Friday, April 27, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Hey girls,
don't get freaked out by the title this does not mean by any way that I'm ditching you, but I had  to talk to you about something that's been weighing me down.
I'm sure this probably happens to everybody and surely in a much worse way than it happened to me, but today I said a rough goodbye to someone. That someone is my dog. She lives with my aunt and uncle, so I won't see her again before they put her down tomorrow. She is a beautiful dog, smart, kind and innocent, and she is so human; more human than a lot of other people I know. We named her Joy when we first got her, and the truth is she really did bring us all joy.
Lately, though, she hasn't been feeling too good, she was weak and old, and she was diagnosed with a tumor. She is not as full of joy as she once were. She can barely get up or wiggle that cute little tail of hers. I knew I had to see her before she was put down, and hence I went over and sat down with her for a while, hugged her, tried to ease her pain as much as I could, but I realized I have no healing powers in my hands, and after an hour or so I left her.
I thought that saying goodbye to her would be better than what had happened to me the last time I lost someone that was close to my heart. She was my nanny when I was just a tiny little thing, and she had diabetes for a long time before she had passed, but I didn't want to see her hurting so bad I guess, and so I put off seeing her for a long time, and then she passed away, and I was so full of shame and regret that I still haven't gotten over the fact that I should have at least paid her the respect she deserved and come and visit her.
My rule to myself in life is to never do something that I know I will not be proud of, and when I do something that I'm not entirely proud
of, to not regret it and look on the bright side of doing it.    "You're gonna have to leave me now, I
This was the first time I actually really regretted                  know. I'll see you in the sky above, in
something that I've done, or rather haven't done,                  in the tall grass, in the ones I love.You're
and couldn't look past the guilt to the bright side of it.         gonna make me lonesome when you go"
When I went to see Joy, my nanny's funeral kept popping
into my head and I thought that this was the right thing to do, but it didn't hurt any less. I didn't feel guilty, but I saw her in her misery and all I could wish was that there truly is a heaven, and that she gets to be the first in line to go through the gates of it.
I'm sorry for the rather sad post. I just really had to share you know?
On a brighter note...

Here's an outfit of the day from a while back.
The polka dotted cropped top is vintage from my mother's closet. The black high waisted jeggings I think were from Urban Outfitters, but I was gifted them so I don't know. The necklace again is from Michal Negrin. If you want the link to her site, I posted it a while ago so look in previous posts. The earrings are from H&M last year, and the shoes I wore are my Aldo black sandals that have been in basically every post.
Take care! Roni J.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Too Little, Too Late

This week is crazy intense, but i don't want that to harm our beautiful relationship that we've developed here. I went shopping with my mother today, so a haul should be up pretty soon. My life is really quite boring since I decided upon moving on and not looking back. That doesn't mean I regret doing so, because for now I really need my focus to be on school work and studies rather than on a stupid guy that only hurts me (true about most of the time), but still I wish some excitement came my way, because these days feel quite empty right now. I wake up, go to school, come home, maybe do something small, finish school work or study for a test and then go through the process of getting ready to sleep, and, on a good day, falling asleep fast.
I have these weird periods of time when I don't sleep all too well or all too much, and then I have these weird, crazy, freaky, and really creepy dreams. All sorts of dreams like walking with my friends in a field and reaching a house with a lawn and then the house suddenly explodes and all sorts of things like that that I really have no idea where they come from.
I went to a friend's birthday party today, and it was a lot of fun. We, 15 friends or so, sat at a restaurant for dinner and chatted and stuff. I really like those evenings when it's not so boring. I like having social life I guess. Sounds like I'm human. Oh darn.
I talked to my beloved guitar teacher about getting back into the guitar playing thing. I haven't had the time this year to really play around with it, but I hope that I can go back to it during the summer. My guitar teacher is the nicest, sweetest, most intelligent man I have ever come to meet. He's quite old and I honestly feel like he's my grandfather. My life has been full of adopted grandparents since all of my grandparent died well before I was born. I can honestly say I feel them being there for me and helping me in my everyday life, but sometimes I do miss that role in my life, and my guitar teacher does that very well for me. He teaches me far beyond the music and into all the arts and the important facts of life. Recently he has lost his wife and while she was sick he couldn't really give me any lessons, and then I got busy and our connection got a little lost from there on out, but I do need him in my life.
The loss of my first nanny this year and the upcoming loss of my beloved dog, as weird as that may sound, shook me a little bit to remind me how much I don't want to miss out on the people I love most in life. I'd never lost someone close to my heart up until this year when my first nanny died. She was very close to our family and has been battling with diabetes and all of its outcomes for years now, but, since I'd never lost anybody that close to me beforehand, I took her existence on this earth and by my side for granted. A week or two before she passed both my sister and my mother went to visit her not knowing that the end is this close, and I didn't come. Looking back, during her funeral, I realized how sorry I am that I had missed out on having a last day with her before she was gone from my eyes forever. It struck me really hard that people are temporary, and that every moment spent with someone you love should really be treasured.
 My dog has been diagnosed with some kind of cancer, and to some people that might sound stupid and cliche, but the truth is she is as human to me as many other people around me aren't. She is so good to people, so kind, and so intelligent, loving and caring. I know that once she's gone it will be another hard loss on me because I've had her now for about 11 years, and she's so dear and close to my heart that I really can't let that go.

