Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Little Things (January Favorites)

Happy Sunday to us all! How are we today? I hope that great, because we all deserve some greatness in our everyday life.
If you're asking what's going on with this home bud, then the answer is that I am abso-freaking-lutely exhausted, in a good happy cheerful way, but still. I had an amazing birthday. I was reminded of how lucky and fortunate I am to have some of the people I have In my life. My family of course is a big part of it. On Friday morning we went on to the country to eat brunch on a ranch where it was peaceful and green. And the rain came falling down in gallons but we were inside by the fireplace and we sat there for hours drinking cider, which is my favorite hot drink, and talking. We sat there doing what seems like only my family would- solving crosswords and answering trivia questions that come in the Friday newspaper, and I had the time of my life. There is no group of people I would rather spend time with than my family.

I was joyed by a number of people who wrote me some really wonderful things for my birthday. A few that stuck out were a guy friend of mine that I have only gotten to know this year really. I was really quite emotional to get what he wrote to me. He proved to me what I thought was true, that we're turning to be really good friends. I just love him. Another is a guy that went to primary school with me and he and I were barely in touch through the course of the past few years, and then started reconnecting through mutual taste in music that we posted on Facebook, and he sent me a song "Winter Song" saying he knows it's both weather and music taste appropriate and this is one little thing that made me light up. Another is my best childhood friend. I know her literally since I was born and she sent me the most emotional "thank you for being here for me". Her family and friends always judge her a lot and she thanked me for being the only person in her life that doesn't, which to me is the best thing someone could ever say. It means that she really is grateful for our friendship just as much as I am for it. Another was an old crush of mine. He's what I would call the perfect man. He's smart as hell, athletic, looks good, terribly sweet and caring, funny. He has it all. It's been two years or so since my crush on him, but I'm always gonna have something for him because how could you not? And then. He started talking to me on Facebook and then realized it's my birthday and congratulated me and all and then asked me how I was planning to celebrate it so I said jokingly "family friends and a lot of guys" and he asked "oh really? Which guys?" So I replied-"whichever. I am desperate", and then he said the sweetest thing "you? Desperate?! You have absolutely no reason to be desperate״. I know it's a small little thing but I love this guy so much, even if as a friend, and hearing him, Mr. Perfect, say that to me is like the peek of my dreams. Later on in the conversation he told me that he misses me, and that he wishes we'd talk more. At this point it was like my heart was taken out of my chest by him and then put in the microwave until it exploded. I just love him!! My friends then made me breakfast yesterday after a long night at a club (probably one of the worst club experiences of my life 'cause we were all so tired) and I was reminded of how grateful I am for them as well. So those are the little things that made my birthday.

Now these are the little things that made my month:
1)T.V. Shows: 
*The Carrie Diaries. It tells the story of little miss Carrie Bradshaw before her Sex and the City, when she was still a young little virgin. It's a really sweet teen show, and it's really quite entertaining. You're sure to love it if you loved Sex and the City. It premiered earlier this month and I am addicted.
*Skins the British edition. I'm not kidding when I say I finished the first four seasons in less than two weeks. I was a hardcore addict, but you know what?! THEY KILLED ALL MY FAVORITE FREAKING CHARACTERS! Not to spoil anything, hence you don't know who they killed. I just love that show so much!
2) Movies:
*The Silver Linings Playbook. I thought it would be more of a comedy, but it has quite a lot of nutcase drama in it. Nonetheless I loved it very much. 
*The Intouchables. Really good french film. I saw it with my family this past week, and we all enjoyed it. It's terrific. The acting is amazing, the story is inspiring, and the comedy is top notch! 
3) Musician: 
*Passanger. I discovered this guy only this month, and I honestly don't know how I had lived prior to hearing his music. Absolutely up my street. Hits every note that makes my heart melt or my eyes tear up. I don't have enough good things to say about his lyrics and music. The lyrics are all so descriptive, and so picturesque. They truly tell a heartbreaking story in so little lines. They melody is so serene and soothing.
4) Song:
*What You're Thinking by Passanger (surprise surprise). Better hear it for yourself. I think I have already put it up in one of the posts lately, but darn it, I am an addict.
5) Perfume:
*Number 8 by Abercrombie. I have already written a few reviews and descriptions of it. The shame is that I am running out of it, and I haven't been able to find it in any near Abercrombie recently for the strangest reason. Don't run out on me please!
6) Nail Polish:
*Markwins. I never knew this brand, but I bought four of their nail polishes in Target I think, and I fell in love with the red shade "Dark Red". I'm not even sure it has a name. Apparently they've got something to do with Wet n' Wild, but honest to God I have no idea really. It's sparkly, and wintery, and lovely and I just love it. Good application with only two coats that lasts a long time. 
Love a lot and hope your week turns out to be great :D XOXO Roni J.

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