Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall-ing In Love Again

Hello girls! Happy happy weekend to us all!
Tomorrow I'll be on a trip, so I decided to write today, when I have time to, and I'm not after a long tiring trip. Hope you like the fact that I posted this song, because I absolutely love this song. For some reason it reminds me of seventh through eighth grade, and makes me so nostalgic. Unfortunately, though, I haven't found many people who know it. And it is a falling in love song that fits the windshield wipers' motion. Aghhhh *sigh of relief* I'm fall-ing in love with this season yet again.

Today I walked out of the house to find the most beautiful sight. The rain was just pouring down, but the sun was shining through. Apparently my parents witnessed the most beautiful of rainbows, but I didn't get to. I absolutely love the fall or autumn season, and this just signified the start of the season. Finally. The first true rainstorm of the season. I walked on to the porch and I just felt blissful. The smell of the wet pavement, the little rivers created by the huge puddles that you have to jump over to get across to the car, the little teardrop like drops on your lushes, the movement of the windshield wipers, the songs, they all make me feel so amazingly good.
Not to speak of the lovely little talk we've had with the mister yesterday night. It was short. It was quick. And yet, it was just as satisfying to see him write "Goodbye, my love :)". I don't know if he said it because he meant it, or if it is just a thing you say these days, but it made me smile like a fool. Who doesn't like smiling like a fool?

How lovely is the sight of all that? I love it when my face is cold, but my body is all wrapped up and huddled in a bunch of winter clothes. Can't imagine many things I love more than the rain season.
 We had our seniors' fair yesterday at school when it started drizzling a little, and we all, 200 seniors, started dancing in the rain, still in our t-shirts  and shorts, shall I  add, and it was the most incredible sight and feeling. So unified, so happy, genuinely feeling like we're about to finish school so very soon. Just dancing to the sounds of loud, obnoxious dance music that I wouldn't listen to on any other occasion but this one, dancing like mad fools, singing out the lyrics, having the best time of our lives; dancing like an odd tribally rain dance.
This is it. Finally sinking in like the pouring rain into the muddy ground, this is our last year at school. After 12 years we've spent, some together, some apart, we're about to finish this year, and each one of us will go on their own way, following their own dreams, with their group of friends, maybe not even, and we might never see each other again, or only see each other in our reunion, which will be in a very long time from now, when God only knows where each of us will be. How crazy is that? How insane? I can't imagine that I might never see some of those guys I had a crush on (half of the school basically. Kidding. Maybe), or some of the people I was on the delegations with, and traveled to the other side of the earth with, or some of my teachers that have been an enormous part of my high school experience. How odd will it be to see them again, years from now? All of them changed, or maybe just as they were, all of them married, or just as they were, all of them gray and silver, or maybe, well, white.
My dad just had his first reunion in many many years a week or two ago. He literally had a hard time falling asleep in the days before and after the event. He couldn't really put his finger on the reason why: was it the fact that he was excited to see how everybody has changed, or that he didn't know whom he might meet that might spark an old feeling of love, friendship or anger, that he was surprised at how old everybody looks all of a sudden, or where some people turned out.
Following that I've had a few weird dreams thinking of what mine might look like years from now. In some of them I end up exactly the way I want to turn up, in some I meet an old love, in some I decide not to show up.
Have you ever had a reunion? How was it? Have you thought about what yours might look like? What you might look like in yours?
Here's the first day of true fall's weather outfit:
 My coat is from Mango. I love the combat trend, as always, and as seen in the combat boots I'm wearing. Military is always a favorite trend of mine to rock in the winter months. It is also very very warm, which, the cold freak that I am, I must be warm at all times.
The jeans are an old pair I bought from a local store, and only recently have discovered again. A little torn up, but not too much. 
The scarf is literally the softest fuzziest scarf ever. It is an infinity off white scarf from Primark. It is from last year, but they must have ones like this out this season as well, especially with their Christmas-y  stuff. The boot are from a local boutique, and they are last year's pair. I just L-O-V-E them so much. So comfortable and useful. Agh *another pleasureful sigh*.
The cross earrings are from China. I love these. They are so dainty and small considering I don't like being BAM in your face about wearing crosses, but I love the shape nonetheless. The ear cuff is from a pack of three in River Island. There are the rose gold and gold ones as well, but I felt like silver is a lot more wintery for some reason.
Hope we all have a lovely weekend, and wish me a nice trip considering it's mad rain outside. XOXO Roni J.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burrrr-gundy (Trend Alert #3)