I hope that my guitar teacher's life is as long as possible, but I know that, after he has lost his wife, that wish is very selfish. He loved her very much, so I imagine that life without her is really hard on him, but I want him to be there for me forever, because he has taught me so much and been there for me through my toughest years when I was rejected by so called friends and humiliated a lot.
The losses that I've both experienced and will experience soon, I guess, have both made me come to the conclusion that I should spend more time with him, get back to playing, get back to learning music and all other things from this amazing man before it's too late.
Don't do things you know you will regret doing and don't miss out on people you know you won't regret meeting. 

Here for another outfit of the day :D Cheers! 
My cardigan is from Forever 21 and it is striped black and gray. The lacy tank top is from Aerie. I love lingerie tops (as long as they don't expose any unnecessary parts of your body. They are lacy and feminine and a good quality. Rings as usual. The necklace is from a local store. Hit up the comment section if you want a more detailed answer. The jeans are my Lee Cooper, high rise, light blue washed jeans.
That's basically all.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gone With The Math Wind

As the title claims, I am here for now. The next few weeks until the very end of the school year are going to be a hurricane, so please don't be disappointed if there's a week with only one post coming up or even less, and especially not the more decorated put together posts, because I have so many tests that my mind's burning up.
This week I have chem test and two math tests that I really am trying not to be too stressed about, because frankly that's what screws me up and makes me fail miserably (not that I actually fail, but I've been getting bad scores because of stressing myself out), so, you girls, wish me luck, please!
How have you been? To my sad impression you don't really like leaving comments which I would love to get. Don't worry about being good at English or whatever, because that, honestly, doesn't matter to me at all.
I am taking pictures of outfit of the days all the time for you, though not really able to take the time and do a real post to my awful dismay.
Other than that things haven't really changed, gone wrong, or gone fabulous. I don't have any boy drama, thank whatever higher force you believe in if you do. School is a little stressful, but I mean it could be because I just had a really long spring break, and I'm just not used to working my bum off. Yet. My family is great actually. Dad decided to stop smoking, which in my opinion is a great thing that will be healthy for us as a family and individually, and especially good for him. I am very proud of that life choice he has taken. My friends and I all made up (the ones I had fights with), and I really am just happy with my place in the food chain right now. I feel almost like a T-Rex, a super omnivore. I am honestly trying my best at not letting things get to me.
I am optimistic, very, which is a good thing for me to be at this point. I mean usually towards the end of the school year I am powerless, but this year I'm charging up to go at it full force.
Now here are three outfits from these past not so few days:
The first outfit was worn on an extremely humid day, and therefore I didn't wear any jewelery, but I did go to see 21 Jump Street, which was HILARIOUS, so try to go out and see it. An added plus is that Channing Tatum is extremely attractive, and I'm shallow like that. Hence the sweater in case I get cold in the theater, and I always get cold in the theater. The cardigan is from Zara and it has been featured more time than the dear beloved queen waves her hand in one day. The T-shirt is just an old T-shirt of my sister's that has a yellow cab on it and, I really like it. The shoes I was wearing are my Aldo black sandals that cannot be replaced in my heart, as far as my eyes have seen up until now.

This next outfit was worn on a day home when I didn't feel like putting too much effort into. I wore my mom's mint tank top with lace trimming at the neck that I steal all the time. Again I didn't wear any jewelery just because I was really lazy and was just solving math tests for nobody to hear or see. The shorts are from last summer's Urban Outfitter's collection. They're dotted all over, high waisted and have scalloped edges. The little short-sleeved cardigan is from Topshop, and I don't love it, but still I needed color. I didn't really wear shoes, because my feet love their freedom when possible.

