Saturday, March 17, 2012

Do What Feels Good

Hello hello there!
How have you been doing? 

I have been doing great actually. Yesterday morning I woke up after sleeping over at a friend's house, and she turned on the radio, and a song that I haven't heard in so so long came up. The song is called I'm Walking Away by Craig David. I don't know how, but so many times people I've found that other people know how to describe the way I feel so much better than I can. So there comes Craig David, singing on the radio, and shamelessly describing how I feel, and better than I have managed to describe myself for the past week. 
Finally I'm starting to move on from Mr. Man right there that's been making me feel so bad about myself, from other people that all they add to my life is drama and madness, and also trying to make myself a better person, doing some good to others can really make a person feel better, and also as Craig David said walking away from trouble. Finally, after endless days of making myself feel lousy out of choice I have decided to make myself love myself first, before loving anybody else. "I'm walking away from the trouble in my life, I'm walking away to find a better day", and to tell you the honest most sincere truth, the days have already gotten better and brighter, and I'm much happier, much more satisfied about myself. 
I would recommend this to any of you that have been feeling gloomy. Make yourself love yourself in any way possible, from the inside out, and not from the outside in. The way you look is so very temporal, so changeable, trends come and go, hair comes and goes, but the who you are, at least should be, almost permanent. Obviously if there's something about your inner self you feel should be changed then do it. It's very hard, but look at what I'm trying to do, and it can also be very very rewarding ladies! Once you're settled and happy with who you are, then you should start with what you look like, because who you are inside can really make a difference, a smile can transform you, happy, healthy lifestyle, a few good hours of sleep. 
Now onto the outfit of the day: 
Jewelry is the same except for the earrings that are vintage from a local boutique.
Belt is from another local boutique, I'm so sorry this happens a lot just look for similar things if you like them. 
Bag is from mango.
Leggings are just regular black leggings.
Sweater dress is from Vero Moda, and I'm still wearing my lovely combat boots to give it a little more of a tough vibe. 
Love you all, have a great weekend, and for any personal advice, questions and so forth, leave a comment below!  If you think my advice is good and you'd like to do an ask Roni J. set of posts, I would love that since I very much enjoy giving advice, and if there's something you think I should do, or change or something, just tell me and I shall do my best!

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