Saturday, March 30, 2013

When In Rome

Hello dear loved ones.
I'm sorry this has taken me literally ages to get to write this post but hectic doesn't begin to describe the state of my past few weeks. I mean, since the trip to Rome itself I've be to a thousand other places, and done a thousand other things, but I guess I should start somewhere, and the trip to Rome is a great place to start.
It was just me and my sister, as kind of a birthday present for the both of us from our parents, which was very gracious of them. We bought a deal for four days and three nights with a flight and all. We stayed at a sweet little hotel really close to Fontana di Trevi, which is on the east bank of the Tevere (Tiber), and real close to the Spanish steps, both of which are absolutely freaking beautiful.
Every day on the trip, we'd wake up to an amazing day, we'd go eat breakfast at the hotel, go touring the city, sit at a cafe to have a small lunch, go on touring the city, sit down to eat fabulous dinners in sweet authentic restaurants, and we had loads of fun.
We really didn't get to do much shopping, because most of the places that we knew of were very high fashion, which is not really in neither of our price ranges, and I am 18, I really don't need to walk around with a Chanel bag. I bought a few things at Brandy Melville, and a few in this really cool thrift shop we found, and I will show all of it in a soon summer haul I will post (sooner than the time it took me until I posted this post hopefully).
We sat in a few wine bars, which is something we're not really used to. To be honest, I don't really like wine, but my sister enjoys it so we'd have it anyways so that she could get the full effect of her Rome experience. My sister and I had some really deep conversations about life, and boys, obviously, boys, and a lot of it. She got a new boyfriend not too long ago, and he's the complete opposite of her ex. Her ex was reserved and never told her how he felt, while her new boyfriend is so open and clear about what he wants, which is good because she, herself, is quite shy, and doesn't like talking about her feeling at all.
Since the trip, I had been extremely freaking busy. I have my school's play coming up April 18th, and because it's a little bit of a musical there are also dance number I participate in, which means I have both acting and dance rehearsals either from noon till 5 in the after noon or going way past that into the late afternoon hours.
Except for those rehearsals, us girl have been going out a whole freaking bunch, because the reharsals start at around noon, and we don't have school before hand because it's the senior musical, and most seniors are in it. So we get to wake up fairly late as opposed to every other day, and we just went out to a few bars (not that I had anything alcoholic to drink, you kinda know my opinion of it), and parties, which I will go into explicit deta
ils in a bit.
 We also planned two weekend trips, one with my friends and the other one with my next year's college mates. On the first trip we were only two girls and seven guys from my grade (including Mr. Guy, surprise surprise). We stayed in the woods that are like ten minutes away from my house, and it was a lot of fun. The guys brought a lot of beers, but I stayed clear as usual, and then Mr. Guy asked "are you going to drink tonight". Obviously I replied with a simple "no", but then the other guys commented that by him asking me that it pretty much means that he was planning on making a move on me, if I got drunk. Ew. The moment they said that I was like.... If he's that much of a wimp, like a bigger wimp than I am, then I really don't think I can continue being attracted to that. I really don't think I can. We had fun that night, and we even had a little bit of a scary moment hearing a girl singing in the woods, which we really thought was a ghost for a few seconds, and it made us shiver our pants off, but soon after we realized it's just a Karaoke party taking place nearby. When we woke up in the morning, we had a short hike in the woods to the nearby village where they have real good restaurants. We got to a sweet cheap restaurant at around 2pm, where they serve Paella. We ordered two plates of it to share, Mr. Guy and I shared one, and two other guy friends of mine shared, as well. When the two dishes reached the table we realized they are FREAKING HUMONGOUS, like a mountain of rice and goodness.
So we start eating, and I'm eating like a true lady, one bite at a time, and then we realize that me and Mr. Guy have had more than the other couple, which makes it a little bit of a challenge for them and they try to beat us by having more, but soon they are more than done. And then they realize we beat them more so because I had a lot to eat, more so than because Mr. Guy had a lot to eat, and then he sees that as a challenge. In the end he barely beats me, and they are all astounded. They never thought a girl that's actually rather thin could beat them in an eating competition, and that realllyy hurt their pride... Boohoo. The funnier thing about it is that Mr. Guy walked out of the restaurant barely holding himself up he was so full, and on the other hand there's me, almost skipping my way out the restaurant, all light and breezy. The entire car ride home he barely manages to say anything, but when he does say something he says something along the lines of "you're insane". Got beat by a girl, and tries to make her look bad in order to get his self esteem up.... Real attractive and manly qualities (NOT.... ).
Later that Saturday, we all went to a party, and when I got there my friend was talking to him. My friend has a boyfriend that wasn't coming to the party (probably too tired of the trip earlier that day, and possibly ashamed of his defeat, being one of the guys in the other couple who share that very same dish). So Mr. Guy, who's really good friends with that guy, whispered to her "shame you got no one to make out with", and then she said "at least you do", and pushed him towards me, not knowing that I'm not interested in him anymore because the entire day he was acting like a sissy. Anyways I was really pretty, wearing a cute, white summer dress, that has white mash or lace detailing around the neck, and it's flowy and in the ultraviolet lighting it was all purple and flaring. So after he's been pushed towards me he comes and whispers in my ear "you're absolutely nuts", and I look at him in the most sheepish look like Hey, I'm innocent, and he says "I know you're not innocent", and looks me in the eyes with his electric blue eyes, and for a second all I can think of is hormonal, rather forgetting that he was acting like a girl an instant ago, and then he caresses my waist, and I walk away.

The picture is of the place where the party took place before it started, one of my friends sent me.

The entire party a ton of guys started hitting on me, which was really flattering, but nothing came out of it. The party over all was really tons of fun. They handed out body paint that glows in the dark, and everybody was really colorful, and glowing, which always makes your heart light up a little. The music was much better than in the past few parties that I've been to, and that always makes me feel better in a party, when I can sing the lyrics out and all.
Then I was in the college trip. It's a real small college, and it's rather a year of studies, but you get no degree from it. So there's only one year, and only like 48 people in that year. Anyways, the people are almost all very lovely, but I got scared out of my mind and really depressed, realizing that I am not going to be in high school forever, and live at home forever, in the same familiar environment that I oh so love and appreciate.
We also went to the big city one night to celebrate one of the girls' birthday, and we took her to see stand up comedy. The opening act was actually better than the guy we came to see, but it was really funny anyways. There was a lot of drama with a few of the girls, and they did what pisses me off the most, where they decided everything for the birthday girl, because she's considerate, and doesn't want them to be upset, but they kinda forgot it's her day along the way. We then went out to eat, and it was really nice. We got back so late that there were no more buses from the train station back home.
Sorry that it has taken me so long to post this, and I really crammed it all in here but I had a lot of fun the past few weeks, and I had gone on a lot of adventures, and I hope you're having as good of a time as I am having. Have a great Easter tomorrow, if you're celebrating it, great ending of Passover if you're celebrating, and if you're Bahai, which would be really cool, hope you had a great New Year's on March 21st, the day of the equinox.
Happy 1st birthday to my blog! <3 XOXO Roni J.

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