Friday, March 30, 2012

March Favorites

Hey there!
Well, today we're about to sum up the entire month of March! First, let's start by summing up the overall feelings and day to day life in March.
March has been an up and down month. With the entire "trying to move on" debacle there have been many days when I was down and gloomy, which is just an awful feeling, and a lot of days the sun was still hiding away, and in the beginning of the month it was dark and cold.
Yet, this month I have started this blog (YAY), I have gotten over Mr. Oh-So-Not-Right, I have gotten back on my feet slowly and gradually as the month went by, and the sun finally was out.
I hope this is more of a permanent happy period, because I don't like myself gloomy and sad and mad and... Well, wrong.
My month's favorite are:
FAVORITE THING: The sun. Point made.
FAVORITE SHOE: My Loafers, as I have said in my last post, they're just great transition shoes. They still keep me warm when it's windy out, but they are not as heavy as boots or more wintery shoes. More specifically my favorite shoes of the month are my brown Aldo loafers.
FAVORITE NAIL POLISH:  My favorite nail polish this month is definitely Barefoot In Blue by Essie. This nail polish isn't only simply a gorgeous springy shade, but it is also for a great cause. If you aren't familiar with the brand TOMS, it is a brand of shoes that donates a pair of shoes to barefooted children for every pair you buy off of them. Long story short, Essie teamed up with TOMS to raise awareness for the cause. I personally did not make it to get my hands on this shade, because I was not aware of this, but I think that both this and TOMS agenda in general just helps people in what might be hectic personal lives to help other people.

Since I did not manage to get my hands on this shade, and I adore it even without being related to the cause I searched for a dupe, and it looks like I have managed to find quite a similar one (the one I'm wearing on my nails in the last outfit of the day), which is Lapiz Of Luxury again by Essie, and I'm not sure if this was permanent collection or not, but I'll put a link to where I was trying to look for it right here, and if you like it, then maybe you can get your hands on it. From what I see on picture with the Barefoot In Blue it looks like they're exactly alike except for Barefoot In Blue maybe being a little bit darker. The formula is great as usual with the Essie nail polishes. It's an amazing color for spring without being too in your face.

FAVORITE BLOG: Is Chriselle's blog "The Chriselle Factor". She absolutely knows what she's talking about, she's not afraid of bright loud colors, and her blog is simply gorgeous and really informative. I love her both on youtube and as a blog writer!
FAVORITE T.V. SHOW: Lately I've been watching the last season of One Tree Hill, and I am SO sad it's about to be over. I have been a fan of OTH since I started watching the first season maybe two years ago, and just couldn't stop. When I saw that Chad and Hilary left I was pretty sad and took a break from the show and we went our different ways (sad sad), but I was bored one day and started watching the rest of the show and fell in love with it all over again. And now they're taking it away from me again :(. Watch it if you may, it's really really good and full of drama and action this season.
FAVORITE LIPSTICK: It's practically the only one I own, and it is So Chaud by MAC. I love the orange shade for spring and it suits so many skin tones. My skin tone is more of an olive skin tone and I know it suits lighter and darker girls as well. I love it! It's a little in your face, but you can tone it down by either blotting it, which makes you lips really dry, or by putting a little bit of a lip balm or Vaseline underneath, but then it loses it's matte finish, so see which one you like best: bright and matte, toned down and matter, or toned down and a little bit shiny.
FAVORITE SONG: My favorite song this month is probably any kind of feel good, light romantic song. You've already heard Olly Murs's "Please Don't Let Me Go", and "For You I Will" by Teddy Geiger, but there's another one you haven't heard from me quite yet, and it is the song "Stranger" by Chris August. Same breezy lovely feel to it that makes you smile, and wish this man was your man and that he'd sing that to you every morning when you wake up.
I have also gotten back into hearing Jason Mrazs' music. His new album is so sweet, and his music, as usual, is soothing and wonderful.
These men make me believe that there is still something good out there for all of us girls.
FAVORITE PERSON: This month my favorite person is Joey Graceffa on youtube. This guy is so funny and cute, and I just love watching his videos. He vlogs every day, so there's always new things to expect from him and he is simply enjoyable to watch. 
FAVORITE PIECE OF CLOTHING: My beloved, lovely, worn to death acid washed pair of jeans. You might have noticed that they have basically been in almost every outfit of the day I've done this month, so I guess you already know exactly what they look like. Hehe *getting a little pink around the cheeks*

That's it girls. Share with me YOUR favorites for this month with either putting a link to your blog below or by just commenting. I'd really love to hear from you. Don't forget to subscribe right there =>  somewhere. Hope we have a wonderful April, and that every day will bring a new adventure our way. Kisses! Roni J. 

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