The last outfit for today is an outfit I wore to school, and it has an autumn-ish vibe to it, but really it felt a lot like a fall day that day. I centered it around the necklace that I bought in a local boutique (for more information about the boutiques I shop at send me a comment so that I can answer you later more privately). I wore a plain gray T-shirt from Old Navy, which I always buy my basic T's from, with some high waisted denim shorts, again from a local store. Under the shorts I wore black tights and I paired them up with my shoes from Urban Outfitters that I saw Ivy from 90210 wearing in the last episode I think that came out, or the one before, and got really stupidly fan girly excited about it. That girl is a style icon for me, although I would never be able to imitate her. Other than that I wore all my regular rings and my lucky bracelet my dad bought me.
Anyways I really am desperate for your replies and thoughts and so on so please comment. Remember that "wherever I go, each moment away, I'm missing you more than I can say" as the lovely Karima Francis says in her addictive song "Wherever I Go". Have an awesome week! XOXO Roni J.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Beginnings

Hello girls.
I know how it's not really the beginning of spring anymore, nor is it new year's for any religion that I know of, but I am going back to school in about two days, and I need something fresh to hold me through the exams and the stress. I cleaned things out with my guy friend G. with whom I had a fight yesterday. To be quite honest I was surprised that he was the first one to approach the other and ask to forget things, but he was for forgetting and not getting into it, which I guess is okay for getting to be exactly the way things were before, but it doesn't really solve any problem we had between us, which is exactly what I wanted to realize during the fight. He's just covering everything up so that on the surface it looks alright, but does it actually make things better? I think not. I'm just glad we're not falling apart, to be frank, because he IS really important to me, but I don't like leaving things undone.
Another thing I need a fresh start with is GUYS. I know we probably went about this thirty seven time, or at least the amount of blog posts I've posted up until now, but today I realized that I am still in love with a guy I fell in love with over 4 years ago, and that is plain ridicules. He was an amazing guy and I have no regrets for falling for him or anything, if anything, he's probably the best guy I have ever had feelings for, or at least was the best guy at the time. He lives very far away, in my old town, nothing happened between us, and in October I went there for the first time in two years. I knew this from the start that it will hurt, and I think a part of me wanted to go, because he is my first love, and I wanted to feel that pain again. The thing with me is that I never fully get over a guy. I fall in love with others. I don't think about him as much, but once in a while I get caught up with the memories of him. It's a good thing that I don't see him as much anymore, and that I will probably never see him again, because seeing him really hurt me and raised questions that I don't know how to answer. On the other hand, as I've said already, I hate leaving things undone, unfixed, unsolved. I need that closure, and I will never get it because there was never really something there.
This memory of him keeps running through my mind today and I really need to let it out somehow, because otherwise it might drive me insane, and the thing is that I really don't feel comfortable bothering my friends with telling them this, because I don't think they would understand, and I really don't want them to know, how much of a hopeless romantic I am. On the outside, in order to not get hurt I just build myself up to look bulletproof. The truth is that I've just been punctured pretty thoroughly with so many bullets that there's really not much more to hit and there for the bullets keep missing, if that makes any sense.
The memory I have of that boy, A., is us waiting out by the school to get picked up. Now, this was a private school so the entire grade knows each other, it's not massive. There was a little square where the parking lot is where there's a flagpole, benches, grass and stuff. I remember it being a really cold day, and it was us and a few more people waiting. I am not much of an expressive lover, again probably because of my defenses, so I wasn't much of a boy-hugger at the time, just like today I'm not much of a kisser, it just makes me feel a little awkward, and it was a really big deal for me at the time. I remember that although it was cold, I was wearing something pretty short. I remember it probably being on of the two happiest days of my life in the romance department, and you can see how dull and stupid they are. The simple feeling of being hugged from behind by this boy I think I'm in love with. I was so young I don't even know if I could have perceived how much I felt for him for being so far away from getting him. The two things I remember him saying during that whole situation is something along the lines of "you project warmth" and something along the lines of "my mother might see this and think the wrong things". How the flipping duck did this make me happy, how messed up and blind does a girl have to be to no even think of the words he's saying that are either as deep as the little pee ponds they have for toddlers as a pool, or completely and utterly insulting. I say a lot. Either it was plain stupidity or real love, but me being all full of ego, I'd rather think that I'm an intellectual.
I just need desperately to be rid of my feelings for him, because if it's the casual status update of his Facebook, the fact that his current girlfriend is one of my best friends, or the sincere fact that when I was there he didn't even bother with saying hello to me, or hugging me goodbye, because I will probably never see him again, for that matter, which stung like my lungs were punctured, it just all hurts far too much. There is an endless number of possibilities that are so near, and much more attainable, so why keep dishing on the past?
Onto the more fashion-beauty related part of the post. I recently got a gift from my mom for spring to be able to pick whatever I want at the drugstore for a certain amount of money, and I wanted to haul it.

