Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Freedom Springs

Hey there pretty ladies!
How has your day been? Today is the first day of spring break for me, so it's been pretty amazing. Even though I had to still go to school which stinks as bad as a rotten fish, I woke up late, I had time to eat breakfast, which I never do, I had time to dress up and put on makeup as slow as I wanted to, I had time to watch some YouTube videos and to finish the last blog post. Over all this was a pretty nice beginning to this spring break :) I feel real real freedom.

Either way, I've got another outfit of the day for you guys!This one probably isn't to everyone's taste, and a little over the top and crazy even, but I enjoy it especially since it's so Comfortable and breezy. Today was simply a gorgeous day. The sun was out, it wasn't too hot, and there was a nice breeze.
So let's start with the shirt which is just a simple long sleeved shirt I think from old navy (which has the best basic shirt color range ever). I decided on gray to tone down the crazy pants and not be too dark with a black shirt.
The pants are my favorite transition pants. They are long so they are pretty warm, but they are so thin that they are breeze. I bought these from Zara last year for like... 15 dollars which is 11.5 euros, or 9.5 pounds (sorry I'm not changing it to every individual currency). It is bright, crazy, has an Aztec print, seriously now, what more can a girl like me ask for! Obviously they're not to everyone's taste, but hey so is this blog and me as a person. I don't freaking care.
The bag is the same mango bag I had in another outfit of the day. I love it as you can see.
Necklace and earrings I don't know where they're from, but they are both a couple of my most worn jewelery. I wear them all the time with all kinds of outfits.
Shoes are from Aldo, and they have been worn to death and beyond, but they're so comfortable and I love the cutouts on these that I probably won't stop wearing them no matter what.

May we all enjoy our free time even if our math teachers or other people try to take them away from us! For more days as bright and sunny as this! XOXO Roni J 

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