Saturday, December 29, 2012

This Year (December Favorites)

Hello there! How are you pretty ladies?
I wish I could say I'm doing great, but I'm sick. I've been so busy the past week. I was literally running from one activity to another for three whole days, and the whole stress has taken a toll on my health. I am in bed coughing, but hey, on the bright side, and there always is a bright side, I get to take the test I was supposed to take on a different date. Thanks goodness. The most hardest literature exam on the face of the planet. I got more time to prepare myself for it now. PLUS I got some time to write my new years' resolutions, and my December favorites! See? There always is a bright side to everything, even if your head feels like a crazy fat lady is bouncing on it with a Pogo stick. I've got the best descriptions, I know.
Well then, this year...
1. I'm gonna face my fears. Most concerning my fear of the other gender, and falling in love with it. It's scary as hell, but I face my stage fright, and I've faced many worse fears in my life. There's absolutely no reason why I shouldn't
2. I'm gonna do more sports. Has got nothing to do with being thinner, or anything close to that. I am quite happy with my figure, but I also have to think about my future health. Someday it's not going to be as easy to gain muscles as it is now. Go out, Roni! Take a walk! You love it, don't you?
3. In a continuation to what's been said in the previous one, I'm gonna take more walks. I love taking strolls in the streets. I find it soothing, and comforting, especially if I need to be nowhere. It clears my head. It makes me feel like I have time; time to think, time to breathe, time to digest the world, and time to simply clear my head.
4. I'm gonna try and be less judgmental and critical. It's not fair to others to place your own insecurities on them. Especially with men. I criticize them so much, because I'm sooo insecure about everything they say about me, and that is absolutely not fair. I need to get over my pride, and give more guys a chance, because I'm so critical (being afraid they might hurt me) that I push them away. I'm not as judgmental about girls, because I have kept telling myself not to year after year after year, and it's about time that my new years' resolutions from 2010 come true.
5. I have gotta stop cursing, or rather lower the amount like crazy. It's not ok. It makes me sound trashy, and there's nothing less appealing than a girl who curses a lot, in opinion that is. I have been cursing so much that I ran out of curse words, and looked at other languages for new curse words. That's not ok.
6. Put a lot into my school work. No additions needed.
7. I shall also leave people that are bad for me out of the picture. I have just been yelled at by a so called friend, for caring for her that is. If they don't want people to care about them, they are running in that direction.

This is some of the things I want to do this year. I will follow these through and maybe add a few once one is completed.

Now for my December Favorites:
1) Nail polish- KYM by ZOYA, because nothing spells holidays like red nail polish with metallic reflects in it. Such a nice warm red with copper and gold reflects. I loved it for this whole holiday season. I barely switched it out.
2) Candle- Ikea's vanilla candle. Even when not lit, it makes the entire room fill up with bakery scents that make your tummy growl! It is quite big for a one wick candle, and therefor lasts quite well.
3) DIY- Candle holders. I got some ideas off of videos and Pinterest and Tumblr, and made them into reality. My goal is the picture in front of you. I tied a bow around my jar to make it more festive. I think that lighting candles and putting up string lights are the human way of fighting the darkness that brings our dear winter. That is why a lot of winter holidays on the north of the planet deal with a lot of lights. I love lights. They literally brighten up my day. My Tumblr page is filled lights of all sorts. You better check it out!
4) Tea- any tea. I've been drinking so much tea, because of my sickness that I feel drunk on it. I love it, nonetheless.

Hope you have a blissful, blessed and evolutionary year! We all deserve it! Love you very much! Roni J.
P.s. feel free to write down in the comments what your resolutions are for the  year to come!

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