Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wonderstruck (Perfume Review)

Hello girls.
I am having quiet the hectic month with all the exams that I have. They're absolutely cramming the tests in nowadays. We have chem test, and literature, English, bible studies, math, history, and my free time is rare and scarce.
On a brighter noted my parents are back and with them are my gifts. One of which is Taylor Swift's perfume Wonderstruck. I have wanted it for a long time as discovered it is much cheaper in the duty free, so I asked my parents to buy it for me.
The bottle is abso-freakin-lutely stunning. It has so much thought put into its cap and the golden decorative charms that hang from it. The color is absolutely charming. It is a fairy tale like bottle. To my deep sincere dismay some of the golden foil under the cap has already peeled off a little and this really disappointed me greatly. The box it came in is gorgeous as well and I kept it. I'd love to make something out of it.
The scent is stunning. Very enchanting. Smells very woody, and I'll go as far as saying that it smells a lot like Woods by Bath and Body Works. It is mysterious and natural, but in a good way. It fits the fall/autumn season perfectly, because of it being so reminiscent to trees in the fall. Unfortunately it doesn't linger on the skin too long, and needs to be reapplied a few times during the day. It is light and therefore fits the day time better.
Overall I quite like the perfume even though it has got some faults. It suits my everyday life well. I give it 3 and 3/4 noses!
Hope you have a lovely day. XOXO Roni J.

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