Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Jewelry Organization.

Hello there girlies,
I'm so sorry I have been absent, and hopefully soon there will be a post explaining exactly why.
See, now that I'm on spring break, I have a lot of time in my hands (So does my mother who's been nagging me to clean and declutter my room), and I also have that need to have everything before my eyes so that I can get a better perspective of things before going back to the messy day to day life.
I think it's quite a good thing to do for yourself. Sometimes, and I know this, trust me, especially when we're down, all we want is to throw things around and make a huge clutter. I have had a few days like this as of last month, and after the big clutter, like a big cloud during the winter, or maybe more like fog, you really need to clear the air to get a better, sunnier even, view. I am THE messiest person I know by far. I have gotten better in the past year since I redid my room so it's less disorganize-able, but still I have my not so shiny days where my room looks like a caveman's cave.
This is why I will have maybe kind of a series of spring cleaning areas of life in the next week or so to show you kind of what you can do to help declutter your room and your life.
Here's how I did my jewelry, some of it still has no room out in the air and is still in boxes (And in my sister's room >:O Just kidding I love her.... Sometimes), so I still have some work to do but it's nice that I have so of it done.
These are my long statement necklaces->
I just hung them on a double hook I have in my room that was originally for hanging coats, but since it's so warm here, and since my coats are so light and fit into my wardrobe easily I decided I'll get better use out of them by hanging my longer necklaces that don't fit in the stand I'm about to show you soon onto the double hook in order to save it from an empty, and or completely messy life, as it was up until now. I hung them by length and if two necklaces were the same length I put one on the top hook of the double hook, so that it hangs in a different length so that I can see them all. As you can probably see, some of the necklaces I wear in OOTD's are missing, but that's either because they're in my sister's room, or they are actually my sister's. I love what it looks like especially when the floral pixilights you can see on the right are lit and it. So magical and princess-like and glamorous.

 Next you can see two more things I used to organize My jewelry. One is a dress form, and one is just a jewelry organizer (Surprise surprise!). The jewelry organizer hold short necklaces, earrings and rings, but unfortunately, one of the things I still don't have any room for is my hair stuff such as cute hair grips and clips, and my dear darling cuffs, bangles and bracelets. Also Since I don't have enough room for all of my earrings (My favorite to play with, hence the amount, I don't have many rings, and I mostly wear the only three you already know almost every day) I had to use that tiny dress form for my dangley earrings, which I wear less than my studs, to fit those onto, and if you can see I have two pairs around the curly edges of the top of the jewelry holder. By the way, the jewelry holder is from accessorize that my sister got me for my birthday (You see what I mean by I love her sometimes?).

 Here's where the necklaces hang more closely. These are my more dressy, special occassions necklaces, as well as the sunglasses charm from a necklace I have to fix, but basically most of them are dainty little necklaces, or simple chains that I like to layer with sometimes. I love it,but it's not tall enough and most of my necklaces don't fit into it lengthwise, since I have a really long neck and the necklaces that fit you best are the ones that hangs down at you chest from the base of your neck to the same length you neck is (Is that clear? If not I will make a blog post about this and other things, so leave a comment below), so that they elongate your neck or emphasize its length.

 This is where almost all of my studs are at. I tried to organize it as best as I could in order for me to find exactly what I want each time, because I love changing the earring I wear, mostly studs as you can see, and put them on.
I basically made the entire first row my flower studs row. I love flower earrings especially for summer and spring, and even more so when they are small and classy. The second row is dedicated mostly to my small to medium earrings that are round, but there's also the white and teal pair that wouldn't fit in any other row and fit with the rest of the teal or turquoise earrings in that row quite nicely.
The last row is dedicated to two things. In the beginning of the row it is more of the bigger though dainty silver or gold earrings, and in the end of it to my really big studs, which a pair of the two is being worn at the moment and therefore not displayed. Another problem with this jewelry holder is that the holes to put the studs in are not set far enough apart (Guessing they were made for dangley earrings) so some of the earrings are stacked upon one another which looks cluttered and I don't like that at all, but what you gonna do, you know?
 Here's the dress form that  holds my more dangley earrings I own, but I have no idea where it's from since it was a gift, and I can assure you that you can find a better looking and a sturdier dress form for you jewelry on PBteens or something, because this one is falling apart and falls at the touch of a needle. I honestly love PBteens, it's the inspiration to my room's design and they have the cutest things ever.
Anyways girlies, I am going to sleep, because I am EXHAUSTED to say the least. Don't forget to defog, decloud, and declutter your life. XOXO Roni J.
Now here's my favorite female artist of all times. Have a great weekend you all!

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