Monday, October 8, 2012

Studtastic (Trend Alert #2)

Hello girls.
I have a fashion trend for this fall today. As you might have guessed from the title it is spikes and studs. This year the army and even punk looking clothes and accessories have really made a stamp all over stores and designers all over the globe.
I personally adore the trend because I think it can kick every outfit up a notch. It can spice the girlies of outfits up and make something glamorous look so freaking edgy and beautiful. Some twist not many people would expect.
Now there are way to go big with the trend and there are ways to go small. I'm always up for the less is WAY WAYYYY more. In my opinion having only one item studded is the best and is far better looking than having your entire outfit spiked up like mad.
There's also cheaper things, and much more expensive alternatives, depends on how much you want to put into it.
Here are a few ideas:

For the girls that are quite timid of this trend, but still like it, just not on themselves, a great way to do it is with dainty jewelry that have studs on them.
One option is this pack of three pairs from Topshop. These are really quite small, but when your hair is up they can take a lace shirt and jeans to the next level, which I think is what jewelery and other accessories were created for. You also get three color meaning you can match them up with every outfit, literally.
Another option from a rather more high street brand like Forever 21 makes stud stud earrings (if that makes any sense at all), and they also make them in rose gold, which seems to be very popular these days.

For the more daring girls I would go for some necklace or larger studded accessory like this golden purse from Urban Outfitters. It is still very girlie and fun, but it has these edgy edges (no pun intended). I love the Egyptian vibe it gives.
Another option is this beautiful colorful spikes and skulls necklace by Pull&Bear, which I personally adore. I wanted to see silver statement jewelery for so long now, getting tired of the gold, and this look like it, and ever better than I had expected. Absolutely stunning in my opinion.
A higher end item that I have been eying forever now, but don't have the money or the courage to wear, not only because of the studs are the Sam Edelman Lorissa heels. Stinking amazingness in a cup! I cannot help but gasp at the sight of a woman wearing these. They are super duper delicious. Don't try to eat them, though. I have a feeling it might hurt. A less riskayyy version are his Joss booties. I love them even more I would think. Absolutely stunning colors for fall, and better suited for fall over all, as we know. I love them. I might even save up enough to buy them someday, but right now let's focus on other things.

You can also opt for studded clothes:
This vest from River Island for example falls amazingly with all trends: army, layering, and studding. Love how subtle it is. Not too much going on, but it is amazingly beautiful. I love that it accents the collar, which has also been a great trend that came in from last fall/winter season, into spring/summer, and now into fall/winter again.

Two much more subtle options are both of these sheer blouses by Zara. The black one has quite the traditional collar studding going on even thought the studs are a little different. It's very sheer so it's still good for fall layering.
The white one on the other hand is in my opinion much more intricate and sophisticated. The pearl studding, and the little white to sheer pleats are so beautiful and classy. It has a wow factor and it is more suited for a work environment than some of the other things we've seen.

Hope you all enjoyed it. Goodbye honey bunnies! XOXO Roni J.
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