Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall-ing In Love Again

Hello girls! Happy happy weekend to us all!
Tomorrow I'll be on a trip, so I decided to write today, when I have time to, and I'm not after a long tiring trip. Hope you like the fact that I posted this song, because I absolutely love this song. For some reason it reminds me of seventh through eighth grade, and makes me so nostalgic. Unfortunately, though, I haven't found many people who know it. And it is a falling in love song that fits the windshield wipers' motion. Aghhhh *sigh of relief* I'm fall-ing in love with this season yet again.

Today I walked out of the house to find the most beautiful sight. The rain was just pouring down, but the sun was shining through. Apparently my parents witnessed the most beautiful of rainbows, but I didn't get to. I absolutely love the fall or autumn season, and this just signified the start of the season. Finally. The first true rainstorm of the season. I walked on to the porch and I just felt blissful. The smell of the wet pavement, the little rivers created by the huge puddles that you have to jump over to get across to the car, the little teardrop like drops on your lushes, the movement of the windshield wipers, the songs, they all make me feel so amazingly good.
Not to speak of the lovely little talk we've had with the mister yesterday night. It was short. It was quick. And yet, it was just as satisfying to see him write "Goodbye, my love :)". I don't know if he said it because he meant it, or if it is just a thing you say these days, but it made me smile like a fool. Who doesn't like smiling like a fool?

How lovely is the sight of all that? I love it when my face is cold, but my body is all wrapped up and huddled in a bunch of winter clothes. Can't imagine many things I love more than the rain season.
 We had our seniors' fair yesterday at school when it started drizzling a little, and we all, 200 seniors, started dancing in the rain, still in our t-shirts  and shorts, shall I  add, and it was the most incredible sight and feeling. So unified, so happy, genuinely feeling like we're about to finish school so very soon. Just dancing to the sounds of loud, obnoxious dance music that I wouldn't listen to on any other occasion but this one, dancing like mad fools, singing out the lyrics, having the best time of our lives; dancing like an odd tribally rain dance.
This is it. Finally sinking in like the pouring rain into the muddy ground, this is our last year at school. After 12 years we've spent, some together, some apart, we're about to finish this year, and each one of us will go on their own way, following their own dreams, with their group of friends, maybe not even, and we might never see each other again, or only see each other in our reunion, which will be in a very long time from now, when God only knows where each of us will be. How crazy is that? How insane? I can't imagine that I might never see some of those guys I had a crush on (half of the school basically. Kidding. Maybe), or some of the people I was on the delegations with, and traveled to the other side of the earth with, or some of my teachers that have been an enormous part of my high school experience. How odd will it be to see them again, years from now? All of them changed, or maybe just as they were, all of them married, or just as they were, all of them gray and silver, or maybe, well, white.
My dad just had his first reunion in many many years a week or two ago. He literally had a hard time falling asleep in the days before and after the event. He couldn't really put his finger on the reason why: was it the fact that he was excited to see how everybody has changed, or that he didn't know whom he might meet that might spark an old feeling of love, friendship or anger, that he was surprised at how old everybody looks all of a sudden, or where some people turned out.
Following that I've had a few weird dreams thinking of what mine might look like years from now. In some of them I end up exactly the way I want to turn up, in some I meet an old love, in some I decide not to show up.
Have you ever had a reunion? How was it? Have you thought about what yours might look like? What you might look like in yours?
Here's the first day of true fall's weather outfit:
 My coat is from Mango. I love the combat trend, as always, and as seen in the combat boots I'm wearing. Military is always a favorite trend of mine to rock in the winter months. It is also very very warm, which, the cold freak that I am, I must be warm at all times.
The jeans are an old pair I bought from a local store, and only recently have discovered again. A little torn up, but not too much. 
The scarf is literally the softest fuzziest scarf ever. It is an infinity off white scarf from Primark. It is from last year, but they must have ones like this out this season as well, especially with their Christmas-y  stuff. The boot are from a local boutique, and they are last year's pair. I just L-O-V-E them so much. So comfortable and useful. Agh *another pleasureful sigh*.
The cross earrings are from China. I love these. They are so dainty and small considering I don't like being BAM in your face about wearing crosses, but I love the shape nonetheless. The ear cuff is from a pack of three in River Island. There are the rose gold and gold ones as well, but I felt like silver is a lot more wintery for some reason.
Hope we all have a lovely weekend, and wish me a nice trip considering it's mad rain outside. XOXO Roni J.

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