Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plane-ing Ahead

Hello hello sweet stuff! How are you doing?
If you have already read my past post you would have known that I'm about to travel today for two weeks. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to fly to a place I have never been before with my friends and experience so many crazy things that I had never even thought I would get to experience
Now I do know however how hard it is to be on a plane for more than seven hours (in my case around 13-14 hours). Not only do you have nothing to do , but also your skin and hair are going wildly dry and the food is disastrous. So here are my tips for those long or even short flights that would make your life just a little easier:
* Moisturize moisturize moisturize. According to your flight carrier look at the instructions for inflight hand luggage security how many ounces or litters of liquid you can get and try to squeeze in as many sample sizes or miniature products as possible. Have with you: a lip moisturizer, hand cream and a face night cream. The lip moisturizer as an obvious simple part of this, but the hand cream and face cream are a little more complex. The hand cream should be something quite natural so you can also use it on the ends of your hair to lock in some moisture that is so easily lost during the flight and for the hands obviously. The night cream is so that your skin can breathe even if you fall asleep at some point. Bath and body works make a lot of great sample sizes and so do Clinique. You might also want to bring and eye cream.
*Drink drink drink. What is the point of moisturizing on the outside if you don't drink enough? Yup, there is no point. Try to avoid drinking sweet things and drink more water, which will also help with you legs falling asleep by making your blood a little more flowy and liquified. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT drink caffeinated drinks because they actually do the opposite to the water, and they makes you much more prone to have your body parts fall asleep, which can be quite dangerous.
*Freshen up. Make sure that you get your favorite cleanser and makeup wipes on the plane (obviously if it's allowed) so that you can freshen up and take off makeup which will just be clogging your pores during the flight. Do not sleep with your makeup on, because that can just go impossibly wrong. Also bring a tooth brush and maybe mouth wash, so that you can freshen up your breath after you've been squeezed into a germ-crammed, dry tube basically (all of the things that combine to make your breath smell of natural disasters).
* Disinfect. Try to find a small enough hand sanitizer so that every time you go to the bathroom you don't feel like you've been harmed by the little petri dish that you have to use or otherwise cause a huge mess. My favorites are the Bath and Body works, because they smell divine.
* Save your self some embarrassing moments. Make sure you have a tampon or pad for any case, an eye mask if you sleep with your eyes open, or are not sure if you do, and think of all the embarrassing things you do while sleeping and try to eliminate them so that you don't feel awkward for the rest of the long flight. They can also be adorable!
*Make yourself comfortable. Not a thing more annoying than having your neck hurt like crazy, because you were crammed in a little seat for as many hours as you were. Bring a pillow to make sure your sleep is flawless. So important to sleep if you tend to get jet lagged.
*Find something to do. If the plane has movies that interest you, that is great. Bring a book, music, work even, gameboy if that's what you like, so that your flight goes as quickly as possible.
Don't forget that the flight will soon be over and then there's an exciting place on the other side. XOXO Roni J.

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