Friday, September 7, 2012

Body Language

Hello hello girls and boys (again, are there any boys in the crowd? If so, please, say aye!).
How are we doing today? Me? I'm great, but this is not what I came here to talk about.
Today I'm starting a series, or a segment, if you may. This series will be every week (hopefully. I'll try as much as I can), and will teach you all you have to know about body types, your specific body type, and how to style it. There will be eight posts related to this, including today's, and, if this works out well, then I might do segments similar to this.
The eight posts and each of their meanings are:
1) Today- Body Language- The full encyclopedia for body types. 
2) Fashion Tips For Shorties And Petites- This one is kind of self explanatory. Petites are generally women or girls that are around 1.60 meters tall or 5'3'' feet tall. This post will deal with how to dress a shorter body type to elongate it. Obviously, if you feel like the way you're dressing is fine, this is by no means going to be criticism of the way you dress, and therefore no need to get offended. This obviously can go for taller girls who feel short, and for shorter girls.
3) Fashion Ideas For Tall Ladies- Again, pretty self explanatory. This goes mostly for girls that are 1.74 meters or 5'8'' and a half feet tall. This is for the tall girls that find it hard to wear things because they look abnormally big (happens a lot to this girl right here).

Now here are some more general body types:
Some things to help you understand:
a. The analogies. They just explain the shapes best in my opinion.
b. Think of this kids' toy. Build your body using it's rings. Make an exaggerated form of your body, because, obviously, your proportions probably won't match perfectly. Think where the slimmest part of your body is and the most full part of your body, and slowly, but carefully, make your figure out of it. No, there's no need to buy this toy. If you don't have it at home, just imagine yourself stacking the rings on top of each other or draw it using some different colored markers.

4) Fashion Help: The Apple Of My Eye: fashion tips for girls who are apple shaped. Apple shaped women are usually more round all around. Larger mid section (breasts and tummy), broader shoulders the hips, flatter bums, and fairly slim legs. When thinking about the toy, think about the purple being the bottom or the stack, or the legs in other words. Then, going upwards, blue, green, orange, red and then yellow.
5)  Fashion Help: Pear Up. This post will talk about women that are pear shaped. Pear shaped women usually have a bigger round bum, and most of the weight tends to sit there or on the hips. The hips are wider and broader than the chest. Speaking in the toy terms this mean that on bottom of the stack will be orange, the red, then yellow, blue, green, and purple.

6) Fashion Help: Straight Out. This talks about the girls that are quite skinny, and there shoulders are about the same width as their waist, and as their hips. On the toy it would basically be the green all the way up. These girls' bodies look a little rectangle-like

7) Fashion Help: The Chip On Your Shoulder. This is for all the girls who have a little bit more of a boyish figure, meaning wider shoulders, and a bit of an upside down triangle shape overall. Imagine flipping the toy's rings from top to bottom: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

8) Fashion Help: The Hourglass Lucky Charm. This goes to the lucky butt girls out there who's body goes like what supposedly all women need to look like. Needless to say that rarely do women look like this at all, and that the way you look is great, and you don't need to feel bad about your figure even if you're not the hourglass. Their bodies are like green yellow green blue green yellow.

Hope we'll have some fun with it with this segment! <3 XOXO Roni j.

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