The two items are by the same brand called Jadé from France I'm almost certain, which is rather inexpensive and really great quality, and therefore I am kind of surprised that it's not covered anywhere, and that I haven't heard of it from another beauty blogger or Youtuber, ever. These are not the first items I've purchased from this brand, and thus far I really love all their products, so check it out if you will. The first item is a lipstick shade in Marigold or 457 which is a beautiful bright coral-ly color for spring. It's kind of similar to my So Chaud lipstick from MAC, but it is more pink toned than the true tangerine color of So Chaud, and I absolutely love it.  The packaging is pretty dandy and expensive looking.
The second thing I got is a nail polish by them. It's shade's name is Award Blue and its number is 393, and it is just the most beautiful shade of electric cobalt blue with really fine shimmer on it. I love nail polishes like that for the summer because even if they're not the brightest or most summery shades I love it when they glitter in the sun. It's just so beautiful. These are the pictures of it in the bottle, and swatched on my nails. I couldn't find ANY information about the brand online, which seems extremely odd to me so I'll do some more research for you, and come back with options of where you can buy it in popular drugstores, and maybe where you can hear some more about it. Love you Fashionistas! Goodnight, XOXO, Roni J.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well, I Have A Lot On My Heart

Dear, dear Fashionistas,
How've you been? I, well, I have been all over the place.
I don't know, maybe it's because it's "the moon's cycle", if you know what I mean, and I haven't actually been depressed or sad or anything, but I did have temper issues. I still had some really fun moments, but some people were just driving me insane. 
First I will start by talking about my best friend. We're literally like sisters, but we live far away from each other, so we rarely ever get to see each other, so our main way of communicating is through Facebook and other technologies of that sort. Let's just call her A. for short. I love her. I really do. She is an amazing person and she's so talented, but sometimes she just feel a little full of herself. She has this girl with whom she has been fighting with because she was jealous of A., and this other girl sounds, since I don't know her, less than friendly. A. tried talking over things with the girl she's been fighting with, E., which I appreciate greatly, and apparently it went great, but then she goes telling me that she doesn't get what E.'s boyfriend's doing with E. Seriously? Aren't you trying to mend things? Why screw this up? Just because you're stinking jealous? Therefore I tried talking her out of thinking so highly about herself over this E. girl, and I was like: "well, darling, do you think maybe the jealousy is mutual?", and she goes like "I don't posses jealousy". Who doesn't posses jealousy? I mean it's so human to be jealous, and although it might count as a sin in some religions or cultures, it is so freaking natural to be envious of someone, you know? I love her. I do, but sometimes she can't take criticism and admit to being speckled with flaws like all of us humans, and it bothers me, because I was raised to be selfless and humble.
Next vent is about how I went to this club yesterday, and obviously, since it is me, I wasn't drinking and I was really just looking forward to hanging out with the girls and dance and stuff, and then I forgot my I.D. Now, they have lots of publicists our age, and a few of them are friends of mine, so usually what happens if you forget your I.D. is that you talk to one of the publicists that know you're the right age, and they let you in, since they don't sell alcohol anyways. The only reason they do this anyways is so that young girls don't go mingling with really much older guys, and there aren't really much older guys there anyways, plus I am pretty darn tall, and I don't look like a middle school girl, thank God, so why won't you let me in like you usually do in those cases? But NO, they had to be stinky butts about it and take a whole lot of time away from my showing off my dance skills to the public for so stinking much money, only to find half an hour later, after standing in the cold in a skirt and a short sleeved top, that an older friend of mine who's 19 said that I AM the age of the rest of my friends that DID bring a stinking I.D. What the stinking crap?!
And last but not least, actually probably the most, is my semi-best guy friend we'll call G. Anyways, he has been inviting me and the rest of my girlfriends to hang out with the rest of his group of guys many times during the break. I am completely honest when I say this that this break all I wanted is to really TAKE A BREAK, and this, unfortunately for the way things turned out, includes a break from him. I love him, yet again, I really do. As I have said in previous blog posts I am much like a bird and I cannot be feeling like I am tied down or being held onto too tightly. I guess this is also my fault, but he was giving me a lecture about how he thinks that we, us girls, are avoiding them or whatever, and that we never go out with them anymore, and that we only go out to places where 12th graders are at, which is bull. He basically said that I was lying, and that "I just feel like hanging by myself at home" sounds like a lame excuse or whatever. I'm like a bird you guys, and this bird was feeling captured, and forced to be trained to behave the way he'd like me to, which are two of the most annoying things to me in humans. The sense that I would like to be domesticated by him, and bound by his rules of what I should be like sickens me, in fact. So I tried to explain to him that he's treating us girls like a herd of sheep when he says that we "all never show up", and that we "all have stupid excuses all the time", and that he has to "chase" us all the time. Seriously, what am I? My answer is a bird, and you're cutting off my feathers, and making my shine wear down. So at first I told him calmly "hey, listen, each one has her own reasons. I'm not like any of them and neither one of them is alike. Some of these excuses might be hiding some real problems, but he can't just talk to me and expect us all, as a herd, to now be obliged to say yes to every outing. Then, I got really flipping mad, because he was so in the idea he is right, that he wouldn't sharking listen to what I had to say, so, in order to not get hurt, I just went like "whatever man I was trying to help". This is what ticked me off the most, you know? I was really trying to help him.
Over all and on a much lighter note I did have a good week. I got to go cycling, and, even though I fell flat on my face, since we don't have cycling around here because it's so hilly, I really enjoyed being able to do it. I also visited a really good new friend of mine that lives far away, spend the night there, and have a girly night of talking and giggling and stuff.
Yesterday at the club was really nice, too. We went there a bunch of girls and just danced and didn't have a care in the world. It was also a confidence booster, because a lot of guys asked me to dance with them, and although I said no to most, because I was just looking for a drama-less night, it was nice to feel attractive, even if even the most unattractive girls got asked as much as I did and even more times or whatever. I also got to see many friends that have graduated or that I haven't seen in a long time, and it was really nice.
I fixed things with A., because I do care about her a lot, and I wouldn't like us fighting over stupid girls who make her angry, and surely not to become a stupid girl who makes her angry. As I've said the night at the club was pretty darn great after all, and with G., well, I'll just see where this goes, but since it's fairly fresh right now, I wouldn't want to speak out of anger you know?
So here are the outfits of this week that I haven't shown you:

