Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm a believer

Hello there. How are we today? I hope that better than I am today.
If you were, by any chance, wondering why I'm down, it's because I feel insanely stupid. Yesterday a friend blurted out by mistake about the girl that Mr. Guy wants, a fact that she so conveniently forgot to mention. So then I'm dumbfounded by the fact that he wants another girl, because I practically convinced myself in the past few months that everything he does and says has to have some meaning as for the fact that he is possibly in love with me but hiding it. I mean that's a pretty story and all but that's not what's there. He's not secretly crushing on me or he would have found the chance and showed it to me. He's a man whore therefore I do not believe that he has any problem to put himself out there without showing that there's any further emotion involved if that makes any sense at all. I mean he could have done something such as kiss me without even mentioning that he has any feelings for me at all. That is if he did like me, but he doesn't. So I really need to stop thinking that everything is a sign that he likes me.
No, him helping me up was not a sign he likes me. It was a friendly gesture, which I should appreciate for what it is- a friendly gesture and no more. And all the other things are just because he is a flirt. And all the nickname that he named me is just because he felt like it and not "queen bee-because he wants to show me love, but he's afraid I might sting". Hell no.
Never mind. I just hate being a believer.

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