Hello hello my precious jewels,
How is our week starting out? I had quite the interesting day. I met a few really nice girls through an activity, and that's one of the things I love most.
Anyways, what we are really hear to talk about is about the fall-winter color this season. To be honest it's been here last fall-winter season as well. It is, as guessed by the title, burgundy. Deep wine reds, blood reds, and plumy reds are all welcome this season. The warmth festivity of this color brings the slightest pop of color into the regular neutral fall outfits. It's been seen on the runways in almost every big name designer's show. One of my personal favorites is Sophie Theallet's dress that's shown to the right. It is so sexy, feminine, and yet quite wearable for a designer piece. This shade is rather more of a crisp cherry red, and this entire piece seems to be inspired by an Indian Sari perhaps, which I love. Another Favorite is Jason Wu's cape shown to the left. It's a much deeper, more purple toned, wine shade, and the lace detailing on the shoulders is just so sexy and precious, also quite wearable.
Obviously, to me at least, most people can't really afford to pay for such designer items. What can we do about it? What can we do about it? Oh, yea, there are some other companies that makes clothes on earth that are far less expensive.
Here are a few less expensive options:
American Eagle Outfitters' burgundy corduroy pants. I love the uber skinny cut on these. I think that their deep unusual color for a pant is very flattering. You can cuff the ends even to make it look like it's elongating your legs. It's not the brightest burgundy so it plays off pretty neutral, or neutral enough to put it together with almost every color you want.

Another more lively choice would be a sweater from Forever 21. I love that it looks like a wafer knitting. It looks real warm and soft for winter and can be layered on top of a collared shirt to make it a little more preppy. love this color, which is a bit more on the orange side than the previous true plum red.

Another option is this short sleeved sweater from Pac Sun. It has a really burnt red, and tribally feel to it, which, you probably know by now, I am head over heels for. It suits the people who live in the warmer climates, much like myself, and still want to wear the fall trends.

A pop of color option for an outfit could be this leather clutch from urban Outfitters. I personally don't feel the most comfortable with leather-y things, but I mean if you do, by all means, this clutch is a gorgeous, very wearable piece.

A favorite from the list to me is this warm jacket by Topshop. It is a really dark, almost brown, shade of burgundy, oxblood, whatever you call it. It reminds me a lot of my rain coat, which is basically the same, but is in gray, which I love.

Now that you see all the options, look in your closet, or your mom's, or you sister's, or whomever's, maybe even you brother or boyfriend, and search for a little something burgundy to add to your outfit. Might end up looking gorgeous.
XOXO Roni J.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fashion Ideas For The Tall Ladies

Hello hello pretty precious things. How are we today? How's your weekend? Are there people getting ready for the best holiday ever (Halloween!!!!!) that's coming real soon? Me and my friends haven't celebrated it since eighth grade maybe and we think it's about time we bring the tradition back on its feet. Will make sure there are pictures!
So today we are back on topic with the dress to your figure series that we've started a good few weeks ago saying that I will write a post each week for the topic, but with traveling and all the none-existent love issues I have that I was so eager to share kind of flew my mind.
Now today the topic is tall ladies. Much like I am. Too much like I am at times. It is hard sometimes to rock your figure when the thing that is expected of you as a female is to be small and delicate. I am so definitely not small and I can't say that I'm too delicate either.
Now there are too ways to look at this problem. There's the I'll try to fool people into thinking I'm shorter way to go at it, and there's the I don't really give a crap about it and I will rock what I was given, because being tall is actually quite beautiful. Whichever way you choose there's one tip that applies to all and hear it is: STRIDE WITH PRIDE.- there is nothing that looks more awkward or unflattering than a long woman that is hunched over and walks like a little flimsy thing, because she's trying to hide her longer figure. Come on honey bees. That's not how you fool people into believing you're actually shorter, and it just looks bad. Walk like a model and own it. If you have boobs push them out. If not then walking like this awkward little thing is just going to make them disappear even farther.
I know how hard this actually is, but I actually support the "I don't give a shit, eat my dust" way to look at it. It's just the easier thing. This means these:
1) Wear heels like there's no tomorrow. Wear the crap out of them. I think it's hot. Who gives a crap if some guys find it scary. That just means they are frightened little bastards. Get away from those whenever circumstances allow.
2) Whenever possible show off your length. Show off your legs wearing shorts or high waisted things, show off your neck by pulling your hair up and putting a necklace on preferably one that hits your chest in the same distance from the nape of your neck as from the nape of your neck to your chin, because it doesn't cut off your neck like a choker, but it doesn't divert the attention to your chest area instead It keeps the attention to your neck. I have what you call a giraffe neck. My neck is super long, and I love showing it off. You can also show it off by wear v-neck cuts that fall in the same way the necklace is supposed to. If you have a long torso and you feel like showing it off- wear cropped tops and low waisted pants (not my favorite way. A little too much skin to my taste) or wear a sophisticatedly back cutout top like the blue one I wear here-->
3) All the rules that apply to the shorter girls and the past post fashion tips for shorties and petites, also apply to th girls who would live to show off their hight.
4) Wear maxi skirts and dresses. The elongate your legs when you already have longer legs.

