Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Sorry (OOTD)

Hello girls.
I'm guessing the most of us have absolutely no idea about the topic I picked for today, but we had a talk about it at dinner yesterday, and I thought it's something amazing that we don't get exposed to much in our everyday life.
While sitting at dinner my friend's sister said that today she will be fasting. I thought it was quite strange and we asked her why. She said that today is "Yom Kippur", which is a Jewish holiday, and that she thinks it's quite an important thing to do. Now, this girl is not Jewish at all, and I've know her for my entire life. I didn't know much about the holiday so she explained it to me. She said "Yom Kippur" in the Jewish tradition is a day where we ask forgiveness of God and of all the people we've hurt along the year for all our sins, and our wrong doings. It's a day for self reflection and inspection.
I was still intrigued to know how come she, of all none-believers, decided to fast during that day, and her answer was "I thought that stopping for a whole day once a year and self reflecting upon our mistakes and upon the pain we've caused other people is important no matter what you believe in", and I was absolutely blown away by the question. I decided to take it to heart and do the same. So for a whole 24 hours I will fast today, not just to ask my God for forgiveness, which I think is quite important at times, but in order to self reflect about all of the things I didn't do right with the people in my life. And so today I fast for all the times I made my friends feel uncomfortable about themselves or about their boyfriends, for all the times I was not thankful enough to the beautiful family that I have and for every time any person was hurt by me this year. I think if not fasting, we should at least all have a day where we stop what we're doing, and think back to the year we've had and ask forgiveness of the people whom we've hurt.
By the way as you might see from the background of the pictures I've started playing the guitar again after almost two years. Cannot express in words how much I've missed it. Such a relief to be playing again.
Now here's the outfit of the day :)
 The pants are my beloved Zara pants I bought last summer, and they seriously must be my favorite pair of all times.
My top is a denim top from a local boutique, and I love it as well.
My necklace is from Forever 21, and I bought it yesterday meaning there's a haul on the way!!! It looks like a paper bird, and I fell in love with it immediately. It is BEAUTIIIFULL!
My bag I think is also from Zara and the sandals are from American Eagle, but they are my friend's, and not mine... Oopssiee.

Hope you all have a great day, and that you do some self reflecting soon, as well as my hope that you will be able to forgive others, because sometimes it is just as hard.
XOXO Roni J.

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