This one's from when we shot a documentary for film studies: 
 I wore this dress from Zara, I'm pretty sure, that's in between a maxi and a midi which is good for spring when it's still a little cool outside. It's really body con and form fitting, so, if you're feeling insecure about your small booty or too big of a booty, then you probably shouldn't wear it, but I don't care my bum is really big and my boobs are not as big as they should be on a girl as tall as I am, but I don't give a crap, and essentially I got many compliments on it.
It did get pretty darn called so I took my black oversized sweater in case it gets cold outside.
I took a small handbag my mom and dad got me when they were in London, which is awesome of them.
I also wore my American Eagle sandals that have sneak print and olive green and black straps to them, to keep it looking a little more summery, and my only other accessory, accept for the bag, was my hombre colored sunglasses that I got when I visited my old town, a while ago, October maybe, for free, which was awesome.
To give the outfit a little color, I wore a new lipstick my mother got me for spring, which I'll review soon, that is a really nice coral color. By the way, sorry for my hand looking all bashed, but I fell off a bike, so I think you'll forgive me. 

The next is what I wore to the club yesterday:
 I wore no accessories at all, accept for my rings, because when I'm dancing I don't like being bothers about any accessories falling off and stuff.
I wore my tribal print shirt from Urban Outfitters that I absolutely adore since it's so light breezy, so it's not hot to dance with it, there's barely any sweat, but it does slide off the shoulders really easily, which bothers me.
I wore it with a skirt that's bright tangerine orange, a color that's really in this season, from Topshop. It's mini length on me, because I have extra long legs, but on other people it would probably be midi, I think. It's pleated, which I love because it looks great whilst dancing. I wore it with a belt that I make from a not-used-for-shoes-yet-shoelace, which makes it look like a bow, and me look like a little wrapped present. I didn't take a photo of the shoes I wore, but they're the shoes I was wearing today.

Speaking about today:

Today I was just going for a session of tutoring so I wore this:
So the shoes I wore, both today and yesterday night were these Aldo black sandals that I wear to death and beyond and are falling apart.
The shirt is from Zara, pants are from a local boutique, but I saw something really similar in Zara as well. The bag is from Urban Outfitters, and I wore it with the back straps, but it can also be worn as a cross body satchel, or just straight up on one shoulder.