On the other hand, for all the ladies who feel constrained by their hight and wish to deceive people into thinking you're shorter there are some tips, too:
1) Find something that goes horizontally to your body and there for cuts your length. This could very between a choker, a waist belt, a regular belt, horizontal stripes if you feel comfortable in them, ankle straps on your shoes, or anything of such sort. This will give the illusion of breaking that length making you seem a little less long.
2) Wear longer clothes. Not maxi skirts because these tend to make you actually look like a tall tall tower. I was talking about longer coats, cardigans, tunics, and things of such sort that will make your legs look shorter and hence will make you look shorter.
This is it for today guys! Have an amazing week! XOXO Roni J.

"I met a man of 12 feet tall. He towered like a giant in a world that was defiant of his height. I said 'hi', as he replied. He said 'listen to these words that I have dreaded my whole life. You're only as tall as your heart will let you be, and you're only as small as the world will make you seem".

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hello hello girls.
How is your week ending? Hope that well. If not you should remember that it is soon to be over with, and when the next week starts you will be ready to accept it with your arms wide open, or as John Legend says in his song Someday "For today my eyes are open, my arms are raise for your embrace, my hands are here to mend what is broken, to feel again the warmth of your face".
Ah how I love this song.
I donated blood today. I am proud of it, very. Not only did it make me feel exceptionally good about my being, and about helping society just like most good doings, but it has also made me physically feel exceptionally good, which is weird considering that they withdrew 17 ounces or half a litter from my body, and I was really high and happy all day for some reason. It made me calm down, and feel relaxed and eased, and just happy. It was the weirdest feeling. People said I looked a little high, which I would never ever be. Anyways, I really recommend doing it once a every three months. It is also very healthy for renewing your blood cells.
Ben (the fictional name to this guy I like) and I have no progress. As usual, I am stuck. I did, however, tell one of my best friends that I like him after having a debate with myself whether I should or not, seeing as she's one of his really good friends. She took it quite well, unexpectedly shall I say, and she said that the more she thinks about it the reason he's been looking around at younger girls, and hooking up with everything that moves is because of his low self esteem, which is a well known fact, and that she thinks that he kept telling her that I'm perfect (I've heard him say that before. Excitement.), and that she thinks I fit his type (Gorgeous isn't it?!). She said that if I do something about it there's a chance that someday... Something in me got even more nervous thinking that there's even a chance that he might ever like me. Hence I get more nervous around him. Freak of nature. I know.
I do however smile like a fool when I think about him. I literally caught myself smiling like a fool while thinking about him today as I took a glimpse at myself in one of the car's window's reflection. A stupid smile creeps onto my face when thinking about him, and makes my cheeks warm up. I know it sounds stupid, but it's quite a good feeling. I don't think that's what happened with Bob, and this lasted about a year.
I want to act upon it, but I.. Just never have. What if I do it awkwardly, and he starts laughing in the middle. I might start a shock episode, because I am soooo nervous. What a train wreck. You know what the funny thing is? I may or may not have mentioned it, but I've done way scarier things in life like staying in a different country at my friends' houses for a whole half year when I was only 14. Why is it that the thought of even talking to Ben scares me so much? Maybe someday I will act. See the theme here?
Something else that this friend of mine said, which meant a lot to me is that I'm way out of his league, and not the opposite, which I will probably never believe, but it was heart warming to know that's what she thinks, and even that it's what she thinks he feels about me. Maybe.
I hope that I finally get the courage to get closer to him, and that I'm not completely tiring you all out with my non-existent love stories.
Have a great weekend! <3 Loads and loads of love. XOXO Roni J. Talk to you SOMEDAY soon.
P.S. If there's any question you have, please do contact me through the contact information listed in the contact me page.

