Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oblividious Part 2

Hello there pretty girl!
How's your weekend starting? Mine started literally like a dream. I woke up soooo late today that it was just so recharging and nice. Anyways I thought you guys might like to hear about my favorite makeup and beauty gurus on YouTube just like I did the one for the fashion and style gurus. I hope you like it!
This time I'm not going to grade them for the simple fact that it's just really complicated.
So here are the beauty gurus of choice:
1. The lovely, the beautiful, Allthatglitters21, Elle Fowler. I love her videos. She's so so sweet and her taste in books (yes, books) is simply divine! Most likely that if you're interested in the YouTube beauty community you already know Elle, but still. She also has a vloging channel called EllesGlitterGossip that I also love.
2.  Essiebutton's sweet Estee. This girl is the funniest thing I have ever seen and she always brightens my days with her cute make up videos and her lovely mailman updates (??). She is gorgeous as well as hilarious! Very much recommended!  Isn't she just so darn cute?

3. The third beauty guru that I love is Fleur from fleurdeforce and fleurdevlog. She is simply the sweetest girl. She is so genuine and honest, and she does her best to upload as much as she can, and every one of her beauty videos and vlogs are just adorable. She is GORGEOUS!
4. Next is Elle's just as good looking sister, Blair or Juicystar07 and otherjuicystar07 on YouTube. She's sweet and might be a little in you face, but I think she's just fun to watch and she makes me giggle, and that's what really matters in life right? Doesn't the scenery of the picture look familiar from anywhere *cough*look*cough*up*cough*.
5. Next up is the FABULOSA Kandee Johnson. She is sooooo cute and inspiring and strong, and I simply love her videos (especially the Halloween tutorials! They're so so GOOD). Her screen name or YouTube channel is very conveniently called KandeeJohnson, so that is a plus side (? What the heavy gravy am I talking about??).
6.  The most adorable, sweet, cute girl out of them all (no offense to all the other fabulous ladies here) is Kayle from Letsmakeitup1. Not only is she really the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life, but her hair tutorials are to die for, really professional and well explained. I wish I could style my hair like she can, but even though I can't it's just fun to make believe.
7. Another very sweet girl is Macbarbie07's Bethany. To be honest I haven't been subscribed to her for long, but from what I have already seen I really really do like her. She's sweet and creative, and that's always nice, right?
8. Now here's another girl I haven't been subscribed to for long, but she's so sweet. She answers as many comments as possible and really does know her stuff. She knows litterally everything about makeup: finishes, colors, brands. She's crazy and funny and she's Rachel from Makeupneversleeps.
9. Next is the ever so lovely Michelle Phan who is also very conveniently called MichellePhan on YouTube which is just lovely. Her DIY's are simply phenomenal, her makeup looks sweet and young, and her song choices are spectacular. Love this girl!
10. The lovely, sweet, adorable, and sweet (again) Missglamorazzi   and the Thegridmonster, dear dear Ingrid. I have no words to describe this girl. She can just brighten my day any day.
11. The next girl is MissJenFABULOUS's Jen. Not only is her name FABULOUS, but so is she. Punny. Get it?!.... Never mind. Her blog I think is called Polish and Pearls or something and it is FABULOUS as well.

12. Don't quit on me quite yet my dear dear Fashionistas. NikkiPhillipi's next and this girl is worth watching. Her ask Nikki segment is so good. This girl really has some values, which are so very important even if not agreed upon, and I personally agree with hers so she is just lovely and so entertaining.
13. Pixi2woo's Tanya is just a sweet English girl. I love her tutorials. They are so wearable and pretty and I'm just jealous of her look.
14. Fourteen is a 2 in one package deal. Nick and Sam from Pixiwoo are sisters that are both makeup artists. Their tutorials are so professional and I simply adore their crazy makeup looks that they some times do on the spot. They look so editorial and simply, well, as I've said before, professional.
15. Dear mother of pearl we've come to the final guru. I am so running out of ways to describe these girls and they deserve so much more to be said about them, but I just.... I haven't enough words. The next girl is dear dear Anna from Thestylediet, that I have recently become addicted to. She's just so sweet and genuine and I totally adore her. She's a role model for me.
I hope that this was informative and helpful to all of you girlies, and I am so sorry this is so long, but this is practically like watching T.V. for me. I love all of these girls, and all of you of course!
Have a great week! Hope  this wasn't too much of a beautiful disaster. Again with the puns, I have to stop this. XOXO Roni J.

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