That's it darlings, sorry it is indeed so long, but I've skipped a few days and had a lot to say. I have been introduced to this next song by my love to Sia, which I've been listening to for almost two years now, I think. It's really not my usual taste of music, but it's lyrics and Sia's voice are both just amazing. If you do know this song, but haven't checked Sia out yet, then this is another song by her that I love.
XOXO Roni J.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Familiar Things

Hello girls.
Today I'll speak about something I have found to be the most important thing. I think I have already mentioned in another blog post about the famous saying by Jean-Paul Sarte: "L'enfer, c'est les autres". If you aren't a French speaker, just like me by the way, so in simple English this basically means "hell is other people", which in my opinion is true. What would be hell for us? Death, the unknown, darkness, and other people symbolize that. We have control on almost everything in our surroundings, objects, animals, plants, but the two only things we don't have control over yet are earth and other people, which terrifies us.
On the other hand, I also believe that the opposite is true. Heaven is other people, too. We can never really be happy without other humans. Our unpredictability is one of the only things that keep this world an interesting place, one of the only things that makes us appreciate life, one of the only things that can actually put a smile on our face. Happiness is our heaven, isn't it?
Sometimes these people are friends. Sometimes it's a love interest. Sometimes they're our kids. Sometimes they're our parents or siblings, sometimes other family members, teachers, role models. These people are what brightens our days, what makes us smile, what makes us forget about those whose unpredictability causes us pain and suffering. Heaven and hell are other people.
My little piece of heaven has always been my family. They're a little bit nuts, a little bit insane, maybe even a little bit annoying, many, many times. Yet, these people love me unconditionally, they make me laugh, they make me truly happy, and they drive away almost any fear, almost every threat.
It's a shame that sometimes it takes us being away from something to really understand its meaning in our lives, but once we do it's so very beautiful. It took me being two years away from my family, continents and continents apart to make me realize how much I need them, and how much they need me. I am thankful for this every day and every night, every season that comes and goes, because most teenagers around me just don't know that their family is true gold. These things make me want to smack people across the face. They make me want to shake them until their eyes open, and I'm not speaking about families necessarily.
Your Friends can be your heaven, your love, your teacher, any person you meet in life really, but I beg you, on my knees, please, please, be grateful for them. There can be fights and pain and ache, because they are also our hell, but they can also make us so very happy if we only embrace them.
Anyways, after all this emotional little thing up there, I actually started talking about this because today, well, today heaven was other people.
We had a big family and friends dinner today, and I got reminded of how much I am grateful to be where I am with the people I am with.

Hope you all find or already have found your heaven, and I hope you feel it everyday. Here's the outfit I wore today. XOXO Roni J. 
I decided to go for a little colorblocking today.
I went for a shirt with a nice cutout at the back that covers up the back of the bra so it's not a big deal, and I also think it's a great way to be sexy without showing too much cleavage. It shows off skin, but it's not too outrageous.
The pants are also from a local boutique, but with all the colored pants being out lately I'm sure you can find something similar. The belt is from Ebay I'm pretty sure, and the necklace is from accessorize.
The flowers' ring is by Michal Negrin, and I love her jewelry this is her website. Although some or her pieces are plain CRAZY, I do love her more simple things.
The earrings are from my parents' trip to Iceland, and I think they're made out of Basalt, which is a rock formed by volcanic eruptions, which is awesome, in my opinion.
The sandals, yet again, are by Minnetonka, which is a native American brand, and I love these and have been wearing them to death and beyond four or three summers already, I think.
Sorry for the stains on my shirt by the way. I put perfume right before taking pictures. SMART.
Love you all and hope you find your heaven and have someone's arms be your home, and on that note (cheesy pun) today's song is:

Self Explenatory

So if you ever wonder where I was in the past few days, I shall tell you now.
I was right here all along. The truth is I was just struggling with the internet connection and we had to bring the internet person over to fix it, and I just couldn't write anything during that time, but I did take pictures of outfit of the days for you and they will be here today :D.
I hope you enjoy the outfits of the days I am posting right here and have a great weekend <3 XOXO Roni J.
This first outfit's picture was taken in a hurry before I had to go to school, so there's only one picture.
The shirt is from Zara I'm almost certain, the shorts are from Urban Outfitters on sale and they have a scalloped edge and dots all over them, and I love them so freaking much! The necklace is from a local store, and that's basically it. I didn't show the shoes I was wearing because they were just Havaianas flip flops. I felt like keeping it really summery and simple.

  This outfit, in contrary to the previous one is more put together and thought through. I also managed to take more pictures of it.
The shirt is a colorblocking shirt from last year's collection from Zara. I love it because it is so on trend and the colors are just so complimentary on most skin tones and they remind me of a summer sunset, which I love.
The pants are chinos that are also from Zara. I love their color. I think it's so versatile and they are just so amazingly comfortable that it's lovely.
The shoes are sandals I got as a gift from a friend, but they are from last summer's American Eagle's collection. They snake print (fake of course) exactly on trend this year, and they are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly comfortable.
The earrings are again Freedom by Topshop.
The rings are the same rings as ALWAYS.
The necklace is the regular bird necklace that my sister got me from Accessorize for my birthday. The belt I think is from Ebay or something like that, it's just a skinny brown belt.

