Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Heart Spring!

Hello pretty girls.
How are we? You know me, always getting better. Thank goodness my friend got her test results a few hours ago, and thank goodness yet again, she doesn't have cancer, and it was just a scare. I cannot express the happiness I have in me for her being well and healthy. It was a weird weight to bare the past month. Ever since she went to the doctor's and he said cancer might be the reason she was getting these stomach ache all the time, I was scared out of my mind, praying for her well being every night, worrying that she is going to get lost in fear, because she has before in her life.
So things are always looking up. I'm not saying you have to believe in God, but it has so far in my life (knock on wood) proved itself to be a good way to deal with things. Not believing in God necessarily, but believing in yourself, believing in the good, believing that things are for the best, and will get better soon. I just had to share the relief. It's the most amazing news I've gotten recently.
Another weird thing happened to me yesterday, while we were practicing for the senior musical. I don't know if I've talked about him, but in the musical I play a part with a guy in my grade that is absolutely dear. I mean I am insanely attracted to him, and I know he's kind of a player (Mr. Guy's best friend... No wonder), but he is insanely sweet, and he just lights up my world... We shall name him.... Big Guy (yup, most of the guys I'm attracted to will be named guy, because that's the way I am. He is really wide and tall, hence the name-Big Guy). Anyways when we were at a party last weekend, after a long break from rehearsals in which we hadn't seen each other. He is also my bio lab partner, so we've had quite a lot of interaction lately. And at the party he came up behind me and held me, I'm guessing that slightly drunk, but he didn't smell like it, and said "I've missed you". Needless to say I melted like a freaking marshmallow in s'mores.
Me being the stress case I am, every time he's supposed to kiss me on the cheek during the musical, I melt like a butter on a freshly toasted bread. I know. A kiss on the cheek, how much of a stinking shy girl can I be. The answer is infinitely shy.
So what happened yesterday in rehearsal, anyways, was me resting a little on the bars that were hanging at the gym. The bars were the kind that are just two bars sticking out of the wall, and you rest your hand on them and lift your legs up and down in order to get you tummy muscles working. So I was just leaning against the wall with my arms on the bars that were lowered, because it's the middle school gym. I was watching from the sidelines, basically, and saw him and thought how funny it could have been if he had cornered me. Guess what happens... He comes up in front of me, and puts his hands on the bars lifting himself up, so literally, he basically cornered me. He lowers himself down to my ear and says "Roni, I think it's time we talked about the tension between us", and I'm like...... WHAT?! WHERE did that come from just now?! Laughing on the inside at how weird it was that I was just thinking about it happening and kind of pushed the thought away like that ain't gonna happen. So I push him away slightly thinking well, hello, Big Guy, aren't you just a smidge too close?
Because that's what a stress case thinks about straight away rather than did he just say he wants you? And I say alright Big Guy (I didn't really say Big Guy, I said his name), let's talk. He said aww you ruined the atmosphere, and we talked for a short while, not about the tension between us, but like two seconds, and then we had to go back and dance the dance number that we are both a part of.
Today comes around and I am still quite shocked about what happened. Like how it happened, and what he said all seems blurry and odd. Oh, but then, yes, then, I get a text message from dear Big Guy, and I'm like... What? Where does he have my number from. Anyways he asked me if I could help him study for a test we have tomorrow, and I mean I don't know if it was just him thinking I'm smart, and that if he wants success he should ask me for help, or if he wanted to use that excuse for talking to me.
Funny thing is..... He asked Mr. Guy for the number. Yup. The one that I have had mixed feelings about for the past something that looks like 8 months maybe, maybe even more. Why? Because they are freaking best friend, and guess what? Mr. Guy gave him my number. And it pisses me off like nothing else. The most sarcastic joke was just pulled on me, and it is really not funny. What? You had to give him my number? Not that I have a problem with Big Guy having my number, not at all, I actually quite like the guy and am extremely attracted to him, but... Ugh, why would I ever think something was going on between us? There was nothing, and I do mean nothing. Nada. Zepooo. And I just got hurt by you not even rejecting me, but just giving away my number to your best friend who wanted my number, God knows what for. I know there was nothing between us, and even when there was the slightest sign that there might be something worth talking about, even then you kept going making out, and other more graphic stuff with other girls, so hell, why would I even think that? Why would I ever get mad at you for giving away my number like there was nothing between us, when there was actually nothing between us? I am the one that's messed up for being mad at him, you see?
Anyways, I'll keep believing and being positive, and I will keep being true to myself, and I know this is probably for the best. I know Mr. Guy is unhealthy, and isn't serious or driven or caring. I also know that Big Guy is a lot of these things. He's not perfect, not at all to say the least, but I can see better things coming our of liking him than came out from being attached to Mr. Guy that doesn't even give a darn yarn about me.
Back to the actual topic, let's talk spring. And let's talk our favorite spring things if we may. Here are the questions, courtesy of Missglamorazzi, Ingrid, on Youtube, that did this tag a week or two ago, and I thought it was cute and fitting. Here are the questions:
1. Favorite spring nail polish:
This spring-summer season color is pistachio, which is really light pastel green, a little different from the mint that we saw last spring in the fact that it is more green than teal. And I love that color. So the nail polish I naturally chose for this category is in the pistachio shade. First Timer by Essie is my choice. It is from the latest collection called the Resort collection, and all of the colors are quite sweet, but this one just... Grabbed me, as I was grabbing it. So, yup this is it.

