Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watch Your Back

Hello hello pretty things.
How did your weekend go? Hopefully fantastic. Since today has been a great day, and generally in the past week things have been looking up, I decided I would do a really short talk and then get down to fashion business.
I finished another test today, and I think it went well. I got a good grade on my chemistry test, which is definitely cheerful considering I had THE hardest time studying for that one. I have a math test on Wednesday, which is huge, but I'm calm and I will do great. My guy friend and I are doing alright, better than a few days ago. Guys are still not really on my To *urgently* Do list (see what I did there?), but that is also OK, because that is the choice I made for the sake of myself, and I still find it's the healthiest state of mind I've been in with the whole "men" subject. Let's just say that a lot of weight has been lifted of my shoulders.

Speaking of which, today I'm going to talk about my favorite style of bags. Being a student, and a tall one at that, my back is pretty darn screwed up. I mean I carry so much to school, and my tall structure doesn't hold up all too well. Carrying a messenger bag or a purse to school would be really unhealthy for me, and a regular sports-y backpack is just... Not the greatest looking thing.
Thank the person who brought fashionable backpacks back into fashion, I can carry a handy dandy handsome backpack on shoulders and feel cool without looking like a complete dork. They might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they are cute, supportive, and useful.
Some of my favorites that I've found from different stores in different price ranges: 
From Two beautiful ideas, but as freepeople usually are, they are a little pricey. Every girl and her price tag. The leather one is gorgeous, but I fear it's real leather, and I don't do too well with that plus it's like $528.......HELLOOO BIG NUMBERS. Not my piece of cake, but, hey, no judgements.
The tribal print backpack is a better choice in my opinion but still pretty expensive, rated at $178, which is better, but still.

From Two more beautiful backpacks. The first one is a MUCH cheaper alternative for the Freepeople tribal print one, which costs $59. I'm only showing you a few options, so bare it in mind that each store has many more to offer in other styles, but these are my favorites from each (with the exception of the leather one that if it were to be faux leather I would love it, but it isn't). The next one is a hard to describe one. It has all sorts of shapes on it with a splash of mint, which is the second or third favored color this season, after tangerine orange and rose gold. This one I think is the cheapest one out of all priced at $49.

From Is a lonely backpack. This is the only one I found to be close to my taste, but obviously you can go there and check for yourselves if there's something better than that. It's floral, which is lovely for the summer. This one is priced at $68.

I must give it to for having the best selection out of all these websites:  The first one is the neon detailed tribal print one to the side that is simply... GORGEOUS, in my opinion at least. The print, the neon, the shape. Ohhhh, es perfecto. It is priced at $69.58. The next one is that black and white one that has a whole lot of little drawings as its pattern. I love it a little less than the last one, but it's beautiful. It's $121.77, which is PRICEY, but, yet again, whatever you like.
The next one is so super duper cute! It's this coral color with the structured look and a scalloped edge that makes it girly and adorable. Seriously I'm in love with it. It is $60.88, and IT'S NOT LEATHER :D! Last but not least, yet another adorable one from ASOS is this navy one with orange detailing. I have no idea why I like it so much, but it just looks like a little face, and that is so cute! But it's $187.87 soooo. Meh.

One that I found on is this cute floral one. It's not exactly my favorite, but I thought it would be nice to see a cheaper alternative. I don't know how much I trust things I find on ebay, but you girls go ahead, if it suits you well. It is $28.99.
 This song was introduced to me when I watched Kyle XY last week. I started watching it because I had nothing to watch. It is SUCH a good movie. It is going to be in my favorites this month. Here's Save You by Matthew Perryman Jones whom I love for his song called Amelia that I think I have posted here in the past, if not, will post soon :D
Now didn't this post save you? Kidding. XOXO Roni J.

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