Today's song is Long Distance by Bruno Mars. I don't know what this has to do with anything, but I've been loving it so much and humming it everywhere I've been going. It makes me sadly happy, if that makes any sense.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Jewelry Organization.

Hello there girlies,
I'm so sorry I have been absent, and hopefully soon there will be a post explaining exactly why.
See, now that I'm on spring break, I have a lot of time in my hands (So does my mother who's been nagging me to clean and declutter my room), and I also have that need to have everything before my eyes so that I can get a better perspective of things before going back to the messy day to day life.
I think it's quite a good thing to do for yourself. Sometimes, and I know this, trust me, especially when we're down, all we want is to throw things around and make a huge clutter. I have had a few days like this as of last month, and after the big clutter, like a big cloud during the winter, or maybe more like fog, you really need to clear the air to get a better, sunnier even, view. I am THE messiest person I know by far. I have gotten better in the past year since I redid my room so it's less disorganize-able, but still I have my not so shiny days where my room looks like a caveman's cave.
This is why I will have maybe kind of a series of spring cleaning areas of life in the next week or so to show you kind of what you can do to help declutter your room and your life.
Here's how I did my jewelry, some of it still has no room out in the air and is still in boxes (And in my sister's room >:O Just kidding I love her.... Sometimes), so I still have some work to do but it's nice that I have so of it done.
These are my long statement necklaces->
I just hung them on a double hook I have in my room that was originally for hanging coats, but since it's so warm here, and since my coats are so light and fit into my wardrobe easily I decided I'll get better use out of them by hanging my longer necklaces that don't fit in the stand I'm about to show you soon onto the double hook in order to save it from an empty, and or completely messy life, as it was up until now. I hung them by length and if two necklaces were the same length I put one on the top hook of the double hook, so that it hangs in a different length so that I can see them all. As you can probably see, some of the necklaces I wear in OOTD's are missing, but that's either because they're in my sister's room, or they are actually my sister's. I love what it looks like especially when the floral pixilights you can see on the right are lit and it. So magical and princess-like and glamorous.

 Next you can see two more things I used to organize My jewelry. One is a dress form, and one is just a jewelry organizer (Surprise surprise!). The jewelry organizer hold short necklaces, earrings and rings, but unfortunately, one of the things I still don't have any room for is my hair stuff such as cute hair grips and clips, and my dear darling cuffs, bangles and bracelets. Also Since I don't have enough room for all of my earrings (My favorite to play with, hence the amount, I don't have many rings, and I mostly wear the only three you already know almost every day) I had to use that tiny dress form for my dangley earrings, which I wear less than my studs, to fit those onto, and if you can see I have two pairs around the curly edges of the top of the jewelry holder. By the way, the jewelry holder is from accessorize that my sister got me for my birthday (You see what I mean by I love her sometimes?).

 Here's where the necklaces hang more closely. These are my more dressy, special occassions necklaces, as well as the sunglasses charm from a necklace I have to fix, but basically most of them are dainty little necklaces, or simple chains that I like to layer with sometimes. I love it,but it's not tall enough and most of my necklaces don't fit into it lengthwise, since I have a really long neck and the necklaces that fit you best are the ones that hangs down at you chest from the base of your neck to the same length you neck is (Is that clear? If not I will make a blog post about this and other things, so leave a comment below), so that they elongate your neck or emphasize its length.

 This is where almost all of my studs are at. I tried to organize it as best as I could in order for me to find exactly what I want each time, because I love changing the earring I wear, mostly studs as you can see, and put them on.
I basically made the entire first row my flower studs row. I love flower earrings especially for summer and spring, and even more so when they are small and classy. The second row is dedicated mostly to my small to medium earrings that are round, but there's also the white and teal pair that wouldn't fit in any other row and fit with the rest of the teal or turquoise earrings in that row quite nicely.
The last row is dedicated to two things. In the beginning of the row it is more of the bigger though dainty silver or gold earrings, and in the end of it to my really big studs, which a pair of the two is being worn at the moment and therefore not displayed. Another problem with this jewelry holder is that the holes to put the studs in are not set far enough apart (Guessing they were made for dangley earrings) so some of the earrings are stacked upon one another which looks cluttered and I don't like that at all, but what you gonna do, you know?
 Here's the dress form that  holds my more dangley earrings I own, but I have no idea where it's from since it was a gift, and I can assure you that you can find a better looking and a sturdier dress form for you jewelry on PBteens or something, because this one is falling apart and falls at the touch of a needle. I honestly love PBteens, it's the inspiration to my room's design and they have the cutest things ever.
Anyways girlies, I am going to sleep, because I am EXHAUSTED to say the least. Don't forget to defog, decloud, and declutter your life. XOXO Roni J.
Now here's my favorite female artist of all times. Have a great weekend you all!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oblividious Part 2

