Friday, February 8, 2013

Much Much Happier (Haul)

How are we doing today? Anything special happening in this world? I must say that past my birthday blues this world seems like a much brighter, much better, much happier place to live in. I am a much more loving person, more than I have been in far longer than just January. I feel like I'm coming back together with myself, my old self, the one I've missed dearly for far too long, the one that's been hiding under a rotting fake smile, and under the layer after layer of a bitter prune. It feels so much lighter.
I have Mr. Guy to thank for this, really. Ever since I've found myself done with him, and with the bitterness that came with knowing that I'm not what he wants, and that he's not really truly what I want nor is he what I need in my life, ever since than I've been better. It was just an endless cycle that lasted for so long, because I wanted him so bad, but for the wrong reasons. I wanted him, but I knew I shouldn't. It was like a campfire. Every once in a while I would feel warmth and light from it, but every once in a while I'd get too close and get burnt by it, then escape it quickly back into something that's much darker and much colder. So thank you Mr. Guy. Now that you're gone from my heart it is much simpler, much much easier to be happy.
Now I am just splitting up the coins I have a hold on in between a few different bags, so that if one gets stolen I don't lose them all. I don't focus on one guy for now, because I can, and because none of them has done something to deserve all of my coins quite yet.
Speaking of them guys, dear Mr. Perfect made my day. The smallest comment from him literally made me smile so big, and that smile lasted.... The whole day. I was walking in the hallway towards a couple of my friends and he was there. He gave me a good morning hug, and told me I smell nice (new perfume-review's on the way. You'll see it hauled down below in this very post). Then, another good guy friend of mine came and said "Hi perfection!" (We call each other perfection jokingly), and Mr. Perfect in his sweet honesty said "She really is perfect". I swear on the inside I was squeaking of joy. My endorphins and serotonins were rocket high. It was amazing. He is perfect and if he says that with all his honesty then it must means something. Not that I'm perfect, I don't think, but still.
Ever since that moment I was a much happier person. I was kinder, and I think it was notable, as many people just told me I'm glowing and many unexpected people approached me, while as in my previous gloom I'm guessing they would have ran the other way. Even Mr. Guy was more interested in my whereabouts than usual. It's amazing what an honest smile can do.
So yes, men (or rather boys) have an affect on my smiling habits, but it used to be much worse during the past few months. I was hysteric, I'm not gonna lie. Now I am happy because I'm back to my old self. I am a much better friend. I am less self centered, which I hated about myself. 
A part of it is that I started walking again. I felt like for the longest time, probably because of the weather, I have been avoiding walks home. But the weather has warmed up a few days this week, and I decided to use the sunshine for my good and walk a little. I swear that not only was it good for vitamin D, which is said to affect good mood, but the activity itself, and the fresh air. The time to think away from other people is also a great deal. 

Now I can honestly say that shopping a little doesn't hurt either. For exampleee:

1) Two necklaces from Forever Twenty One. I have been wearing many more silver jewelery the past few months and hence I've been buying a little more of them than needed. These two necklaces are both amazing in my opinion. One is a little tribal inspire. It reminds me of a spear. The center of it looks a little like mother of pearl, but it doesn't come across too well in the picture. The second one reminded me a lot of something I saw on Jenn from Clothes Encounters, or maybe of something she might wear. It has the combination of black and silver, which is like my favorite combination. It's really long which is a great quality as well, in my opinion, because this time of year I can wear with scarves and it will still be enough of a statement, and long enough to see, both of these are. I love the detailing on it. All the black marbles and the little pattern around them are gorgeous.

2) Media lipstick by MAC. I love it on Jenn from Clothes Encounters (yes you'll see her name appear many times, as I am in love with her style like nothing else). It is a very very dark wine color. It suits my skin tone perfectly, because it makes my skin look a little less green (I have an olive tint to my skin). It also makes my teeth look flipping white, and my skin have a little more color. It dresses up an outfit like nobody's business.
3) Last, but most definitely not least is Tresor perfume by Lancome in Midnight Rose. It has very deep woody elements to it. In the very first few minutes it smells strongly of peach, but after a while you can start smelling the deep rose and raspberry. The bottle is classy and absolutely beautiful with the purple gradient effect and the deep purple rose attached. Will write a more full review on it soon.

I have also bought a two bras at Aerie, but decided I just would rather leave them out.
Over all I am very pleased with all the things I bought. 
Hope you guys are all well. XOXO Roni J.

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