heel at him as if it were a bumerang, because that would just make you a nutcase. Obviously if he did something really upsetting to you I allow a little slap to remind him that he's a jerk, but no more. This is mainly so that you don't feel unsafe and so that you DO feel protected if you're going to a friend's house through a dark alley (please don't), NOT so that you punch the heck out of anyone.
I love you girlies, and hope this just will help you feel safe and will never come to use you know, plus I do suggest a self protection class to every woman out there. I love you very much and let's have a safe and happy week. Roni J.

This is Katy Perry's song that is just so insperational and really is about being a strong woman that can stand being on her own and such. Take every word and learn by heart.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hey girlies,
so so  sorry I haven't put up a post these past few days, but I felt a little... Down I guess, and just needed a little downtime quietly for myself. Anyways I have absolutely no idea why I was feeling down, I mean I actually felt relieved, and it's not that time of month if you know what I mean ;)
Has it ever happened to you that you had absolutely no reason to be down, and period bitchy like without having any reason.
It might have actually been the relief from the past weeks that have been a little eventful with all sorts of fears and stress and hard work with school and a broken heart I was trying to mend, that the one day I came early from school and didn't have as much weight on, I decided to just let it all out.
In order to let it out I just set in front of the new episode of One Tree Hill, and cried my inner guts out even in the happy moments. I got my insides washed with a good cry, and then headed straight to the shower to wash my outer me. It's like a spring cleaning kinda ritual.
I think that since I have break soon from school, that I better start the spring cleaning of my closet, of my room, of my school work in order to get ready for the big finals coming up soon.
Any tips on spring cleaning? If you have any, please leave them below so that not only can I get a little bit of spring cleaning done, but also the rest of the girls reading this blog, hopefully by now there are a few.

OOTD, don't let it fool you, it's not from today I just hadn't the time and will power to get on the computer in order to upload.
Orange sweater is from United Colors of Benetton, and it is one of my favorites, especially these days when I'm trying to make myself feel a little more bright and happy.
Jeans are my acid washed jeans from Topshop that I love with all my heart. For some odd reason in the past two years I've been reaching light washed and acid washed jeans a whole lot more than dark washed jeans.
Jewellery is the regular bracelet and rings, but with the addition of a wooden necklace shaped like a banana from a local designer and a cuff made by the same girl that has two golden lines that have engraved snake skin shapes into it (being up with the snake skin trend without hurting any snakes) with a golden leopard on it (without hurting any leopards).
The earrings are just hoops that have a bunch of smaller hoops going through them looking kinda pirate-y, arrg. I love them for being so simple yet unique.
Shoes are the sneakers they sell at Urban Outfitters for the cheapest prices that I have two pairs of with a different print. This pair has an Aztec-y colorful with pastels print, and they are so comfortable it's unbelievable.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and the many more that I plan on putting up tomorrow hopefully! Have a wonderful weekend, and let's clean out everything so that we can start this spring the right way. For questions and just a little chit chat write me a comment. I swear I won't bite.
I've really been into the cheesy-feel-good-love songs lately in order to make me, well, feel good and loved :D. This is a song by the amazingly talented (and extremely good looking) Teddy Geiger. Hope you like!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hey there fashionistas,
today I wanted to talk to you about a word that's very important in my opinion:
Oblivious: Lacking active conscious, knowledge or awareness. 
I think a lot of times we're oblivious to our surroundings, to the people around us, and to things we have no interest in seeing. Sometimes we can be so oblivious that we can't even see what we want or need.
Now the thing I want you to remember is to never be oblivious, and, if there's ever a moment when you feel like you are "lacking active conscious, knowledge or information", fix it. Look around to see if a friend, or just another girl you know needs help, or needs a little bit attention from someone. I have been trying to be better about this lately, trying not to judge someone in the need of a little bit more attention than any other person.
Anyways now for the more fashion related part of the post. As you may probably not know, I don't have a T.V. at home and haven't had one since two and a half, almost three years ago. Youtube channels are my T.V. series basically. The reason this is called Oblividious is because I wanted to show you the girls I'm subscribed to on youtube that I love their fashion taste and videos, and that I literally spend hours and hours listening to, and getting inspired by.
1.Ranked high up in number one on the people that I love is my biggest inspiration, Fashionencounters. Best Videos, best taste, so sweet, so pretty and just angelic Jenn. She used to do her videos with Sarah which is also gorgeous, but now I think they only do their tumbler together. I swear these girls couldn't have done better videos so check them out!

2. Ranked as a close second I would very much LOVE it if you check out  Barbara from Thepersianbabe. She isn't only the sweetest most devoted girl, she's also gorgeous and has an amazing fashion sense that makes your heart melt. She makes great videos that are no doubt a must watch! She make mostly fashion and makeup related videos, and I am simply addicted.

  Also in second place is the gorgeous Chriselle from Chrisellelim that has so many styling tips and trick I go bananas for every video she puts up as if I were a hungry monkey in a field of banana trees. She's a gorgeous young stylist with a taste so classy you will feel like a pearl, after using her advice.

3. Tied up for three are the three gorgeous ladies: Patricia from Britpopprincess, Nia from NiaSays, and Sammy from Beautycrush. All are gorgeous, British (or living at the moment in Britain), fashionable ladies that float my boat and rock my socks. Great inspiring videos from all on our most sinful pleasure: FASHION. All of their tastes very between unique, rocker, girly and classy. They make every stinking piece work in a way only they know.

