Friday, December 21, 2012

The Blackest Friday Yet? (70th Post!!)

Hello there! How you doin'?- Yup this is me affected by the much needed excessive watching of reruns of Friends yesterday. I need VACATION! WINTER BREAK COME SOON! So many exams! I just kinda wish tomorrow would really be the end of the world (I don't really want that, but the stress is making me cave).
I mean, I wonder how many people have actually given this whole theory much thought. With all the movies self titled by the event or speaking of its existence, and no one really can say what will happen. On one hand it's kind of insane to think of something that one thing's there one day, and the very next it's gone. It's weird to think of one person dying, but the entire world? Nuts. I'd rather think tomorrow's not going to be the blackest Friday of all. I'd rather think they just ran out of stone to write on, or that this day is a day of enlightenment. "The end of the world as we know it" might refer to ending all the murder and pain and ache. I hope that is it.
I'm sure you're all wondering what happened during the trip and the winter ball (actually I'm not sure that interests anybody on this earth at all). Mr. Guy is the most confusing guy I could have chosen to like.  Before the trip has even started I have gotten the most lovely information that he had been with another girl the night before, a girl of whom I've heard before.
During the trip he did and said tons of things that I think will forever remain a mystery (especially if the end is tomorrow). For example(s) he came up to me and said something nice I'm not really sure what it was, looked me in the eyes, and stroked my cheeks. Of course that made me melt like a chunk of butter being put into the microwave and run over by a truck, or he kept calling me queen bee. I'm not too sure why. And then one night he came up to me held my face in his hands, and looked me in the eyes (melted chunk of butter, anyone?), and then went on saying something along the lines of "I'm trying to show you some love, but I'm afraid you'll sting me" only much later did I think of making the connection between that and "queen bee", which both occurred on the same night.
I will try to insert a picture from my outfit in the winter ball, but nothing was really mine, so no outfit of the day it is. During that night one of the guys, a very sweet guy said something along the lines of "There's a giant elephant in the room, and someone needs to refer to it. Roni, your legs are endless!", which made me a little uncomfortable walking in heels, because I'm self conscious about my height anyways, but then another guy said "what are you talking about? That's really sexy", and I blushed a little, and a friend of mine said to the first guy "this so turns you on!", at which point I was absolutely RED, and he stuttered.... Hmmm.
Mr. Guy on the other hand made a similar comment, and another friend of mine said "she looks like a model". He then replied "she's better than a model. She's not only good looking, but she's also sweet like honey" continuing with the whole theme of me being "queen bee". Later on he said he loves me. He was, by then, much drunk from beer.
I hate being attracted to him. Not to speak about the possibility that he's taken by that girl, and completely unclear to me. Today in school he said, yet again, just before I was about to leave and thank God that he didn't say anything to me today wanting to stop this mad cycle, that he loves me. I asked him out of a scale of one to ten just how much, and he said "99". Just means how much these words mean nothing to him. When to me, as stupid and innocent as that might sound, they mean a whole lot more. These are three words that their combination scares the holy bejeebees out of me. He scares the bejeebees out of me. When he looked me in the eyes, he made me feel like I was about to pee my pants basically, and if these words mean so little to him, when speaking about him, then this thing is only friendship material.
I'm tired of being scared. I'm not scared of the end of the world as much as I am scared of one look from him. How does that make any sense?

Speaking of the blackest Friday yet. I have yet posted a Black Friday haul for you. So here it is:
From Urban Outfitters:
A gray speckled  wool backpack with forest green flaps made of velvet. I love backpack, if you haven't yet noticed it after my backpack post- Watch Your Back that I made in May. I love this one. Super nicely made and durable. Fits everything I need for school which is important.
A gray speckled maxi skirt that has colorful metallic thread weaving through it. It has a black mini skirt slip attached underneath, but the rest is fairly see through. It has two slits down the sides, and it is extremely winter appropriate.
Third and most exciting is the maxi dress. Beautiful black a little sheer maxi dress with cutouts in the back. GORGEOUS, sits perfectly, possibly the best thirty bucks I've ever spent on clothes. Love the stinking thing to pieces.

Moving on to Bath and Body Works, I made a candle purchase, but I bought the mini ones that were on a big sale, and I didn't want to have one scent burning on forever in my room especially since the holiday season is fairly short, and I have my Ikea vanilla candle burning as of now, and as of the past fourteen months or so (it's NEVER ending, but delicious).
1. I bought this mini candle holder that's beautiful. Nothing really special about it except for it being a sweet decorative way to light your candles.
2. Snowed in- description: Escape the frigid winter wind, wrap up in your toastiest blanket and warm up this inspiring blend of fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage for the perfect day in!
One of my two favorite candles I bought this time around. Smells like a winter wonderland, and like the mall right before the holidays when you walk past Bath and Body Works or Slatkin and Co. Love it. So nostalgic. A little perfume like, but in a good way. It's more florally than it is sweet, spicy, or fruity.
3. White Barn No. 1 Nutmeg and Spice- description: A toasty treat of spiced caramel sprinkled with nutmeg, this fragrance evokes delightful memories of relaxing weekend getaways in the country.
Smells liking baking and decorating Ginger Bread with friends. Nostalgia. Sweet, a little spicy, gorgeous. Also a favorite of mine.
4. Fireside- description: Fill your home with a cozy blend of cedarwood, leather and rich deep amber that warms you up like an evening by a crackling fire on a dark winter's night.
I love this to pieces, but I'm not sure everybody would love this. To me this smells like fire, leather, and men. I don't really know what about it, but there's something that rather reminds me of manly cologne.
 5. Cinnamon & Clove Buds- description: This warm and spicy blend of classic cinnamon, simmering clove buds and exquisite vanilla is sure to bring back happy memories of beloved holiday traditions!
Definitely not my favorite one because it reminds me a little of medicinated scents, because that's what clove and cinnamon do to me, but it still smells nice. My parents actually picked this one up so I don't mind it too bad.

This is all <3 Hope you have a lovely end of the world. Good thing Britney has a song about this.

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