Friday, April 6, 2012

Familiar Things

Hello girls.
Today I'll speak about something I have found to be the most important thing. I think I have already mentioned in another blog post about the famous saying by Jean-Paul Sarte: "L'enfer, c'est les autres". If you aren't a French speaker, just like me by the way, so in simple English this basically means "hell is other people", which in my opinion is true. What would be hell for us? Death, the unknown, darkness, and other people symbolize that. We have control on almost everything in our surroundings, objects, animals, plants, but the two only things we don't have control over yet are earth and other people, which terrifies us.
On the other hand, I also believe that the opposite is true. Heaven is other people, too. We can never really be happy without other humans. Our unpredictability is one of the only things that keep this world an interesting place, one of the only things that makes us appreciate life, one of the only things that can actually put a smile on our face. Happiness is our heaven, isn't it?
Sometimes these people are friends. Sometimes it's a love interest. Sometimes they're our kids. Sometimes they're our parents or siblings, sometimes other family members, teachers, role models. These people are what brightens our days, what makes us smile, what makes us forget about those whose unpredictability causes us pain and suffering. Heaven and hell are other people.
My little piece of heaven has always been my family. They're a little bit nuts, a little bit insane, maybe even a little bit annoying, many, many times. Yet, these people love me unconditionally, they make me laugh, they make me truly happy, and they drive away almost any fear, almost every threat.
It's a shame that sometimes it takes us being away from something to really understand its meaning in our lives, but once we do it's so very beautiful. It took me being two years away from my family, continents and continents apart to make me realize how much I need them, and how much they need me. I am thankful for this every day and every night, every season that comes and goes, because most teenagers around me just don't know that their family is true gold. These things make me want to smack people across the face. They make me want to shake them until their eyes open, and I'm not speaking about families necessarily.
Your Friends can be your heaven, your love, your teacher, any person you meet in life really, but I beg you, on my knees, please, please, be grateful for them. There can be fights and pain and ache, because they are also our hell, but they can also make us so very happy if we only embrace them.
Anyways, after all this emotional little thing up there, I actually started talking about this because today, well, today heaven was other people.
We had a big family and friends dinner today, and I got reminded of how much I am grateful to be where I am with the people I am with.

Hope you all find or already have found your heaven, and I hope you feel it everyday. Here's the outfit I wore today. XOXO Roni J. 
I decided to go for a little colorblocking today.
I went for a shirt with a nice cutout at the back that covers up the back of the bra so it's not a big deal, and I also think it's a great way to be sexy without showing too much cleavage. It shows off skin, but it's not too outrageous.
The pants are also from a local boutique, but with all the colored pants being out lately I'm sure you can find something similar. The belt is from Ebay I'm pretty sure, and the necklace is from accessorize.
The flowers' ring is by Michal Negrin, and I love her jewelry this is her website. Although some or her pieces are plain CRAZY, I do love her more simple things.
The earrings are from my parents' trip to Iceland, and I think they're made out of Basalt, which is a rock formed by volcanic eruptions, which is awesome, in my opinion.
The sandals, yet again, are by Minnetonka, which is a native American brand, and I love these and have been wearing them to death and beyond four or three summers already, I think.
Sorry for the stains on my shirt by the way. I put perfume right before taking pictures. SMART.
Love you all and hope you find your heaven and have someone's arms be your home, and on that note (cheesy pun) today's song is:

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