Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Sky Is The Limit

Hey hey :)
With it being soon the beginning of a new school year, I wanted to tell you that you can achieve anything.
Aim as high as possible, and try and reach for the stars. There are so many unbelievable things people have achieved by dreaming and aiming higher and higher. Who would have thought human kind would fly or walk the moon? Who would have thought that women would get rights anywhere? Who would have known we'd be able to communicate with people who live on the other side of the planet?
We, we are majestic creatures. We, we are capable of anything. I just wish we'd all take that sentence and use it for the best of humanity and the best of this earth. We, we can make pigs fly (enter swine flu joke right here).
So, this year, let's make those pigs fly and those dreams go as high as possible. We've all got so much in store for us. We can all contribute so much, and give back to this earth, and to its population.
This will become a new thing where every once in a while I will put a list of limited addition things I would love to have. <3 This time nail polishes.
1) Pinch Punch nail polish by Louise Gray for Topshop! Not only is the color stunning, but I also think that the formula on Topshop polishes is amazing. At first glance I thought it looked like the color of the Divine Swine from the Muppets' collection for OPI, but it is much more of a coral peach salmon color, where as Divine Swine is mucho mas of a purple. I also love the packaging of it.

2) Chanel's Rose Paradise is next. It's such a beautiful color. I cannot express in words. It is quite summery, but I find it really subtle, and therefore versatile for every occasion and season. So classy, and amazing. It's again a salmon-y color, much like some of the flecks of glitter in the Pinch Punch nail polish. I do hear these tend to chip a lot, so see if you would like to invest.

 3)Into The Night from the Amazing Spiderman collection by OPI. Amazing midnight blue with speckles of glitter. Perfection in my opinion. It is very comparable to another limited edition by China Glaze called Want My Bawdy from their New Bohemian collection.

 4)Another very beautiful color, this time from Essie's Fall collection, is Stylenomics.  It is a beautiful forest green. It looks exactly like the Crayola Forest Green, but with more of a blue tone to it.

)Last, but definitely not least is the Holland collection from OPI. Yes, the collection. Not one. The whole collection. Amazing fall colors that vary from pinks and blues and grays and greens. Gorgeous! Favorites are Thanks A WindMillion, which is a seaweed green. AMAZING!
Another favorite is Didn't You Ear About Van Gogh, which looks like the perfect nude color for every skin tone.

Hope you enjoy the song by Feist-There's A Limit To Your Love. Have a great weekend :) <3 XOXO Roni J.

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