Monday, July 2, 2012

The Haul Wide World

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, yet again I would like to ask all of you to forgive my awful attendance. Unfortunately it doesn't mean much anymore, sadly, so I will just promise to make no more promises about my attendance. Crap! I just did.
What more can I tell you about my life?
I have a question to ask you. Is it bad to wish someone out of your life? It's not that I hate these people (they have multiplied over the years. Seriously, before you get pregnant make sure that the combination of you and the other person with whom you get pregnant genetically won't make one of those people by mistake. Obviously, I wasn't all that serious when I said seriously). I actually care about these people a lot, but for some reason every time I let myself care about them it backfires. I'm just tired of the fights and the drama and of being, myself, quite an unpleasant person. I have a big part in all of those relationships and in them becoming unbearable, but while I mostly try to take the highroad and back away from any kind of dramatic explosion they just get drawn to the drama like flies to a lamp. I try to save both sides from getting burnt alive, but it's like they don't see the consequences of their actions.
Maybe it's also me that isn't really looking past my actions to the consequences of those actions. Maybe I'm just doing the most immature thing and blaming it on the others, as if I am not at all to blame. Maybe I'm a drama queen that loves it and therefore creates it time and time again, but I find it all hard to believe when I'm always the one to say: "hey, we should really not go on with this conversation. We just fight all the time and this needs to stop".
It's not that I wish they never existed or something, god forbid, or that they were never in my life. No, no, it's not that at all. I just wish that, at this exact point while we still have some sweet memories and they're not yet clouded up by those bitter fight, they move to Antarctica, because they parents got a job there or whatever, and disappeared. Is that awful? To wish them as far away from me as possible? If so, if you think this is awful and I'm a bad person, please tell me in the comments below how you would react to endless fights with people you still care about somewhat. I would seriously love to know, since i am way past being out of ideas.
Now for the long anticipated (or not long anticipated at all) haul!
These glasses, the loves of my life, these were purchased in a local store (comment below for information). I love love love these glasses, because, and I have a confession here, I have a big nose. Well, not big, but I don't really love it. Therefore I love patterned sunglasses. They take the attention away from my nose. Plus, these remind me of a pair I saw on H&M online, but could NOT find it anywhere in stores which is not even on the website anymore. Ugh.
The Aztec-y inspired bird necklace is from Forever 21. I think I saw it on Estee from Essiebutton on YouTube and got inspired to buy it. I love the Aztec-y items like nothing else hence the pair of colorful pants I'm wearing in the next photo. It's silver, which I wasn't really all into until I saw the silver jewelry that Clothesencounters' Jenn was wearing and fell in love.
The next shirt, like every shirt I've bought this summer, is a sleeveless button up shirt. It is made of the softest denim ever, and I bought it from a local designer (so is the next necklace I got), so for more information contact me through the comments down below.
Last but most definitely not least is this pastel colored necklace I got. The squares are different sizes and one of them ( the light blue one) has the cutest bow on it. I love it.
Tell me what you think about the topic of the day and about the items purchased! XOXO Roni J.

Here's a song I love. Hope you enjoy it!

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