Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hey there fashionistas,
today I wanted to talk to you about a word that's very important in my opinion:
Oblivious: Lacking active conscious, knowledge or awareness. 
I think a lot of times we're oblivious to our surroundings, to the people around us, and to things we have no interest in seeing. Sometimes we can be so oblivious that we can't even see what we want or need.
Now the thing I want you to remember is to never be oblivious, and, if there's ever a moment when you feel like you are "lacking active conscious, knowledge or information", fix it. Look around to see if a friend, or just another girl you know needs help, or needs a little bit attention from someone. I have been trying to be better about this lately, trying not to judge someone in the need of a little bit more attention than any other person.
Anyways now for the more fashion related part of the post. As you may probably not know, I don't have a T.V. at home and haven't had one since two and a half, almost three years ago. Youtube channels are my T.V. series basically. The reason this is called Oblividious is because I wanted to show you the girls I'm subscribed to on youtube that I love their fashion taste and videos, and that I literally spend hours and hours listening to, and getting inspired by.
1.Ranked high up in number one on the people that I love is my biggest inspiration, Fashionencounters. Best Videos, best taste, so sweet, so pretty and just angelic Jenn. She used to do her videos with Sarah which is also gorgeous, but now I think they only do their tumbler together. I swear these girls couldn't have done better videos so check them out!

2. Ranked as a close second I would very much LOVE it if you check out  Barbara from Thepersianbabe. She isn't only the sweetest most devoted girl, she's also gorgeous and has an amazing fashion sense that makes your heart melt. She makes great videos that are no doubt a must watch! She make mostly fashion and makeup related videos, and I am simply addicted.

  Also in second place is the gorgeous Chriselle from Chrisellelim that has so many styling tips and trick I go bananas for every video she puts up as if I were a hungry monkey in a field of banana trees. She's a gorgeous young stylist with a taste so classy you will feel like a pearl, after using her advice.

3. Tied up for three are the three gorgeous ladies: Patricia from Britpopprincess, Nia from NiaSays, and Sammy from Beautycrush. All are gorgeous, British (or living at the moment in Britain), fashionable ladies that float my boat and rock my socks. Great inspiring videos from all on our most sinful pleasure: FASHION. All of their tastes very between unique, rocker, girly and classy. They make every stinking piece work in a way only they know.

4. In fourth place are the gorgeous Alexa from Smokeypinkleopard, Arden from ARose186, Zoe from Zoella280390, Suzi from StyleSuzi, the two fabulous Steph and Melisa from Thefashioncitizen, and the lovely Becca from voussontbeauetbelle. Each of them is stunning in her own way and addictive in her own way. All equally great!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour through youtube's best, most gorgeous ladies, and that you really do remember not to be oblivious to yourselves nor to others in your surroundings! Love you girlies! Happy mothers' day!

Let's finish the day with this gorgeous song! Successful eventful week to us all!

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