Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fashion Ideas For The Tall Ladies

Hello hello pretty precious things. How are we today? How's your weekend? Are there people getting ready for the best holiday ever (Halloween!!!!!) that's coming real soon? Me and my friends haven't celebrated it since eighth grade maybe and we think it's about time we bring the tradition back on its feet. Will make sure there are pictures!
So today we are back on topic with the dress to your figure series that we've started a good few weeks ago saying that I will write a post each week for the topic, but with traveling and all the none-existent love issues I have that I was so eager to share kind of flew my mind.
Now today the topic is tall ladies. Much like I am. Too much like I am at times. It is hard sometimes to rock your figure when the thing that is expected of you as a female is to be small and delicate. I am so definitely not small and I can't say that I'm too delicate either.
Now there are too ways to look at this problem. There's the I'll try to fool people into thinking I'm shorter way to go at it, and there's the I don't really give a crap about it and I will rock what I was given, because being tall is actually quite beautiful. Whichever way you choose there's one tip that applies to all and hear it is: STRIDE WITH PRIDE.- there is nothing that looks more awkward or unflattering than a long woman that is hunched over and walks like a little flimsy thing, because she's trying to hide her longer figure. Come on honey bees. That's not how you fool people into believing you're actually shorter, and it just looks bad. Walk like a model and own it. If you have boobs push them out. If not then walking like this awkward little thing is just going to make them disappear even farther.
I know how hard this actually is, but I actually support the "I don't give a shit, eat my dust" way to look at it. It's just the easier thing. This means these:
1) Wear heels like there's no tomorrow. Wear the crap out of them. I think it's hot. Who gives a crap if some guys find it scary. That just means they are frightened little bastards. Get away from those whenever circumstances allow.
2) Whenever possible show off your length. Show off your legs wearing shorts or high waisted things, show off your neck by pulling your hair up and putting a necklace on preferably one that hits your chest in the same distance from the nape of your neck as from the nape of your neck to your chin, because it doesn't cut off your neck like a choker, but it doesn't divert the attention to your chest area instead It keeps the attention to your neck. I have what you call a giraffe neck. My neck is super long, and I love showing it off. You can also show it off by wear v-neck cuts that fall in the same way the necklace is supposed to. If you have a long torso and you feel like showing it off- wear cropped tops and low waisted pants (not my favorite way. A little too much skin to my taste) or wear a sophisticatedly back cutout top like the blue one I wear here-->
3) All the rules that apply to the shorter girls and the past post fashion tips for shorties and petites, also apply to th girls who would live to show off their hight.
4) Wear maxi skirts and dresses. The elongate your legs when you already have longer legs.

On the other hand, for all the ladies who feel constrained by their hight and wish to deceive people into thinking you're shorter there are some tips, too:
1) Find something that goes horizontally to your body and there for cuts your length. This could very between a choker, a waist belt, a regular belt, horizontal stripes if you feel comfortable in them, ankle straps on your shoes, or anything of such sort. This will give the illusion of breaking that length making you seem a little less long.
2) Wear longer clothes. Not maxi skirts because these tend to make you actually look like a tall tall tower. I was talking about longer coats, cardigans, tunics, and things of such sort that will make your legs look shorter and hence will make you look shorter.
This is it for today guys! Have an amazing week! XOXO Roni J.

"I met a man of 12 feet tall. He towered like a giant in a world that was defiant of his height. I said 'hi', as he replied. He said 'listen to these words that I have dreaded my whole life. You're only as tall as your heart will let you be, and you're only as small as the world will make you seem".

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