Bright Lights

Winter Song

Winter Song

$39 -

Jeffrey campbell boots
$200 -


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wonderstruck (Perfume Review)

Hello girls.
I am having quiet the hectic month with all the exams that I have. They're absolutely cramming the tests in nowadays. We have chem test, and literature, English, bible studies, math, history, and my free time is rare and scarce.
On a brighter noted my parents are back and with them are my gifts. One of which is Taylor Swift's perfume Wonderstruck. I have wanted it for a long time as discovered it is much cheaper in the duty free, so I asked my parents to buy it for me.
The bottle is abso-freakin-lutely stunning. It has so much thought put into its cap and the golden decorative charms that hang from it. The color is absolutely charming. It is a fairy tale like bottle. To my deep sincere dismay some of the golden foil under the cap has already peeled off a little and this really disappointed me greatly. The box it came in is gorgeous as well and I kept it. I'd love to make something out of it.
The scent is stunning. Very enchanting. Smells very woody, and I'll go as far as saying that it smells a lot like Woods by Bath and Body Works. It is mysterious and natural, but in a good way. It fits the fall/autumn season perfectly, because of it being so reminiscent to trees in the fall. Unfortunately it doesn't linger on the skin too long, and needs to be reapplied a few times during the day. It is light and therefore fits the day time better.
Overall I quite like the perfume even though it has got some faults. It suits my everyday life well. I give it 3 and 3/4 noses!
Hope you have a lovely day. XOXO Roni J.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Go Get It!

Hello hello girls!
How are we? I hope we are all well.
I need a change in life. I have always listened to my head. I am very rational. I have never given my heart or rather the emotional part of my thoughts take over and lead me. I am quite tired of being afraid of being hurt, and therefore going with my head and getting myself as far away from a crash (or crush) as possible. I am such a frightened little wimp, and I am quite sick of myself at this point. Does anybody have any fucking idea how flipping tiring it is to be fighting yourself and what you want in your head all the time. People might think I yawn a lot because I don't get enough sleep or because I'm bored, but no. I am tired, because I have to fight myself off all the time. It is just exhausting. 
I want something to change in me when I go to sleep tonight. I want to wake up and have the courage to go up to the guy I like currently like (if Bob was the last one, then we'll name this one Ben)- Ben, and say "hi" like any normal girl would, maybe even hug him, and to not be so shy around him or anyone I'm attracted to anymore.
I literally act like they are fire, and that I need to quickly toss the idea of them otherwise I might melt or burn. What girl in her right mind is so afraid of the very people she's attracted to that she has the strange need to take her feet with her and run like she was in a Scooby Doo movie? Like some monster, ghost, vampire, or at least a brain eating heart stealing zombie. What the crap?! Am I insane?!
Now in order to make this a gradual tan, so that I don't get ugly tan lines or get burnt (or in other way a gradual change so that my heart isn't broken, and that I really go through with it) I have to build a plan. As I have been taught by some very smart people in the past, in order to achieve a goal there's a list of things you need this goal to have. These five things were put into an acronym called S-M-A-R-T. 
This goal has to have these five factors: 
S = Specific- the goal has to be very specified. I need to know what I need or want to achive.

M = Measurable- the goal has to have the ability to have been measured through the course of the assignment. If I can't measure them, how will I know when I have reached my goal.

A = Attainable- it has to be something that can be achieved. I'm guessing this is where you realize riding a unicorn might not be it.
R = Realistic- yet again the unicorn might not be the best choice here. 

T = Timely- something that can be limited by a period of time. 

Now, I thought about it and tried to think if my goal has it all. Then I realized, I don't know what my goal is. Is it to have my first kiss already? No, I find it desperate. Is it the specific guy? If so, what do I want from him. I just have to be really honest with myself, and figure out what I want before I even think whether it is realistic or timely or whatever, because without a goal, you can't really decide those things.
I will go think about my goals a little. This obviously applies to every goal in life: work, school, friends, diet. Hope you find it helpful, and talk to you soon <3
XOXO Roni J.
Couldn't really find a song to match today's topic, but it's somewhat fitting, and I love it so very much. Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Studtastic (Trend Alert #2)

