Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sandbox

Once upon a time, like a week ago, a new sandbox was placed in the playground. It's MY playground, and the rules state so. But an oh-so-familiar intruder decided to walk into my playground that one night, and tread all over my rules. He sat in the sandbox, and started playing as if it's his playground. I said fine I guess this intruder's lonely, I'll just play with him, because no one likes to play alone in the sand box. Turns out little intruder over there didn't really want any company, and he started playing dirty. This is when I decided I will grab him by the ear and kick him off my playground. My ground. My rules. Rather play alone than have my mouth stuffed with sand.
Once upon a time, like a week ago, I got tired of seeing Mr. Guy's face on my Facebook chat, and I pulled a second grader trick deleting him off of my friends list. Shamefully, he decided it's OK to ask my permission to be my Facebook friend, yet again. I decided to add him anyways because otherwise he might ask questions about it, and maybe find out the truth, where as the last thing I wanted to happen through deleting him was him discovering that I like him. So I added Mr. Guy to my playground, ehhh I mean Facebook, yet again.
He then started asking how come we weren't friends and I just said "oh, weird, how did that happen?". Yeah right. How DID it happen?! Gee, I don't know. And then the thing I wanted least right after him discovering what not happened- it started a flirty chat. Crap. He literally, in the chat, obviously, said that he wants me, that I am the most beautiful girl, that he loves me. And me remaining the second grader naive tuba face I am, I fell for it, yet again, surprise surprise.
The next day he kept playing, and toying with me, and playfully teasing me, touching me, hugging me. I realized he was playing, but little tuba face here ignored the crap out of the facts, 'cause she wanted this to be true. Second-grader-fairytale-ending come true. Not cool, Roni, not cool.
And then comes the next day, yesterday, and we do a little barbeque evening with our some people in our grade, and he ignores me like fudge. Like rotten, ugly, tuba face, fudge being ignored.
Yeah, I thought I was gonna play with you in the same sandbox, but seeing as all it did was replace my saliva with grains of sand, I would rather kick you off. You want to play dirty, mister? Go ahead, but not on this playground.
"If you're playing me, keep it on the low, 'cause my playground won't take it anymore".
So screw you, Mr. Guy. You've had a whole lot more than enough chances to intrude this playground peacefully, but if you aren't willing to play by the rules, and you wanna play dirty, play with yourself. You'll need your right hand's help when you are left old and alone.

XOXO Roni J.

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