Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watch It.

Hello there beautifuls! (?? That's not a word is it?)
Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all great. Either way, if you feel like sharing, please do.
It's weird how time passes. One minute I remember being in the first grade, the next minute I remember moving to a different school right before second grade, I remember finishing lower school, moving abroad, coming back, and things rolled so fast that suddenly, and it does feel like out of the blue, I'm about to go into my last year of high school.
It is so weird to think about it that way, but school, no matter that I moved a thousand times from school to school, school is school, and it has been in my life for almost two whole thirds of my life. Isn't that crazy?! And this is not what freaks me out the most. It does freak me out that time passed so fast, but far more creepy is the fact that I will soon have to leave this system (schools) that I have gotten so used to, that I've met so many different people through, that has been there for almost as long as I can remember myself.
Don't get me wrong, I am used to changes. I accept them in open arms for the most part, because they are, at least in my opinion, good for you. And yet, being out of school is scary as heck to me. I need a gradual change. And school was always quite the protective environment. The system you are so used to and the system that protect you from all harm is now kicking you in the behind out of its doors and you fall flat on your face hearing a big thud that kind of sounds like "BAMMMM LIFE".
Not that I am pessimistic. I actually do believe in my abilities. I believe I can get far. I believe I can make a change in the world, but first I will have to get used to the change in my world.
Time is weird. You can't feel it passing. After quite a chunk of it has passed, only then do you feel that it has taken its toll. I'll be happy to pay mine, but just, maybe, let me stop at a gas station to refresh myself. I know you don't usually stop, dear time, but maybe today is the day to start taking breaks.

Speaking of time I want to talk about my new obsession in fashion- watches.
I own three watches currently, all of which I love equally- to death.
First one is this golden Casio watch. I don't know much details about it, because it is pretty old, maybe like 5 years old even. I love it. It goes with any outfit as long as you're not wearing different toned accessories (if you mix gold and silver or something, it works). It is long lasting (five years I would think) and its battery doesn't go die after two days. I love it. It was handed down to me from my sister when she left to go abroad, so it reminds me of her as well.
Next one is an Urban Outfitters watch that my father got me after I've been Eying it for a really long time. It is so unique, having two faces rather than one. Plus it's analog, which I personally prefer over digital, because I think it is more classy, and it goes, yet again with almost every outfit, because mine has the brown leather strap and it has one white face and one black face, rather than the one in the picture in which both faces are white.
The last one I own is the Swatch watch from the Lady Collection. I own the first one from the right, which has a burgundy or berry color, that looks so good on my skin tone which is a little olive-y. It is a wrap around watch which makes it very fashionable, and the color selection is simply divine. My sister has the second one from the left, which is also very beautiful. I can't find myself saying that one of those colors isn't. Very summer pastels and neons, or a little more to the neutral zone like mine, the cream one, and the white one. Love these very much.
Prices are the highest for the Casio watch, and they differ in a lot of places. As far as I know the Swatch watches are second and they cost 50$, which is pretty good for a water proof (very summery) stylish watch. The Urban Outfitters as far as I know is the cheapest and it is 34$, but it does have real leather straps which I didn't like the idea of, but my dad didn't know, so if you are against it you should probably alter. If you have any watches that you've been eying that you like, please share them with me.
Love you very much. Hang in there it's almost weekend. Happy 4th of July for the Americans who read. XOXO Roni J.

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