Thursday, June 7, 2012

War Of The Wardrobe

So what is being tidy? Is it having everything in you life color coordinated and in alphabetical order? Seriously. I have no idea what being organized means since I'm probably THE messiest girl this world has to offer. If anyone of you has an explanation or an idea, it would be so very lovely to get your opinion on that and to hear how you are doing.
You might have caught a glimpse at my room when I took pictures for outfit of the days, but I usually clean up the area of which I'm shooting so that you can't really see what's going on in this room by basically moving it back and forth between different furniture of my room. The direction is from the chair to the desk to the floor to the bed to another part of the floor in whatever order you can put the followings in.
It has been proven that just like the ability to laugh when you feel good and to feel good by laughing, having things in order on the inside can help organizing the things on the outside and vice versa. Meaning that you can actually force yourself to think more clearly and orderly once you've cleared your workspace or your environment.
Well, I guess in this case the world is acting against me. Even if I really REALLY wanted to be more organized, after a few days I would fail at it miserably. In which case I decided that in order to prevent this epic fail from happening, I shall slowly change one area at a time. First I started with my jewelery as you might have seen in another spring cleaning blog post, but I kind of left it at that afterwards just because I'm lazy and busy. And did I mention I'm completely and utterly lazy? 
But I really need this change for the next few months (just as bad as I've needed it in the past few months), because I have a butt load amount of tests I still haven't gone through and I desperately need my thoughts to be more organized while revising and reviewing the material and all sorts of this kind of craziness we all know and hate. That is the reason why I decided to take over another major important part of my life, which is my closet.
I waited so long to post this blog post because I wanted to make sure I'm keeping up the organization within the closet so that it's not another one of these epic fails and I have to admit proudly that it has already lasted for about two weeks, which is a nice (or rather amazing) record.

  "Something is changing me
real slow from the inside out".

It took me a whole day to finish it up and I really took care that I'm not going to put in anything I know I don't even wear, even though I kept some random unworn things. 

So here it is:
 This is my lovely wardrobe. No, I do not have a walk in closet. My room is tiny and in its past life it was a bathroom, which really explains its size and my personality. I'm kidding. Maybe.
And here it is wide open and organized like a fancy little famous person's wardrobe. OH YEAH.  Isn't it dandy. If you don't think it is, please don't ruin my happiness, I've worked really hard.
So I'm going to start from the bottom up. The two drawers in the bottom of the wardrobe are my shoe storage. I know they look a little crammed in there, but none of them are too expensive or destructible. Obviously all my winter boots and such are not there. In one drawer I put my fancy sneakers, oxfords, loafers and one pair of ballet flats that is more dressy. In the next drawer I put some more pairs of more casual ballet flats, my sandals, and a lovely pair of print converse shoes.
The bottom shelf has my books set up in with a few memories I've collected over the years, because my actual shelves have yet been put up, so I had to find some place to store my books. These are only a small amount of books I keep in my room, but I read a ton. I think (as much of crap as that might sound, and as dorky as that sounds) that it's the best way to accumulate knowledge, and an amazing way to expend your imagination and creativity. Next up I have my underwear, socks and bathing suits. It's blurry because you really don't need to get a glimpse of that part of my wardrobe although nothing was exposed, because my socks and bathing suits are covering it all up.
Next up are my long or seven eighths pants organized by denim (the most) and colorful randoms (as well as a few denims). I tried my best to color coordinate my denims, so that I can easily find any pair I want to wear that certain day without making a mess.
Next to all these three shelves are my hangers. These are organized (from left to right) by long cardigans, then three quarter sleeved cardies, then short cardies, then long button downs, then three quarter sleeved button downs, then short sleeved button downs, then sleeveless button downs, then dresses, then strapless dresses, then jumpsuits, then special shorts and finally skirts. MOUTHFUL.
The shelves right above that include my regular everyday shorts, my tee's, my tanks, my camies, and my more dressy tops that aren't hung in the hangers section.

The very top shelves conclude with my Pj's and my heavy winter sweater for when they turn up the AC in class and I freeze to death but they are not really important are they?
Tell me what you do in order to keep your life on track when you are stressed out. See you on Saturday, when I take a break from studying for social sciences. XOXO Roni J.

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