Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Working 8 To 3 (July Favorites)

Hello hello pretty girls. And boys. Are there any boys and the crowd. If so, will you please stand up so we can see you? Just kidding. It's the computer. How will I see you?!
Sorry, I'm having a little bit of a nervous break down as I have been getting back from China, which I will tell you all about in a different post (sorry I have a lot on my heart), then I got snatched up by my father to replace his secretary who's traveling to all sorts of places at the moment even though I was sick (probably caught something on the plane), then got snatched up by a friend's acquaintance to walk her dog every evening, and soon my uncle needs me to kittysit his cat.
I am swomped! I haven't even fully gotten over whatever bug I got on the flight and already I have not one, not two, but three jobs, and the amount of will power I have right now stands at about the amount of will power it takes to sit on the couch all day, or, when I really am feeling better, the amount of will power it takes to go to the beach with my friends. It's summer vacation for crying out loud. Why did I ever agree to this?
I do have to admit, though, that all of these things are really for the better. I mean I don't do enough sports activities as is, so walk the dog is a really nice daily sport, and that cute little puppy is just so worth the time. I mean, if I have to spend an hour with anyone, I am really happy it's with this puppy and not a list of many other people I would go nuts after only walking with them once, and surely after doing so every day of the week for at least the rest of the summer break.
And the office job, although hard, is a lot of money for me and for my trip to Poland very soon, it helps me spend more time with my busy busy daddy, whom I've missed very much while being away for two weeks, and it teaches me some basic life skills. Nonetheless, I hate this job.
The kittysitting is really getting money for nothing, I feed the cat, give it water, change it's sand in what I like to call it the "oops I did it again" box, and I get to help my uncle which is a great man that has helped me so much over the years with math and chem.
Over all it is quite a positive thing to be working, and I do get to earn some money for myself rather than keep asking my parents for it. They know I work hard at school and come home from school very late, so they never say no, but I know that with both my trips, and my sister being abroad, and my brother's studies, and their up comming trip, I really don't want to put more weight on their shoulders.
It does suck though when everybody is going out and I have to be the Debby Downer and tell them that I have work in the morning over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and ova, and ova, and ova again.
Now that this is off my chest I can make some room for the more important stuff. The things I would spend all the money I'm earning right now over and over and over again. MYYY favorites. *Sigh of relief*
* For starters, as I have yet to make a haul of the things I bought while in China this is something you haven't seen yet. I actually didn't buy it in China. I bought it while I was in the duty free here, but it is a new Mac lipstick. I love me some lipsticks, and you know it, but lately I have been using my old-er ones much much less. It is the one, the only, cremesheen finish of a pink deliciousness, On Hold.
It is very pigmented. Slightly frightening for the woman who goes for nudes, but it is the most gorgeous shade of pink, especially suitable for people with blue or green undertones to their skin like, well, me (olive tones and stuff). It goes on smoothely like all of the cremesheens, is moisturizing, and for me it doesn't wear off very quickly, either. Very recommended. Have been wearing that and my friend's Russian Red almost the entire stay in China. Must get Russian Red. It's stunning.
* Another favorite for this month are my Birkestocks. I walked around in those everywhere, all the time, in China and back home. They are super duper comfortable shoes. They are good for almost everyday activity, this color (olvie suede) is indistructable and suits every outfit. I just love love love these. They were my go to shoe and I brought so many more pairs, but just didn't use them.

* My favorite song of the month of July must must be Hey Jude by the Beatles (duhh). While saying goodbye to everybody we've met in China we heard this song play in the background and now it shall forever remind me of the time I've had. I have always liked it, but now that it relates to all that happened at camp.... It's just a whole new song. Plus! They sang it in the opening ceremony for the Olympics. BEST THING EVERR! Love the Olympics.
*Next favorite is.... How surprising, the Olympics. I love watching all of the sports played out, and although I think it is basically legal torture of humans, it is very entetaining. I do, however, feel really bad for those who get hurt, or look like they had to go through hell and back to get to where they got, or those who's coaches give them the evil eye once they fail. Congratulations to all the winners so far. As you know I'm also a fan of ancient Greece so this just adds a little something something to my craving of Greek history. Glad It's not over yet.
*Favorite sport in the Olympics, by the way, is beach volleybal. I love volleyball to pieces and the beach volleyball makes it all the more summery and fun. Wish I had a spot on the beach where I could play beach volleyball.
* My favorite thing to wear this month, and every summer month, are DRESSES. So airy and comfortable to slip into, not sweaty, girly, and chic.
*Favorite place in the world currently is the fake market in Shanghai. Oh what a place. So many beautiful things. I didn't buy much, though. I bought a lot but considering the price I am really proud of my self. I also loved bargaining with the sales people. SO much fun. SO MUCH FUN. It is a problem for shopoholics though. It gets addictive.
Have a great day you guys. Take a sad song and make it better! <3 XOXO Roni J.

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