Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey there girls!
Hope your week is starting alright. Mine is quite stressful. Tomorrow I have a huge math test, and  while I don't have test anxiety, math tests just murder me mentally and emotionally.
Anyways this time we're talking about yesterday, because, well, that's more interesting than my math filled day :D. Yesterday I walked home from school, and these are the kinds of situations where I do most of my thinking. Up until yesterday I couldn't really put what I was feeling about the whole situation with the boy, but while I was walking a few words came to mind, and seconds later I found myself at the door to my house, something that should have lasted 20 minutes, when my face is stuck to the notes app on my iPhone.
I just wrote everything I had to tell him in a note, erased it, rewrote it, read it to myself, corrected it, revised it, and by the time I was done, my nose was literally touching the door. I feel like writing it to myself is not enough, so I thought I'd share, if you don't mind of course. If you do, than scroll down to the OOTD.
This is my letter to him:
" I used to feel like I know you. Even in when in our lowest points I at least felt as if we were acquainted. I used to know when to expect you. I used to know what your next move might be. I used to  know how to make you notice me, and what would make you laugh.
Today, well, today things are different. To be entirely honest and truthful, they have been different for quite some time. If at a certain point I used to feel like I know you, why then today I wouldn't even dare think that. If I ever used to feel like we're acquainted, these days you're a complete stranger to me. If I used to know when to expect you and what to expect from you, then what now? Now, now you surprise me time and time again, or may I say you shock me. If you used to make my heart race, why then these day are gone, and now you make my heart drop. I don't know you and sincerely doubt I ever did. You have indeed proven yourself as quite the actor in the past, but I just didn't think it would apply to real life, or didn't want to think that.
You have proven me wrong. If I had really known you from the very start, I wouldn't have fallen for you".
Thanks for letting me get that out of the way.
Yesterday I also watched the Hunger Games movie. To tell you the honest truth, it really wasn't as good as the book. Although, in comparison to other books turned into movies, it was really fantastic. I mean, if I hadn't known the plot and hadn't known how amazing the book series is and hadn't cried while reading each and every book like a baby, then this movie would have just been ten times better in my mind. I cried like a baby during the movie, too, but just not as much. The movie over all is really good and I do recommend watching it even to those of us who have read the books.

This is what I wore to the movies: 
Shirt is from United Colors of Benetton.
Cardigan is from Zara, and it is really warm cozy, because I usually freeze to death in theaters, so I needed something chunky.
Purse is from the brand Let Them Eat Cake, it is tiny, yet everything fits into it which is why I love it for the movies.
Jeans are my Topshop acid washed jeans, and I  know it looks like I'm always wearing this, but I really don't, plus they're so versatile that who gives a crap.
Jewelery is just the regular combination, no necklace, cause I didn't feel like being dressy for just a movie with a friend.
Shoes are my usual combat boots which I DO wear all the time but they're just so comfortable that it's hard to take them off my feet :).

This is a song for not stressing out!
Love you all and don't worry, be happy. 

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