Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hey girlies,
sorry I promised and I'm not able to keep up with the whole posting a lot of videos today, cause I have a big test tomorrow.
I think us girls might always be in danger or feeling in dangered by other people being able to hurt us, as most of us are not the biggest athletes or the strongest wrestlers. I found that just by having someone around, or by having a small escape plan I always feel more safe.
The one thing I found as very helpful is to find something that I can wear that might scare danger off.
Anyways I've been looking at a lot of fashion trends lately, some new, some a little older and I though to myself "wow! These could really hurt someone!"
I mean, it could just be that we love scaring other people off, but I these could do some serious harm:
1. Starting with #1 are the connector/double rings. So many people have already commented on my ring looking like something I would punch someone's life out of. They look exactly like the punchers that criminals have in order to, well, punch someone out. This specific one is from Urban Outfitters. Personally whenever I feel scared I look down at my little puncher that I wear everyday, and feel much safer knowing if worse comes to worst I can hit someone that's trying to hurt me as well as look fashionable.

2. Another dangerous, if not deadly, trend is the not-so-well-known Hellraisers. These shoes, even if only just run over someone by mistake, can seriously injur the poor person. I personally adore their look, but I fear that I might honestly hurt others and myself by just putting them on.
These freaking scare the bujeebees out of me.

3. This third trend is something as well known and unthought of as a dangerous thing: the heels. These things don't only kill our backs and feet, they can also hurt someone so badly. They can so much as puncture someone's lungs. These are from Topshop, and if you girls have been looking for new pairs of heel Topshop has a really big, springy colored range of shoes that I adore.

Now, listen to my important as hellraisers disclaimer: this does not mean in anyways that you can just punch or kick the heck out of anyone. Only if ever you're feeling really unsafe, and if the person is threatning you physically should you even think about pulling this off. If your boyfriend broke up with you this is absolutely no reason to throw a punch at him or chuck a heel at him as if it were a bumerang, because that would just make you a nutcase. Obviously if he did something really upsetting to you I allow a little slap to remind him that he's a jerk, but no more. This is mainly so that you don't feel unsafe and so that you DO feel protected if you're going to a friend's house through a dark alley (please don't), NOT so that you punch the heck out of anyone.
I love you girlies, and hope this just will help you feel safe and will never come to use you know, plus I do suggest a self protection class to every woman out there. I love you very much and let's have a safe and happy week. Roni J.

This is Katy Perry's song that is just so insperational and really is about being a strong woman that can stand being on her own and such. Take every word and learn by heart.

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