Monday, October 8, 2012

Desire Me (September Favorites)

Hello there honey bunnies!
I hope you are all well and having a good beginning to your fall. I love fall. I think it is possibly my favorite season of the year, and having it started makes me happy like a little girl in a jewelery shop. As this is my favorite season of the year, it comes with a wholllle lot of favorites.
*Favorite perfume:
for this season I love Escada Desire Me, because it's packaging is quite amazingly suited for fall with all the gold, and because the scent of it is so deep and reminiscent, to me, at least, of fall spices. It smells a little like baked goods, which are always reminiscent of fall to me. I just love it.
Another one that's rather better for a day time scent is my beloved Abercrombie Number 8 perfume. This scent is seriously an all year round for me, but since I bought it first when I went on a trip to visit my old school, which is in another country last fall, it reminds me of that time period so much that it just calls out "fall" for me. It smells woody, mysterious, and quite manly since I think it is unisex, but in a good way. I adore it, and it reminds me of such good times that it's all the better.

*Favorite band:
I cannot remember a time period in which I was so into one bands' songs as much as I was into Walk The Moon this month. I have literally played all their songs from their self titled album Walk The Moon on repeat this entire month, and no matter what mood I was in, mood for quite songs or happy songs or upbeat songs, they would always fit it even if they don't really fall into the category of songs I was in the mood for.

*Favorite song:

You guessed it! It's (no surprise there) by my favorite band of the month and it is called Jenny. I love that it has the slightest hint of sexuality without being obvious or offensive, and the beat of it is amazing and the feel of it. I just couldn't get enough of both acoustic version and regular studio recorded version of the song.
I love the acoustic version a lot, because they seem to be having so much fun playing it that you can't help but smile inside out. I just wish to go to their concert someday soon. I adore them.

*Favorite food:
Stuffed peppers. I adore stuffed peppers. Our cleaning lady taught it to my mom years and years ago, and still, I'm never tired of having more. It's very fall-y and winter-y, in my opinion, as well.
The recipe is:
You first cook the stuffing. Take a pan and prop some oil into it, then add a garlic and onion until they get a little bronzed or until they're clear. Add ground beef or turkey depends on which you like better. You can even make a mixture of both. You should keep stirring so that it doesn't clump into one clump. If you are vegetarian, you can definitely leave the meat out, and add mushrooms  or something to the stuffing (but in the end so they don't burn rather than when we add the meat, which takes more time to cook) instead. After adding the meat you should add ground carrots and finely chopped celery. Add rice and let it cook together for a minute or so, then add a small can of tomato paste or crushed tomatoes, depends on how you like it and some chopped parsley or cilantro if you like it. In our family, we hate cilantro, because it is sooo strong, but there are many that like it, so which ever one you like you should use. Then add water to cover up the rice in order for it to cook. If you chose the vegetarian version you might want to add the mushrooms here. This could even make for a great vegan dish if you leave out the meat. Don't leave the stuffing too long until the rice is soft, but only until the water evaporates or sinks into the rice, because it will go through another cooking, and we don't want it to be over cooked.
After the stuffing is all cooked and ready you should prepare a pot in which you put more parsley (or cilantro), garlic, and onion, and fry them a little until they're golden then add the peppers (already cut their tops off and empty the inside seeds and stuff, but keep the tops for later, stuff them with the stuffing and then put them in) and add water and tomato paste. Depending on how watery you like the sauce, you can add more water, or more paste. Cook it until the peppers are good and soft, and until the rice inside is finally fully cooked.

*Favorite mascara:
I finally got my hands on the Falsies mascara by Maybelline New York this month, and I have fallen in love with how big it makes my lashes look. I do use it only on rare occasions, because it is very dramatic, where as I love my makeup minimal, and my mascara brown rather than black, but I love the effect of it. It is a pain to wash off, but that's because I'm lazy and like washing my face, and having my mascara just glide off rather than using makeup wipes or make up removal serums and such. Really recommend it.

Hope you have a great week, and an even better fall/autumn season. Love you all. XOXO Roni J.
By the way, if you would like more recipes, just tell me, and I will be sure to write some more down. <3

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