Thursday, March 29, 2012


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I decided today to do a fashion related post about my favorite kind of shoes. This is something fairly recent, but I think it's going to last forever. My shoe love is loafers, moccasins, which ever you prefer.
 Since I am very tall, at least in comparison to most people my age here (I'm 5'7 or 1.75 meters), then I don't feel to comfortable wearing anything tall. I wish I could just wear JC's Litas all day everyday, but I can't, because I would feel uncomfortable for one, and also might hurt my back and knees that are more sensitive usually for taller people. So maybe for special occasions, but nothing more.
Since I usually don't feel like fixing my pedicure and I don't have time for that (although I try my best, but I hate when chipped nail polish shows), I don't really wearing flip flops and sandals, plus they're not warm enough for the most of the year.
I adore sneakers, they are comfortable and there's a huge variety of them, but some times, most of the times, I feel like going for something that's a little bit more dressy than just simple sneakers.
I also adore ballet flats and boots, but boots don't suit the warm weather here for the most part and ballet flats sometimes are too dressy and girly, when usually I am more drawn to things that have a masculine edge to them.
Therefore the loafers are the perfect shoe for me. They are flat, they're closed toed, a little more dressy than sneakers and a little less dressy than ballet flats, and they basically suit every stinking weather (obviously except for snow and blizzard, which we rarely ever get if at all).

Here's my collection of loafers (they're both mine and my sister's so don't go all OMG on me, we share, plus I wear them to death):
 This first pair is from Massimo Dutti. I know this is a fairly expensive brand, but my sister bought them on sale a month ago or so. They are super comfortable and wearable and versatile as well as so freaking well made. 

The next pair is a pair from Aldo that I wore today. They are super duper comfortable as well as fairly attainable since they're not as expensive. I love these they're probably the most worn pair out of all of these.

The next pair is from Clark's. Even though they don't appear this way on camera they are a fairly bright blue. They really do add extra comfort and a nice pop of color to any of my outfits.

These.... Oh these. These are what I call a shoegasm. These are my lovely Minnetonka pair that I bought at Urban Outfitters in the fall. I love the embroidery on these, and their sole is so freaking nice and thick. They are comfortable as a faux fur beanbag.

The very last pair, for now, is a pair that I bought at a local store and have already kinda destroyed the other shoe since it wasn't too qualitative, but I will fix the other shoe , and nonetheless I still adore them and they're the only black pair I own so they fit with a lot of things.

 What type of shoes are your favorite? Do you also like loafers? What season is your favorite? For more random Q&A's go leave some comments below! Te Amo!
Now here's the most lovely man alive, my favorite singer, the greatest lyrics master: Paolo Nutini. The lyrics are just so true, and even though this song is I think one of his least deep ones, he has amazing songs with amazing lyrics that WILL make you cry.


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