Hello there pretty girl!
How's your weekend starting? Mine started literally like a dream. I woke up soooo late today that it was just so recharging and nice. Anyways I thought you guys might like to hear about my favorite makeup and beauty gurus on YouTube just like I did the one for the fashion and style gurus. I hope you like it!
This time I'm not going to grade them for the simple fact that it's just really complicated.
So here are the beauty gurus of choice:
1. The lovely, the beautiful, Allthatglitters21, Elle Fowler. I love her videos. She's so so sweet and her taste in books (yes, books) is simply divine! Most likely that if you're interested in the YouTube beauty community you already know Elle, but still. She also has a vloging channel called EllesGlitterGossip that I also love.
2.  Essiebutton's sweet Estee. This girl is the funniest thing I have ever seen and she always brightens my days with her cute make up videos and her lovely mailman updates (??). She is gorgeous as well as hilarious! Very much recommended!  Isn't she just so darn cute?

3. The third beauty guru that I love is Fleur from fleurdeforce and fleurdevlog. She is simply the sweetest girl. She is so genuine and honest, and she does her best to upload as much as she can, and every one of her beauty videos and vlogs are just adorable. She is GORGEOUS!
4. Next is Elle's just as good looking sister, Blair or Juicystar07 and otherjuicystar07 on YouTube. She's sweet and might be a little in you face, but I think she's just fun to watch and she makes me giggle, and that's what really matters in life right? Doesn't the scenery of the picture look familiar from anywhere *cough*look*cough*up*cough*.
5. Next up is the FABULOSA Kandee Johnson. She is sooooo cute and inspiring and strong, and I simply love her videos (especially the Halloween tutorials! They're so so GOOD). Her screen name or YouTube channel is very conveniently called KandeeJohnson, so that is a plus side (? What the heavy gravy am I talking about??).
6.  The most adorable, sweet, cute girl out of them all (no offense to all the other fabulous ladies here) is Kayle from Letsmakeitup1. Not only is she really the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life, but her hair tutorials are to die for, really professional and well explained. I wish I could style my hair like she can, but even though I can't it's just fun to make believe.
7. Another very sweet girl is Macbarbie07's Bethany. To be honest I haven't been subscribed to her for long, but from what I have already seen I really really do like her. She's sweet and creative, and that's always nice, right?
8. Now here's another girl I haven't been subscribed to for long, but she's so sweet. She answers as many comments as possible and really does know her stuff. She knows litterally everything about makeup: finishes, colors, brands. She's crazy and funny and she's Rachel from Makeupneversleeps.
9. Next is the ever so lovely Michelle Phan who is also very conveniently called MichellePhan on YouTube which is just lovely. Her DIY's are simply phenomenal, her makeup looks sweet and young, and her song choices are spectacular. Love this girl!
10. The lovely, sweet, adorable, and sweet (again) Missglamorazzi   and the Thegridmonster, dear dear Ingrid. I have no words to describe this girl. She can just brighten my day any day.
11. The next girl is MissJenFABULOUS's Jen. Not only is her name FABULOUS, but so is she. Punny. Get it?!.... Never mind. Her blog I think is called Polish and Pearls or something and it is FABULOUS as well.

12. Don't quit on me quite yet my dear dear Fashionistas. NikkiPhillipi's next and this girl is worth watching. Her ask Nikki segment is so good. This girl really has some values, which are so very important even if not agreed upon, and I personally agree with hers so she is just lovely and so entertaining.
13. Pixi2woo's Tanya is just a sweet English girl. I love her tutorials. They are so wearable and pretty and I'm just jealous of her look.
14. Fourteen is a 2 in one package deal. Nick and Sam from Pixiwoo are sisters that are both makeup artists. Their tutorials are so professional and I simply adore their crazy makeup looks that they some times do on the spot. They look so editorial and simply, well, as I've said before, professional.
15. Dear mother of pearl we've come to the final guru. I am so running out of ways to describe these girls and they deserve so much more to be said about them, but I just.... I haven't enough words. The next girl is dear dear Anna from Thestylediet, that I have recently become addicted to. She's just so sweet and genuine and I totally adore her. She's a role model for me.
I hope that this was informative and helpful to all of you girlies, and I am so sorry this is so long, but this is practically like watching T.V. for me. I love all of these girls, and all of you of course!
Have a great week! Hope  this wasn't too much of a beautiful disaster. Again with the puns, I have to stop this. XOXO Roni J.