Monday, March 11, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

Hello dear loves, I was just in Rome for a few days, and I will tell you all about it in the next post "When In Rome" with a haul and all, but I need a little break. So here are 50 random facts about me. Now that I think about it it's going to be realllly hard to gather 50 mildly interesting facts about me. Oh jeez. Let's start.

1. I don't drink coffee. I know this is something that many people don't do, but the actual fact is that I never drink coffee, but I always steal the foam from the people I sit with. So if there's a person (not just anybody, this is for special people only ;)) with whom I feel comfortable (and I will always ask first), I will take a table spoon of  the coffee tasting foam at the top with brown sugar on it. I'm weird like that.

2. I learned sign language in lower school. 2nd to 6th grade actually.

3. In sixth grade, thanks to my lovely skills (that have been long forgotten since) in sign language (wish I'd remembered more) I tutored a deaf girl, or rather a hard of hearing girl that went to my school.

4. I've been learning to play guitar for the past almost eight and a half years.

5. I am terrible at it, but I love playing, and I love my teacher who's almost like a grandfather to me.

6. I never got to meet any of my real grandparents, but that's alright. I love them nevertheless.

7. My last dog's name is Joy, which is my middle name, and my grandma's name.... Yea...

8. I have a problem with people around me wearing the same scent as I am. That's the reason I stopped wearing DKNY Be Delicious, even though it smells delicious.

9. My favorite movie ever, for some reason, is the Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. I love the editing, the story, their costumes, the entire movie.

10. This is getting really hard to find more facts haha. I have a real problem with eating things with odd textures.

11. That's the reason of which I don't eat sea food. It tastes alright, but the texture of it kills me. I want to gag every time I try to eat it.

12. I don't like chocolate. The reason for that being me being an odd child, but not just some regular odd child, oh no. In second grade I switched schools, and decided I need to have something special about me so that I would stick out. I decided I'm going to tell everyone that I don't like chocolate. In the process of lying to everybody, I actually stopped eating chocolate, and managed to convince myself that I don't like it. Up to this day, every time people make me taste chocolate once more, I want to gag, because I've told myself hard enough that I don't like it. Wish it would have worked out the same with guys.

13. That being said, I love seeing anything made with chocolate, I love the look of food really. If you ever checked out my Tumblr (do it ;) you know you want to ;)), you would know the entire page is covered with pictures of food.

14. I have been called a hipster so many times by now. I take it as a compliment although I don't view myself as one. I do have my oddities, love indie music that's not exactly popular, eat good homemade organic food (because my mom's a genius), and dress differently to other people, but I don't give a crap what people might think about me or what they label me as. I am just me.

15. I love depressing sad songs. My friends think it's weird. People think that makes me depressed or whatever, but it's just that sad songs seem to get me. They hit the right notes, and they are mellow and soothing. They just make me feel better about myself, which is nothing bad... It's actually great.

16. My biggest dreams are to change the world, and to travel to the Bermuda Triangle, and solve its mystery.

17. I don't like sweets too much, but I can eat a bag of chips or pretzels in a second.

18. I used to be addicted to The Sims, any expansion, 1,2, and 3, but I never really liked playing with them living too much. I liked building their house more than anything. When playing, I would have them sped up to the maximum..

19. My goal is to get over my fears, and I have a ton: stage fright, fear of heights, fear of exposing emotions....

20. One of the fears I'm dying to get over is to buy me a pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas, and to stop being ashamed of my height so much. If I like a pair of shoes so much, I shouldn't be stopped by the fact that I'm tall. Stopped by the price? That's a more reasonable question.

21. My sister and I, when we were much more little, and way less heavy, used to dance on the coffee table in the living room to the sounds of Britney Spear's songs.

22. I would also play Tekken with my beloved brother and his friends.

23. As a child I wouldn't like wearing much clothes and was probably naked for the vast majority of my childhood.

24. I still hate wearing shoes and love to take them off as soon as possible.

25. I don't like being connected to my phone. I rarely answer calls, and not because I'm a mean friend, but just because I hate depending on it, so it's either forgotten at home, or uncharged for most of the time.

26. My dad's nickname for me is Uzzu Buzzu ever since I was a little pimple....

27. In the end of learning how to read we each got a book that was printed with our names in it as the main character, and by total coincidence there was a magic word in there.... It was Uzzu Buzzu. Yea my dad predicts the future.

28. I sleep as hard as a log of wood, but, for the strangest reason ever, I wake up from things that I know need to wake me up. For example, the loudest thunder storm, or my sister walking into my room to take a sweater would never wake me up, but my alarm clock or a guy coming in with a fresh Sharpie in order to paint on my face to be funny will wake me up in seconds.

29. I don't take time to wake up. I just hear my alarm, and sit straight up. I don't roll over in bed, and I sure as hell don't press snooze. Wake up at 08:07 for all I care, but pressing the snooze just makes those seven minutes a living hell. Set the alarm to 08:07 for crying out loud.

30. If I could learn all the languages in the world I would. I find them all fascinating.

31. I would love to have a scratch off map of the world, so that I can scratch off all the places I've been to, and gratefully so, I have been to a lot of places.

32. I'm a  lefty! Yay us.

33. I am more alert when I sleep less at night, but I love sleeping so goodbye alertness.

34. I love romance novals like "Daddy Long Legs", "Pride And Prejudice", and "Jane Eyre".

35. I am a major bookworm. I love that magical IMAGINATION (SpongeBob tone intended) space and time that reading creates.

36. In 7th grade my math teacher told us never to divide by zero or the world would explode, a kid in my class said "I shall divide by 0", and a painting fell off the wall. True story.

37. I am a supertaster, which means that my tasting sense is fiercely strong. I have a lot of taste buds apparently.

38. I have also a very developed sense of smell, I can distinguish what someone's cooking, or put in a dish just by smelling it. Weird.. yea..

39. Pixie lights or Christmas lights make my world go round. Actually candles, too. And stars. Anything that looks like a small light resource is charming to me.

40. My favorite thing about nature is the night sky.

41. Some people think I'm a heartless bitch just because I am painfully shy. I swear I am one of the most accepting people I know.

42. I was obsessed with Argentinian Soap Opera's. All Chris Morana stuff are a huge part of my childhood (Rebeldeway, Chiquititas, Floricienta). If you don't know what I'm talking about you better expand your horizons, because everything I don't know about love I learned from there.

43. I've been on a cooking kick lately. I just enjoy the kitchen. That never happens.

44. My chin is uneven. People don't notice it, because it's not really visible, but when you feel it the bone is uneven.

45. My colar bone is uneven (also not visible), because of a Lacrosse accident, when a ball came at me when I wasn't looking during practice.

46. I hate reality shows. I don't judge people who see them, but the only ones I've ever been capable of watching are ANTM and Project Runway.

47. I love clothes, but it seems like every time I go in to buy clothes my attention is diverted into the jewelry section.

48. I had a stuffed dog that I named Pee. As in I have to pee, Pee. What the hell's wrong with me?!

49. I don't have nightmares really. My dreams are the creepiest, but they don't scare me. I just think they're really weird while dreaming them, and when I wake up I realize how freaky they were.

50. I am not familiar with 4 am and 5 am. These are hours I never get the chance to see in real life. I don't  wake up early enough or fall asleep late enough to. For all I know they are complete fiction.

That was all sweethearts. I will get back on track soon. Sorry I didn't do February Favorites, but I will do March Favorites when the month's gone, and make up for lost time. <3
Here's a song I've been loving :)
XOXO Roni J. 

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