Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Smells Like Spring

Hey there fashionistas!
Spring has always been a time for renewal. Since Ancient Greece and Rome, and well before, in all the mythologies and legends, and in almost all the cultures, spring is time for starting out fresh, for new beginnings.
If you haven't yet encountered the Greek mythology and all it's fabulous stories I recommend you to start as soon as possible. To me the mythology is so magical and beautiful, and I love every story it has to offer. One story that always stood out to me, and will always come to mind first when speaking of mythology is the story of Persephone.
Please don't let me spoil the story for you, please read it, and don't just read my summary. The story of Persephone basically tells about how the seasons came to be. Persephone's mother is Demeter, the goddess of harvest, and she loves Persephone so dearly, so once Hades, the god-king of the underworld abducts her, her mother, naturally, becomes very sad, and stops doing her job and taking care of the harvest. Hades makes her eat a pomegranate that makes it impossible for her to leave the underworld.  Long story short, Persephone is only allowed to see her mother for a certain period of time every year, which makes Demeter very happy, and helps her keep going. But after that period is over Persephone goes back to the underworld to Hades, her husband, and Demeter goes back to being sad and blue. Whenever Demeter is happy, whenever Persephone is around, the flowers start flourishing, the birds start singing, and the sun is shining, which have become spring and summer. Yet, whenever Persephone's gone back to the underworld, her mother becomes depressed and stops working once again, the sky starts crying, and no harvest succeeds in growing. This is the all-too-well-known winter.
I have decided to start a new page this spring. Mainly in the heartache area, I have been much too much sad and depressed and heartbroken over a guy that makes me feel lousy and doesn't even have the tiniest clue that I feel this way about him. Much like Demeter, though in a very different way, I have been down and gloomy for a whole period of time now, something that sums up to be 10 whole months wasted on a guy that I can't bother with having feelings for anymore.
And on that same (top) note, since spring is coming soon and we all are looking for something new to make us feel special, I decided to stop trying to look for it in a guy. I have decided to look for it in beautiful smelling things that will make me feel good from the inside out. I've reached the decision that a good perfume, unlike a man, never fails to make me feel better and these are my spring favorites:
1. Probably also Hades' favorite, Midnight Pomegranate by Bath and Body Works. As the name suggests this perfume is more of a nighttime wear since it's pretty sweet and heavy.
Here's the link if you want to look at it on the site.
And here's the description:
For this fiery fruit and spice blend, inspired by juicy pomegranates sparkling like rubies in moonlight, master perfumers rounded out red pomegranate with anise, patchouli, blackberry, and cassis.
  • Spray on to pulse points, and enjoy this exclusive, enticing fragrance
  • With a higher concentration of fragrance oils, our Eau de Toilette gives you a more intense, longer-lasting fragrance experience than Fragrance Mist
  • Fragrance Top Notes: Pomegranate, Sparkling Citrus, Dewberry, Anise, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Cassis, Blackberry, Iris, Jasmine, Raspberry
  • Fragrance Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tobacco, Patchouli
2.  Next is a perfume so famous people are probably SICK of hearing about it, but trust me it's worth it. It's  DKNY's Be Delicious! Can be worn either in the morning or in the nighttime!
Here's the link to the site.
and the description:
A refreshing scent in an iconic apple-shaped bottle tempts you to take a bite out of life. A sophisticated blend of apples, exotic flowers and woods creates a fresh, juicy scent that can only be called delicious.

3. Next is a Perfume that smells so good and looks so pretty that you will feel like a high society woman just by holding it. It is Versache's Bright Crystal. More of a day scent in my opinion.
Here's the link!
Described as:
Sheer sensuality, crystal transparency, and luminous brightness: Versace introduces the new Bright Crystal, a precious jewel of rare beauty characterized by a fresh, vibrant, flowery scent.

 4. A perfume that smells so good that no sweat from the hot sunny days can interfere: Abercrombie and Fitch's 8 and it is perfect for any time of day or the year really!
The link to the site.
Described as :
8's scent is full of zest. Its spicy floral fragrance is warm, invigorating, and completely exciting. Both casual and provocative, it's the perfect warm and inviting scent for day or night.

Hope you got a wide enough range of scents of all sorts that suit a different time of day and budget! I also hope we have a lovely spring full of exciting new things to come our way!
XOXO Roni J.  
And here's an amazing song by the lovely Kina Grannis.

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