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Summer Essentials (June Favorite's Replacement!)

Hello hello dear readers! How are you today? Me? I'm extremely warm at the moment.

Because of all that heat that's striking me right now, I have decided to switch my June favorite, most of them which are anyways a part of this post, with a summer essentials post that will refresh your sweaty face, hopefully. 

Now, this is how it's going to go down. First, I'll list some optional summer products that I personally don't use on a day to day basis, and then I will list my absolute (and personal) summer essentials (meaning that you should take only what suits you from the lists below). 

Optional Summery Stuff:

* Bronzer: I think bronzers are great and they are very good when used correctly, but personally, I think it's better to just leave your face as clean as possible, because the sweaty months don't bring with them skin miracles for me, and coating that with an extra unnecessary layer to me seems a little too much. If you do, however decide to go for bronzing yourself, I would suggest that unlike with winter bronzers, you'll get one with a slight shimmer rather than none at all, and put it where the sun would hit you face naturally (top of the cheek bones, forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin) and blend it a little bit down your neck. The shimmer is going to help with the slight summery glow, but not going to make you so shimmery that you look like you're shiny and like your face is melting away. Not a good look on anybody. Not contouring the face and rather putting the bronzer in the places where the sun will hit your face will give you a tan look rather than a thinner looking face, which I think looks better anyways (the tanner looking face over the thinner looking face). My favorite is the bronzing & highlighting face powder duo by Benefit. It is the perfect amount of shimmer and it also has a blush. It's huge and it's 28$, which in my opinion is a good deal, because it has two huge products that will last forever. Love the color, suits both the fair ones and the darker ones.

* Self Tanners: I am personally do not need to self tan myself, as I am comfortable with my own skin color, and tan easily even when putting on sun screen (IMPORTANTE!), and I don't like putting unnecessary things on my skin, because I want it as healthy as possible, and these are dies, which ultimately can't be the best thing for you if they dye your skin. Yet, I have found that everyone around me that tans enjoy the St. Tropez self tanners the most. These ARE expensive, but from what I know they give an even finish, they don't stink, and they are easy to apply. If the smell of self tanners does bother you I would suggest smelling it anyways in a store, because these are expensive and no one like wasting their money. They have a range of mists, sprays, mousse, and lotions, so whatever suits you best is... The best. I showed a random picture of a self tanner from the website so you know the logo and all that, but that does not mean this is the one I would love the most.

* Powder: This is for the girls or boys that maybe have oilier skin and need to powder it down so that they don't look shiny during the day. Again, this is caking another thing on top of your face that is just going to add on to everything on your face; dirt, sweat, make up, oil. Just an unattractive combo in my opinion. Therefore I don't use it. But for those of you who still need that I would recommend the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Ready SPF 15 Touch Up Veil. It has a translucent shade and a tinted, and I prefer the translucent because it suits most skin tones. It is 22$ at Sephora, and it has an SPF in it which means it's perfect for summer. 

*Blotting papers: This is my more preferred option for getting excess oil off of your face in the hot months, because it doesn't cake another layer on top of your face. Bare in mind I have never tried blotting papers, so I don't really know their pros and cons. These are the options from the Sephora website.

*Waterproof mascara: I think they're a pain to get off, and that on nights out go with a regular mascara, but when going to the beach, why wear any makeup at all? I love the brush and formula of this washable mascara, and heard really good reviews on the waterproof one. It's volumizing and separating and the brush is great for getting all the lushes coated. It is the Maybelline Falsies Flared Waterproof mascara.

Must Have Summer stuff:

* BB cream/ Tinted moisturizer: Just instead of the foundation you'd regularly put your face, switch it with either a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer depending on the amount of coverage you need. I don't need nor do I want high coverage, I like my little freckles and imperfections, and therefore I go for a tinted moisturizer. I have personally never tried a BB cream, and I'm not a foundation user at all. I do the tinted moisturizer year round. My tinted moisturizer of choice is something my dermatologist  gave me. I've tried more in the past, but they slide off of your face, which kind of defeats the point of wearing something at all. It is much lighter that foundation so it won't be as thick to put on and won't look weird if you sweat it off a little. The one she gave me is the Dr. Kadir protective moisturizer. It has the SPF of 30, it only has one shade that suits every skin tone, but gives your skin a little bit of color. It makes your skin super soft and moisturized, and I love it. Another less pricey option and more reachable option is by Garnier, and though I haven't tried it I have heard great reviews from people who have. It is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. I think it's 10$, so even not so bad to just test it out. It is a BB cream by the way.

*Water bottle: I don't care if it's those fancy water bobbles or just a plastic one from the grocery store, personally I do the plastic one, as long as it hasn't laid out in a warm space for long, because that causes the plastic to release chemicals that aren't good for you. It is so important to drink when you're out and sweating, or just running around doing stuff, because we get dehydrated so fast we don't even notice it until our heads hurt or something. If putting water in a cuter bottle helps you drink more than get one. I cannot stress how important it is enough. It clears your body from toxins and help acne. It's just the easiest thing you have to do in order to stay healthy. I know it might be more tempting to drink sugary ice cold things, but sugary drinks are awful to drink more than once in a while. Try to keep it simple.

*Sunscreen: This is so important for your body. Wrinkles and sun damages are so unattractive and unhealthy that I really see no reason to skip this important step. Get a good sunscreen that has more than 30 SPF, that doesn't sweat off, and that its smell doesn't bother you, because if it does you won't do it. I've found I really like the Piz Buin range, but anything that works is OK. The range IS really expensive so don't necessarily go for it unless nothing else works.

*Lip moisturizer with SPF: Sometimes we neglect putting SPF on our lips, because we think they'll be alright or whatever, but this is an amzingly important step. It is unhealthy to neglect our lips, and also very unappealing. Dry, chapped, aching, flaky lips are definitely not a good look to sport any time of year. Labello, Carmex, and Burt's Bees, and Blistex, and any other company that you can think about, do sun protecting lip balms. Go as cheap or as pricey as you want (Laura Mercier, MAC, Piz Buin..)

*A product containing Aloe: It calms any sun burn like a dream. A gel or lotion or whatever you can find really. In case that doesn't work, try putting yogurt, yes, yogurt on your sunburn and it will cool it and calm your skin down like magic.

*Sun glasses: Yeah, you do not want your vision to go bad, nor do you want the sides of your eyes to wrinkle soon because you squint all the time. Invest in a pair that you can trust will protect you, not just cheap ones that you can find in the market. At least try not to, and you can always find something on sale. Obviously they also make for a fashionable accessory.

*Deodorant: I think this one is fairly clear.

*Wax strips/ Razor and shaving cream/ Appointments for lazering/ Any other way for hair removal: We all want to be smooth for the shorts and bathing suits. I am against shaving really, because it hurts the skin and creates bumps and ingrown hairs, and also makes hair grow thicker and faster. If it works for you though, go ahead.

*Hair ties, bobby pin, and everything that will keep hair out of your face: It makes your face produce more oils and makes you hotter. Just a good way to cool yourself down a little. Try all sorts of different updo's. It can also be a fun way to spice up your look.You might also want to try a cute head scarf to add a girly touch, or a hat to keep the sun off of your face and scalp, which are both very sensitive. The patterned hair ties are from Urban Outfitters, the headwrap is from American Eagle, and the hat and many more summer accessories can be found in Zara. 

*Another must have for summer is a summer playlist: This is the most random playlist, because most of the songs on it have nothing to do with each other. They remind me of all sorts of summers. I love these songs and sometimes I forget how much.

Have an amazing sun, but don't forget to be safe in everything you do <3 XOXO Roni J.

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