Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Perfect Guide To The Perfect Valentineless Day

Hello girls! How are we?
 Well, this week is Valentine's day. Now there are two reasons you might know this. Either you're preparing to buy some sweet present for your valentine, planning a sweet date and thinking about the perfect date, or you're like me and you don't have a valentine, and worse, you're being reminded of how much you don't have a valentine right now, more than any other day. Instead of being Valentine's day, for me, and I know that for plenty other people, this is a reminder of how freaking lonely we are on that date. To me it has become Valentinless day a long time ago.
Now I would like to give pointers for the perfect date, and the the perfect date outfit, and relationship advice, but I would be a hypocrite. Why? Because I know best how to celebrate this miserable Valentineless day. I have celebrated this day 18 times in a row, not once did I spend it with a valentine of mine, and if we want to get really into details, I have actually celebrated it three times each year: the western Valentine's day, the Jewish, and the Chinese that are usually around the summer. If we sum it up quickly it has been: 18 western+17 Jewish+17 Chinese= all in all 52 Valentine's days alone.
Now, this ain't a story about my miserable love life. It is miserable, but that's not the point. I thought that since I have so many years of experience, some good some bad, I will share my perfect guide to a perfect Valentineless day:
Step one- best to not spend it alone even if not with a valentine. Result to spend it with some more single friends, preferably in a group so that you don't feel forever alone. If not in a group try to find one single friend at least, and if not, spend the day with a family member, which could turn out great. Don't be afraid of being alone, nonetheless, as long as you know you won't end up bawling about how miserable you are. There are plenty of things you can do alone to feel good on the day. Try your best not to make plans with people that will cancel last minute. It sucks even worse on Valentine's day.
Step two- pamper yourself as if you have some really important person to meet. So what if it's just you?! You are just as important as any love object you might fid because loving yourself is indeed the most important part. Take a bath, a bubble bath, with a book, a glass of red wine and maybe some candles in the side, preferably have your favorite cheerful music playing in the background. Paint your nails in a nice cheerful color, or any favorite color that would make you feel nice. Dress up. More is more tonight! Especially if you're not going to go in public. Put on make up that your favorite YouTube guru taught you how to put, do your hair, and then go on with your plans.
Step three- the plans. Go eat, make dinner, watch a movie in or out, shopping maybe, a good book if alone. Don't read or watch sappy romantic crap- it doesn't give hope it just makes you feel more miserable.
Step four- sleep a lot. Because you have time. Be happy you don't have to stress over impressing a guy or girl, or over the disappointment that guy or girl might cause you during the day. Just enjoy yourselves.
Step five- spread love. You can do so much by showing others love. No matter if those with whom you share love are lover, relatives, friends, or complete strangers. Take this as a chance to show real gratitude to the people who love you all year, and to random people, who might as well feel just as lonely as you might have hadn't you read this guide before. Remember: all we all really need is love. Whether it's love that comes from outside or inside. If you show people your love for them you can help them, too.

Step six- if you're me, just let the school solve your problem, and take you on your last ever class trip. This time we'll be owning the desert, because there's no better place to be alone with your thoughts than the desert. See you (or rather... not see you?) in four days!
Hope you all have a lovely-loveful Valentine's or Valentineless day. It doesn't really matter whether it's love for a lover, a friend, a family member, or yourself. XOXO Roni J.

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