Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pep Talk? Random Talk?

Hello hello there,
Today again was a warm sunny day and I enjoyed it very much. It is a stressful week for being a break, but you do what you have to do. Since it is very stressful, two of my friends and I decided to have a girls night. Just like a sleepover, but better. Doing our nails, eating sushi, watching a sweet chick flick that makes us all cry, gossip, and eat some more. I think this is one of my favorite things to do with friends. It's just so funny and fun, so what if it's for little girls. Count me in.
I hope you guys are having an awesome week and if not, then remember that it's Thursday, this means you have to hold on through another day or so, and then the weekend arrives, you can let go of the stress and just breathe. Always remember that every penny has two sides. If you only look at the dirty nasty side than you're missing the whole picture. Look for the other side in things, because that's what's gonna make you happy. Not other people, not materialistic things, no success, no nothing will make you happy other than the way you look at life. If you choose to embrace it, and look for the bright light spots, than you'll see them, you'll enjoy them much more. Although, if you look for everything that's bad and sad and gloomy, then that's what you'll see.
Be the girl that always know what she wants when she sees it, and that always gets what she wants. In this case it's the easiest thing to see, want, and achieve. Light.
Today's outfit:
My shirt is a lacy, blue print with flowers tank top. I adore it since it's from a distant boutique in the middle of nowhere, so nobody will have the same top, and it's also very unique since it's not actual lace, but just a print.
The shorts are just light washed, high waisted shorts that I don't know where I got, but they're everywhere so I'm sure that if you want a pair then you can go find one.
My cardigan is from a brand that sells in TJ max,  I think, or maybe at Target, called Tweeds, and it is the perfect brown, since it is lively and not just dark.
My necklace is from Accessorize, and you're probably tired of me wearing it, but whatevz. Ja'dore.
Other than that my shoes are my brown loafers, moccasins, whatever you wish, from Aldo and the rest of my jewelery is the same as every day!
 Thank you girlies for reading. Leave anything you want (good, bad, worse) in the comments below, and maybe take time to take the poll in the side bar=>
<3 Byyyeee!!

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