Hello girls.
I have a fashion trend for this fall today. As you might have guessed from the title it is spikes and studs. This year the army and even punk looking clothes and accessories have really made a stamp all over stores and designers all over the globe.
I personally adore the trend because I think it can kick every outfit up a notch. It can spice the girlies of outfits up and make something glamorous look so freaking edgy and beautiful. Some twist not many people would expect.
Now there are way to go big with the trend and there are ways to go small. I'm always up for the less is WAY WAYYYY more. In my opinion having only one item studded is the best and is far better looking than having your entire outfit spiked up like mad.
There's also cheaper things, and much more expensive alternatives, depends on how much you want to put into it.
Here are a few ideas:

For the girls that are quite timid of this trend, but still like it, just not on themselves, a great way to do it is with dainty jewelry that have studs on them.
One option is this pack of three pairs from Topshop. These are really quite small, but when your hair is up they can take a lace shirt and jeans to the next level, which I think is what jewelery and other accessories were created for. You also get three color meaning you can match them up with every outfit, literally.
Another option from a rather more high street brand like Forever 21 makes stud stud earrings (if that makes any sense at all), and they also make them in rose gold, which seems to be very popular these days.

For the more daring girls I would go for some necklace or larger studded accessory like this golden purse from Urban Outfitters. It is still very girlie and fun, but it has these edgy edges (no pun intended). I love the Egyptian vibe it gives.
Another option is this beautiful colorful spikes and skulls necklace by Pull&Bear, which I personally adore. I wanted to see silver statement jewelery for so long now, getting tired of the gold, and this look like it, and ever better than I had expected. Absolutely stunning in my opinion.
A higher end item that I have been eying forever now, but don't have the money or the courage to wear, not only because of the studs are the Sam Edelman Lorissa heels. Stinking amazingness in a cup! I cannot help but gasp at the sight of a woman wearing these. They are super duper delicious. Don't try to eat them, though. I have a feeling it might hurt. A less riskayyy version are his Joss booties. I love them even more I would think. Absolutely stunning colors for fall, and better suited for fall over all, as we know. I love them. I might even save up enough to buy them someday, but right now let's focus on other things.

You can also opt for studded clothes:
This vest from River Island for example falls amazingly with all trends: army, layering, and studding. Love how subtle it is. Not too much going on, but it is amazingly beautiful. I love that it accents the collar, which has also been a great trend that came in from last fall/winter season, into spring/summer, and now into fall/winter again.

Two much more subtle options are both of these sheer blouses by Zara. The black one has quite the traditional collar studding going on even thought the studs are a little different. It's very sheer so it's still good for fall layering.
The white one on the other hand is in my opinion much more intricate and sophisticated. The pearl studding, and the little white to sheer pleats are so beautiful and classy. It has a wow factor and it is more suited for a work environment than some of the other things we've seen.

Hope you all enjoyed it. Goodbye honey bunnies! XOXO Roni J.
This is an addictive song from Maroon 5's new album.
Be sure to check the contact me page for ways to contact me!

Desire Me (September Favorites)

Hello there honey bunnies!
I hope you are all well and having a good beginning to your fall. I love fall. I think it is possibly my favorite season of the year, and having it started makes me happy like a little girl in a jewelery shop. As this is my favorite season of the year, it comes with a wholllle lot of favorites.
*Favorite perfume:
for this season I love Escada Desire Me, because it's packaging is quite amazingly suited for fall with all the gold, and because the scent of it is so deep and reminiscent, to me, at least, of fall spices. It smells a little like baked goods, which are always reminiscent of fall to me. I just love it.
Another one that's rather better for a day time scent is my beloved Abercrombie Number 8 perfume. This scent is seriously an all year round for me, but since I bought it first when I went on a trip to visit my old school, which is in another country last fall, it reminds me of that time period so much that it just calls out "fall" for me. It smells woody, mysterious, and quite manly since I think it is unisex, but in a good way. I adore it, and it reminds me of such good times that it's all the better.

*Favorite band:
I cannot remember a time period in which I was so into one bands' songs as much as I was into Walk The Moon this month. I have literally played all their songs from their self titled album Walk The Moon on repeat this entire month, and no matter what mood I was in, mood for quite songs or happy songs or upbeat songs, they would always fit it even if they don't really fall into the category of songs I was in the mood for.

*Favorite song:

You guessed it! It's (no surprise there) by my favorite band of the month and it is called Jenny. I love that it has the slightest hint of sexuality without being obvious or offensive, and the beat of it is amazing and the feel of it. I just couldn't get enough of both acoustic version and regular studio recorded version of the song.
I love the acoustic version a lot, because they seem to be having so much fun playing it that you can't help but smile inside out. I just wish to go to their concert someday soon. I adore them.

