Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fashion Tips For Shorties And Petites

Hello hello pretty girls.
Today is my second chapter in a little segment I will be doing in the near future, which I started with this post in case you need more information about it. This segment will talk about different body types and how to dress them in order to create a better looking figure. These tips are in no way obligatory, and if this might offend you under any circumstances you can just click it off or comment to suggest a better way to do it.
I am personally quite tall, but I find that my friends, most of which are short oddly enough, find it hard to dress their figure without making themselves look condensed. I mean they might be as skinny as a stick, but there are things that make them look even shorter, and even make them look fuller than they are.
Here are my basic few tips:
*If you are under the petite regulations (usually 1.60 meters tall or 5'3'' feet tall or under) it might be really good for you to shop at the petite section in stores. It basically means that you accept who you are, and it is designed for you. I mean some women who are pear shaped would die to have an pear shape section in their stores to help them shop for their figure, so why wouldn't you be happy about it and embrace it? It is made for your comfort and for your good. I know that many stores carry the same things in petite section as they carry in the regular section, but differ them slightly in order to make them fit petites better.

*Wear your body with pride! This goes for every girl, but especially the shorter ones among us. If you walk all bent over and hunched, you make yourself look even shorter than you are. Stride with pride, my friend. Help people see you the way you want to be seen.
*Wear skinny fit when you choose your pants/jeans. Skinny fit elongates your legs making you look longer over all.

*Wear cropped pants. Yet again these make your legs appear longer and help you look over all longer.

* Wear heels and platforms, because they, obviously, add more more height, but more specifically nude heels or platforms that are similar to your skin tone. That way they appear to be kind of a part of a longer looking leg. Same thing works with black tights and black heels or platforms, especially since black is a slimming color that would make your legs look infinite. For example take Rachel Bilson, who's one of my fashion icons. Look how much longer her legs look with the nude heels.

*Wear high waisted pants. They generally create the illusion of longer legs. That is as long as your torso is not really short, because that might make you look out of proportions.

Hope this helps <3 Write some comments for other ideas! XOXO Roni J.

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