Friday, November 9, 2012

Those Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello there girls. How are we? Hope that well enough to read a little about my October favorites. Happy elected president to all the Americans in the crowd, by the way. And happy Friday, as well. There's just something about Fridays. The sun shines differently. If you look closely, you can definitely deter the difference between a Friday sunshine and an everyday sunshine. Even through the storming skies. The smell of the air is different. The air itself is lighter, and each house you pass by gives its own cooking scent. Sometimes you smell beef stew, sometimes you smell chicken noodle soup. I love Fridays.
I know that I am late again with this, but we all know it had to come sometime soon. My October favorites are here. This month has been quite constant with a lot of products, but very different to the past months. There are also many random favorites so keep reading :).


1) My ear cuffs. My pack of three ear cuffs. One in gold, one in silver and one in rose gold that I bought together in River Island in the very beginning of October while on the delegation. I have literally been wearing them every single day since. Sine there are three shades it's really just a blast to match one to every outfit, although, I must admit, I have worn the silver one the most. I wanted to get my helix pierced in the past, but I am quite against piercings and tattoos (on myself that is, on other people I even tend to like it), and have heard a thousand horror stories about getting it pierced that I decided I better just go for a fake one. Plus I like that they're wider that the piercing itself better than the width of the average piercing. 

2) Hats. Yes, hats. I love beanies like a mustardy yellow one from Forever 21 I bought approximately 5 years or 4 years ago. I also love bowler and wool hats like one I've seen in Zara, which costs quite a lot for me, because I am not a working person who's still dependent on her parents a little too much to waste money on things like that, but I have one just like it in gray without all the embellishments. They are such a cute wintery addition to any fall winter outfit. I do find that this picture makes it look a little brighter than it is in real life just so you know. 
3) Maxi skirts. Me and my sister (who's finally back, by the way, don't know if I mentioned this at all) have gotten really into them. I have one that's burnt red from Weekdays, one that's olive green from River Island, and a black one from Forever 21. They are seriously the most flattering thing I have worn in my life. 

1) Star of Bombay nail polish by Orly. Oh, how I love me some dark winter nail polishes. This one is the perfect one for fall, because it looks black unless you're in the light, in which it gets the bluish purplish tinge. I wore it so so much this month, and I am not one to wear one color constantly at all.

2) L'Oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition conditioner. A bit of an odd one, but it is seriously the most softening conditioner I have ever used. With my hair being dyed and all, which I will be removing soon, because I have a pet peeve with split ends. Split ends make me OCD. My hair naturally is really freaking healthy, because I never straighten, curl, or use products on it besides shampoo and conditioner, and I cannot stand its current state. Yet, somehow it remains soft thanks to this savior of a conditioner. I really love it. I've gone through five or six bottles of it already, because it's a constant favorite two years now. 

3) Toni Gard for women eau de perfum. It is a sweet, sophisticated, but not old scent. It's actually my sister's, but I stole it, because that's what little sisters do. I have gotten so many compliments on it when I wore it that I decided "hmm.. Me gusta!".
1) Corny love songs. I was, unlike me at all, in a loving mood this month, and got butterflies, and was like the average teenage girl this month. For examples: When I Look To The Sky by Train, For You I Will by Teddy Geiger, Begin Again by Taylor Swift, and Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg.

2) Revenge the T.V. show. Me and my sister started making it our little thing to watch the first season together. We started watching it because the lead has actually played in Brothers And Sisters, which is another show we loved. We are on episode 4 or 5 of the first season, and it is twisted, and I love the revealing the past. It is displaying everything that's bad about us humans: greedy, grudge holders that are incapable of forgiving others. I love it. The acting is actually quite good, as well. I actually really like the tattoo she has of forever and always or something like that with the two infinity signs.

3) Looper the movie. I know many people say it's crapy, but I absolutely loved it. Me and my friend went to watch it this month and it was so confusing. It's about time traveling and all crazy things like that. It's abso-freaking-lutely incredible. It's surprising, and crazy, and sad, and wonderful. Loved it so much.

4) Fishbowl Racer!! My favorite iPhone app game of all times. It's the most mind numbing probably, as well. It's one of those games that make you stupid. You need to make the bowl jump, and the fish jump, and it's just freaking awesome. Don't try it if you want to have social life, because this shenanigans is addictive.

5) Red, Taylor Swift's album and particularly the song Last Time, which is a collaboration with Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol, which I love on its own, but it is so charming, and sad, and you can feel raw emotions in it. I just adore it, and have played it over and over so many times.

Hope we have a lovely November. Love you all. XOXO Roni J.

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