*Favorite food:
Stuffed peppers. I adore stuffed peppers. Our cleaning lady taught it to my mom years and years ago, and still, I'm never tired of having more. It's very fall-y and winter-y, in my opinion, as well.
The recipe is:
You first cook the stuffing. Take a pan and prop some oil into it, then add a garlic and onion until they get a little bronzed or until they're clear. Add ground beef or turkey depends on which you like better. You can even make a mixture of both. You should keep stirring so that it doesn't clump into one clump. If you are vegetarian, you can definitely leave the meat out, and add mushrooms  or something to the stuffing (but in the end so they don't burn rather than when we add the meat, which takes more time to cook) instead. After adding the meat you should add ground carrots and finely chopped celery. Add rice and let it cook together for a minute or so, then add a small can of tomato paste or crushed tomatoes, depends on how you like it and some chopped parsley or cilantro if you like it. In our family, we hate cilantro, because it is sooo strong, but there are many that like it, so which ever one you like you should use. Then add water to cover up the rice in order for it to cook. If you chose the vegetarian version you might want to add the mushrooms here. This could even make for a great vegan dish if you leave out the meat. Don't leave the stuffing too long until the rice is soft, but only until the water evaporates or sinks into the rice, because it will go through another cooking, and we don't want it to be over cooked.
After the stuffing is all cooked and ready you should prepare a pot in which you put more parsley (or cilantro), garlic, and onion, and fry them a little until they're golden then add the peppers (already cut their tops off and empty the inside seeds and stuff, but keep the tops for later, stuff them with the stuffing and then put them in) and add water and tomato paste. Depending on how watery you like the sauce, you can add more water, or more paste. Cook it until the peppers are good and soft, and until the rice inside is finally fully cooked.

*Favorite mascara:
I finally got my hands on the Falsies mascara by Maybelline New York this month, and I have fallen in love with how big it makes my lashes look. I do use it only on rare occasions, because it is very dramatic, where as I love my makeup minimal, and my mascara brown rather than black, but I love the effect of it. It is a pain to wash off, but that's because I'm lazy and like washing my face, and having my mascara just glide off rather than using makeup wipes or make up removal serums and such. Really recommend it.

Hope you have a great week, and an even better fall/autumn season. Love you all. XOXO Roni J.
By the way, if you would like more recipes, just tell me, and I will be sure to write some more down. <3

Honeeeyyyy I'm Hommmmeee

Hello hello honey bees.
How are we today? Me? I'm amazing. The delegation was a lot of emotional ups and downs, but overall it was one of the best experiences of my life by far. It has been amazing getting to know some of the people better, and reconnecting with people I don't get to talk to on a day to day basis.
Bob, you know, the guy before the current one was there, too, and we really just had a blast together. Not in a romantic way at all. I'm done with him, but he was really taking care of me when I was crying, and he was really worried about me not eating enough, which is bull by the way, I might not look like it fortunately, but I eat more than him easily. He was like... Not to be weird and sick or anything, but he was like an attractive brother throughout this whole trip. He's attractive, but he was like a brother to me somewhat.
Just like in every past delegation I've been on this one came with a whole lot of crazy laughter. Sitting so many hours with so many good friends on a bus makes everything seem ridiculous and everybody's heads go mad. We spent hours playing games and laughing at people in their sleep.
Now that I'm back home, still missing my parents, because they are STILL exploring the world, I have to take care of myself, which quite frankly I hate, but if there's something, anything really, that I hate more, it's letting others take care of myself. Hence I sit in front of the computer in the most unhealthy way and munch on snacks instead of unloading my suitcase or cooking something healthy to eat. Way to goooo.

Here's an outfit of the day :) 
My John Lennon "Imagine" top is from Topshop a few years ago. I love it. Absolutely love it. It's like a band t-shirt, which I can never pull off, but better.
My shorts are from a local boutique, but they are just the regular high rise black shorts that aren't too fitted. I adore them for summer, spring, and autumn.
My earrings are from H&M and they came in a pack of four, and my necklace is probably my most worn evaaaa necklace, which is a gold bird necklace from Accessorize. I wore my ever comfortable black loafers.

Hope to write more interesting stuff tomorrow. XOXO Roni J.