4. In fourth place are the gorgeous Alexa from Smokeypinkleopard, Arden from ARose186, Zoe from Zoella280390, Suzi from StyleSuzi, the two fabulous Steph and Melisa from Thefashioncitizen, and the lovely Becca from voussontbeauetbelle. Each of them is stunning in her own way and addictive in her own way. All equally great!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour through youtube's best, most gorgeous ladies, and that you really do remember not to be oblivious to yourselves nor to others in your surroundings! Love you girlies! Happy mothers' day!

Let's finish the day with this gorgeous song! Successful eventful week to us all!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Do What Feels Good

Hello hello there!
How have you been doing? 

I have been doing great actually. Yesterday morning I woke up after sleeping over at a friend's house, and she turned on the radio, and a song that I haven't heard in so so long came up. The song is called I'm Walking Away by Craig David. I don't know how, but so many times people I've found that other people know how to describe the way I feel so much better than I can. So there comes Craig David, singing on the radio, and shamelessly describing how I feel, and better than I have managed to describe myself for the past week. 
Finally I'm starting to move on from Mr. Man right there that's been making me feel so bad about myself, from other people that all they add to my life is drama and madness, and also trying to make myself a better person, doing some good to others can really make a person feel better, and also as Craig David said walking away from trouble. Finally, after endless days of making myself feel lousy out of choice I have decided to make myself love myself first, before loving anybody else. "I'm walking away from the trouble in my life, I'm walking away to find a better day", and to tell you the honest most sincere truth, the days have already gotten better and brighter, and I'm much happier, much more satisfied about myself. 
I would recommend this to any of you that have been feeling gloomy. Make yourself love yourself in any way possible, from the inside out, and not from the outside in. The way you look is so very temporal, so changeable, trends come and go, hair comes and goes, but the who you are, at least should be, almost permanent. Obviously if there's something about your inner self you feel should be changed then do it. It's very hard, but look at what I'm trying to do, and it can also be very very rewarding ladies! Once you're settled and happy with who you are, then you should start with what you look like, because who you are inside can really make a difference, a smile can transform you, happy, healthy lifestyle, a few good hours of sleep. 
Now onto the outfit of the day: 
Jewelry is the same except for the earrings that are vintage from a local boutique.
Belt is from another local boutique, I'm so sorry this happens a lot just look for similar things if you like them. 
Bag is from mango.
Leggings are just regular black leggings.
Sweater dress is from Vero Moda, and I'm still wearing my lovely combat boots to give it a little more of a tough vibe. 
Love you all, have a great weekend, and for any personal advice, questions and so forth, leave a comment below!  If you think my advice is good and you'd like to do an ask Roni J. set of posts, I would love that since I very much enjoy giving advice, and if there's something you think I should do, or change or something, just tell me and I shall do my best!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day Sweetstuff!

Hello there pretty fashionistas!
How have you been. As you may or may not have given any thought to this, today is pi day, and yes, I am a huge nerd. Pi day, being 3.14 in date, is called pi day for looking like the beginning of this endless number they decided to call pi. Not only is it a celebration to the beautiful Greek letter that looks much like this: π, and of the number that has soooo many meanings and uses, it is also Albert Einstein's birthday! Hurray!                
Now that we've gone through all that, I can tell you what happened to me on pi day. There's a group of students at our school that is called excellence that is for students that excel in sciences. Being a good student and majoring in both chem and biology (and film studies, which have nothing to do with this subject), I am a part of that club. It's not that I really excel or whatever, but just keep pushing through this cheesy event.
Every year on pi day we go and have a scientific trip to whatever scientific place they choose and this year they took us to the local science museum, which was cool for missing almost a whole day at school, but still is quite... Scientific. Don't take this wrong if you love sciences, sometimes I do, too, but the day wasn't all that interesting at all. 
The highlight of the day was being with friends and laughing about the mating habits of butterflies (yup, nerds), and an even greater highlight was the fact that for a whole day I didn't have to see the guy that I like.

Sounds weird to you that I wouldn't want to see him? Well, at first it did to me, too, but I've learned to handle my oddness, and you on the other hand really don't have to.  This guy, although being the guy that I've been wanting since, what, June or May last year? Doesn't only not know about my feelings for him, but he also makes me want to deny them all the more. I have heard this guy talk shit about me to other people, and to my face really, seen him make out with another girl, and have experienced every kind of uncomfortable pain by his presence, and, yet, there are still moments where he's so sweet, those moments when he doesn't tease me about stupid things, the moments when his shirt is off (kidding!!! Kinda...), when he is so attractive and makes me want him all the more.  
As the wise and greatly talented Kimbra said in the most beautiful and appreciated song by Gotye  "But I don't want to live that way, reading into every word you say.."  
and lately I've been getting tired of this nonexistent relationship, so not seeing him was definitely a peek on this hill of a day.

Now, onto the outfit of pi day! 
Same Jewelry as yesterday except for the square earrings (Freedom by Topshop) and the bird necklace (Accessorize).
Of course yesterday I forgot to mention a HUGE trend, which is the colored jeans! Darn it. Anyways this pair is from Abercrombie and Fitch.
Sweater is from a local thrift store, but it's just a regular black sweater I'm sure you can find one anywhere. 
Shoes are the same combat boots.

Lip product of the day is my beloved Fruity Shine Pomegranate Labello (lipbalm), as you can see I adore pomegranates :D. 
Have a great pi day! 
Roni J.