2. What is Your must-have lip color this spring?
On Hold, my dear beloved lipstick from MAC that I have just talked about for hours in my March Favorites post, Marching On. It's such a pretty pink color that suits my skin perfectly, and I love the fact that It's a cremesheen so it's light. I also don't like going too light or bright on my lips, otherwise it washes me out, which is not a good look on me, so the fact that it's not the lightest shade is a great thing in my opinion.

3. Show us your favorite spring dress!
Alright, alright, just don't yell at me. It's this beautiful blue floral dress from Topshop a few years ago. I love that it sits perfectly on my body, and looks like it came from a 50's housewife. It cinches in at the waist, which gives your body a really sweet feminine look, and the neckline is not deep, so it's feminine, but not cheap.

3. What's your favorite spring flower?
My favorite spring flower is daffodil. It's simple, and beautiful, and smells really fresh and good. I love it. I especially love the white daffodils, and we grow them in the garden every spring. They make me happy.

5. Favorite spring accessory?
My favorite spring accessory is my beautiful wool sun hat. It is a little warm because it is wool, but it is just... Beautiful. I have nothing more to add.

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about?
Stripes. I love my stripes. I just adore that pattern, and it comes back every year, which makes it a really good staple piece that you can use over and over and over again, every year. I also adore the fact that black and white outfits are in. The monochromatic look is so classy and modern, and I love me some black, so it's another perfect trend for me.

7. Favorite spring candle?
For me it's definitely Tiki Beach by Bath and Body Works. It's a warm scent, which I love, but are less popular scents around summer, and more around winter. But let me assure you, it is fabulous. It smells like coconuts, vanilla and musk. Ahh it makes my nostrils melt with joy.

8. Favorite perfume for spring?
I think it's quite obvious. I will not repeat this again. Just look at last week's post, and you will know why I freaking love Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome.

9. What is spring like where you live?
Here it gets slightly chilly every once in a while, and at night, but mostly, it is sunny during the day, and warm, and humid at times, but still very lovely.

10. Favorite thing about spring?
I know this will sound... I don't know... Sappy, but the thing I love most about spring is the way it makes my mother feel. Every time she sees a flower blooming, and every time she sees that the sun doesn't set so early in the day, she is ecstatic, and whatever makes her happy, makes me happy.

11. Are you a spring cleaner?
I'm a spring messer. Does that answer the question?

12. Any plan for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
I just came back from Rome, so I can't ask for more.

That's all. Hope you have a wonderful day and that you stay kind, and loving, and generous. I tag you all to do it if you want to. Love, XOXO, Roni J.

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